Thursday, August 3, 2017

Harry Potter Moment #203

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 
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Hi everyone!  Happy Thursday! Well July certainly flew by didn't it? I hope everyone who participated in Harry Potter Month enjoyed themselves! I was far from organized compared to previous years but I still had so much fun posting and commenting on everyone's posts :D  Next year should be back to normal on my end - I hope! So here's our topic this week:

If you could change one thing from book 6, what would it be?

Oh this is a tough one! Half Blood Prince is one of my favorite books in the series.  My first thought was to say THAT death at the end...but I understand why it needed to happen so I've made my peace with it. Kind of. More or less. Ok not really! Not at all.  Yes, it needed to happen but it doesn't mean I have to be ok with it, right?  Especially when you consider that this happened right before:

*Don't mind me, I'll just be in a corner, drowning in tears and feels*

So I guess I wouldn't truly change it if I could...but I still wish it didn't have to happen. Does that make sense?

What would you change it HBP?


  1. I completely agree! I think the only thing that maybe somewhat make peace with it was knowing that he would probably have a portrait, so that gave my mourning self a small sense of comfort (though I wasn't sure how portraits worked... I just held onto that idea!). I feel like all of the things I wish hadn't happened are things that set the plot on the path it needed, so.. it's definitely hard to say! Maybe the huge Ron/Lavender thing could've been skipped, but... that's just because it got annoying ;)

  2. I would so change it if I could! Such a heartbreaking moment!!!


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