Thursday, August 10, 2017

Harry Potter Moment #204

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 
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Happy Thursday all! I hope that you're all having a nice week so far?  I can't believe that it's already the 2nd week of August but that's another thing altogether. Soon we'll be packing up for our return to Hogwarts ;)  but in the meantime:

If you could go back in time through the series, at what point would you go to first?

Oh gosh! So many possibilities! Obviously, I want to track through Harry Potter's life from start to finish!  And see whatever happens to Dumbledore, Voldemort, The Marauders and Lily Evans and all of the people who shaped Harry in some way but I think that first of all, I'd track back to the Founders of Hogwarts. I'd love to get to know them and see how their personalities shaped their own Houses and the School as a whole!  So I'd definitely start there and work my way forwards in time.

To meet the 4 Founders of Hogwarts and watch them interact with each other and witness the creation of the best Wizarding School ever would be a dream come true!  

What point would you time-travel to in the Wizarding World's history?


  1. I am torn between the founders and the marauders! I would LOVE the see how Hogwarts was founded but I also crave more Marauders! I pick both lol

  2. OMG, this month is going by so fast- too fast, LOL! That's a stunning illustration of the founders! I think I'd have to go with traveling back to the Marauders' days, though, as I am an unabashed Marauders fangirl. Well, maybe not so much of a Wormtail fangirl. XD

  3. I don't know so I'll go with the founding too, lol. After all Hogwarts is a pretty awesome place and it's be cool to see all the secrets that went into its construction!


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