Thursday, July 13, 2017

Harry Potter Moment #200

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 
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Happy Potter Thursday friends!  I've finally gotten my internet hooked up at the new house but obviously now I'm terribly behind on my blog hopping...not to mention Harry Potter Month.  I'm working long hours today, tomorrow and a half day on Saturday so I'll start catching up Sunday and into next week!  I hope everyone is making the most of July and making Harry Potter Month extra magical? Side note: this is my 200th Harry Potter Moment of the Week!  Wow! Here goes this week's topic:

Which character would be your study partner?

This will likely be the most popular answer today but I'm going to have to go with Hermione. Sure sometimes her know-it-all tendencies can be annoying but the bottom line is she'd be SUPER helpful as a study partner. One year she made exam study time-tables for Harry and Ron!  She's also bound to be able to help me if I get stuck or if there's something I don't understand so you really can't go wrong with having Hermione as your study partner!

I'm sure there would be lots of other great choices: Dumbledore, McGonagall and Lupin instantly come to mind...

Who would you chose as your study partner?


  1. Congrats on post #200! And glad to hear your internet is now up. Hope your move went well!

    I think Herm would be an awesome study partner.

  2. Congrats on 200!! :D
    Hermione is definitely on my list; she's takes her academics seriously and that's what I like in a study partner. But I also have a list of people who would make great study buddies for different subjects :)

  3. I would go with Hermione too! She would be so helpful and would keep me in line!

  4. Congrats on 200 HPMotWs! :D Hehe, Hermione was my pick, too! I had the same dedication to my studies way back when I was in school, LOL.

  5. I totally meant to do this one, but I was at work and forgot. Congrats on this being your 200th HPMotW!

    Hermione instantly came to my mind as well, but truthfully I'm not that good at studying and I would feel really unprepared next to her. Then I thought about Lupin; he's amazing and I'm sure the studying would be a little less intense then with Hermione... and then I thought about Dumbledore. I bet Dumbledore could get off on some really awesome tangents about readings that would be deep and interesting. And I'm sure he would always bring some kind of candy. Also, Jude Law has been cast as a younger Dumbledore. So, yeah, he would also be really attractive. lol


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