Rating System

I am an avid reader, reviewer and Goodreads user (check out my Goodreads page here.) I review every single book I read, regardless of whether it is good or not. Even in the rare instances where I do give up on a book, I still will give a review as to why this was the case. I enjoy comparing reviews with other book-addicts, aspiring fiction authors & Goodreads users and discovering new books through other people's recommendations/reviews/ratings.  Since my dream is to write a ya fantasy quest/story, I also appreciate and welcome interactions and open discussions with other authors/writers because of the support and feedback it offers.

So, as far as my rating philosophy goes, I try to follow the Goodreads star system but here is my slightly altered or extended version

5 Stars ★★★★★ Book was AMAZING & it consumed me.  I don't give a 5-star rating lightly so I reserve this rating for truly EPIC books that stay with me long after I'm done reading them.

4 Stars ★★★★ Really enjoyed the book, and a 4-star book can still be considered one of my favorite books, it just wasn't as 'all-consuming' compared to a 5-star read.

3 Stars ★★★ Enjoyed it, but with some reservations or minor issues that I couldn't get past.  It can be something as simple as the plot dragging at certain points...

2 Stars ★★ It was just ok, I may have enjoyed some aspects but there were many flaws or just didn't deliver enough to keep me intrigued.

1 Star ★ Did not like it at all or worse, did not finish (DNF) This can be due to many reason and will be explained in my review.  I usually write a shorter review for a 1-star rating, simply stating what didn't work for me.  Of course, if anything was offensive or really frustrating, the review could always be longer ;-)

*I award half-stars as well as needed and usually specify right at the start of the review.  I like the option of giving an extra half-star to add nuance and give a wider range of ratings.  Let's say I'm thinking of giving a book 3-stars, I'll compare it to other books I've rated 3-stars recently.  If it's better it'll get 3.5-stars, if it's comparable it'll get the same 3-stars, and if it's worse, I'll go with 2.5-stars...I'm a nerd like that, I need a lot of variations.  Nuances help me feel organized (in a world where I seldom ever feel organized). I am obviously, pretty organized when it comes to books ;)