Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fandom Mashup #119

Fandom Mashups
Fandom Mashups is an original feature here at Lunar Rainbows Reviews.  Every week, I propose a unique fictional scenario and then we build our own personal dream team of five fictional characters from five different fandoms to complete the task!  Anyone is welcome to join up - all I ask is that you link back to me somewhere in your post :)

Hi everyone!  Instead of offering up excuses why my FM post is late (again - I went river tubing yesterday and only got in at like 9pm) I'm just going to leave this here:

"Their daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart" - Pick 5 characters from other fandoms that would be sorted as Gryffindors if they were at Hogwarts

Ronan Lynch

This one is kind of cheating since author Maggie Stiefvater sorted him for us but he's my favorite Raven Boy and he's in MY House so I couldn't leave him out ♥

Rose Tyler

My beloved Rose Tyler is as Gryffindor as they come - she's brave and selfless.  Sure The Doctor brought those traits out of her but they're HER nonetheless!

John Watson

I love me some John  Watson and if Sherlock is a Ravenclaw - which he obviously is - then Doctor Watson is a Gryffindor. He's a soldier and he's always looking for another adrenaline fix. 

Sam Winchester

Both of the Winchesters have some Slytherin tendencies to them yes, but I think Sam has time and time again proved himself in terms of heroism, bravery and chivalry.

Kaladin Stormblessed

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone as heroic and courageous as Kaladin. He's like an adult Harry Potter kind of guy from ancient times!

What characters from other fandoms would YOU sort into Gryffindor?

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