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Attention Authors, Publishers...

*If you are an author or a publisher who would like to send me a copy of your work for reviewing purposes, please keep the following in mind:

*I reserve the right to refuse any review request submitted. Please keep in mind that this is a Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopian and Historical-centric blog. These are my genres of choice and I will not consider submissions for anything completely off the mark of those genres.

*My reviews are always honest and reflect my own opinion and are in no way influenced by any external factors. Click to view the rating system I abide to.

*I am a HUGE mood reader and in the past, forcing myself to read a book because of deadlines have been prone to cause harsher reviews and ratings. That being said, I do my best to read/review a book within the requested time-frame, but it doesn't always happen. If I accept a review request, I will get to it eventually, please be patient.

Thank you.