Friday, June 30, 2017

Harry Potter Month

Announcing: the 4th Annual Harry Potter Month 

Harry Potter Month IX

Faith had the brilliant idea to start Harry Potter Month back in July of 2014 and it was amazing ~  The following year, she invited me on to co-host for the second year running, and well. we had an absolute blast!  So obviously we've teamed up again this year to bring you the 4th Annual Harry Potter Month and this year, we're adding new ways to earn points (including a way for those of you taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo and those of you who are bookstagrammers) as well as a whole new readathon element!

So what IS Harry Potter Month?!

Harry Potter Month is a month long celebration of all things Harry Potter!  We hold it in July because it ends with Harry’s birthday ♥ and of course this year it’s also building up to the paperback release of the Harry Potter & The Cursed Child.

Here are the three main ways you join in:

1) Posting Harry Potter related blog posts any time throughout the month

2) Taking part in the Harry Potter Month Readathon

3) Participating in the House Cup – earning points for your House and trying to win the House Cup!

You can do just the blog-posts or just the readathon (both of which also earn you points in the House Cup if you choose to join in!) or you can just take part in the House Cup. There’s no minimum or maximum involvement, just have fun!

What can I post about?

Basically anything so long as it has SOMETHING to do with Harry Potter! For example you could post….

Reviews of the books or films
Comparisons of the books versus the films
Favourites lists: characters, quotes, scenes, pairings
Inspired by Harry Potter: Fashion, make up, nail art, recipes
If you liked Harry Potter you might like…. books, tv shows, films etc
Fanfiction: Ones you’ve enjoyed, written, fanfic challenges you’ve done or would like to do
Discussions: Why you love Potter, which House you’d be in, problems in Potter, what the series         means to you…anything!
Harry Potter crafts: wallpapers, bookmarks, icons, recipes, drink recipes
Harry Potter parties: Game ideas, decor ideas, drinking games

What’s the deal with the House Cup?

You choose your Hogwarts House, and then have fun earning points by completing any of a number of tasks, such as watching one of the films, commenting on other bloggers' posts or making a HP related craft!

Taking part in the house cup is really really simple:

1. Leave a comment below with which House you’d like to be in.
2. Have fun doing any of the tasks below between midnight on 1st July and midnight on 31st July!
3. Visit here or  Faith’s post as often as you like to leave a comment with any points  earned
4. Once a week Faith and I will take turns recapping the points earned, and on the 3rd of August we’ll declare the House Cup Winners
5. Enjoy, and maybe win a prize!

Ways to earn points:

  • Read a Harry Potter fanfiction: 1 point per chapter (let us know which in the comments!)
  • Leave a comment on any post by a HP month participant (but not a HP month post): 1 point
  • Write HP fanfiction: 1 point per 100 words written
  • Take part in one of the Harry Potter Word Crawls: 1 point per 100 words written
  • Leave a comment on any Harry Potter month post: 3 points
  • A HP related instagram pic (tagged #HPMonth): 5 points (1 per day max)
  • Watch a HP documentary: 5 points
  • Watch one of the films: 5 points
  • Read one of the Hogwarts Library books: 10 points
  • Post as part of Harry Potter month: 10 points
  • Take part in HP Moment of the Week: 10 points
  • Make a Harry Potter craft/recipe: 15 points
  • Host a giveaway: 15 points
  • Finish any book as part of the readathon: 20 points
  • Read one of the Harry Potter books: 25 points

** Tasks can be combined (within reason!)

How do I update my points?

Just leave a comment below with your name, house and any points you’ve earned since you last commented.  Something like this works perfectly:
Micheline (Gryffindor)
6 Comments = 12 points
1 Post = 10 points
If you’d rather skip the maths, feel free! Just let us know which tasks you completed and we’ll do our best to add everything up correctly.
Is there a prize?

Yes! For every house point you earn, you’ll get one entry into the prize draw.  You can sign up for the cup until the 24th of July, and you’ve got until midnight BST on the 1st of August to comment with your points for them to count.


Gryffindor: (147)
Micheline - 147

Hufflepuff: (219)
Alex - 219

Ravenclaw: (233)
Carrie - 112
Lee - 101
Melissa - 20

Slytherin: (324)
Faith - 285
Christina - 39


  1. How fun! Love this idea...

  2. Count me in for Ravenclaw! I haven't posted anything yet, but it's coming.

  3. WOOHOO! I love this year's readathon, too! Please sign both Melissa and me up for Ravenclaw! :D

  4. I LOVE HARRY POTTER MONTH!!! Sign me up for Slytherin!

  5. I'm late, I'm late! BUT I am here!! This is Alex representing Hufflepuff! :D

  6. Christina (Slytherin)

    3 comments (Micheline, Lee, and Alex's HPMotW posts) = 9 points

    1 readathon prompt (Fantastic Beasts: Read a book where the main character travels far from home) I read The Song of the Lark by Willa Cather = 20 points? (Does this count? I wasn't quite sure I understood the instructions)

    1 post (Meeting the Background Slytherin) = 10 points

    Total = 39 points

    Also, side note, in previous years there was something on your page that we linked our HP Month posts to which made it easier to keep up with everyone's stuff. Is there something like that this year?

    1. Hi Christina, yep that's exactly right! If you read a book for each prompt for Fantastic Beasts, you'd also get a bonus of 25 points. Hope that helps!

      I'll see if I can get a linky set up today :)

      [Points added]

  7. I already commented this on Faith's post, but I will post it here just in case.

    Carrie (Ravenclaw)
    Read 1 full HP fanfic (30 chapters) The Long Defeat by Lomonaaeren = 30 points

    I highly recommend that fanfic. Those are my points for the week, but there will be more next week!

    1. Excellent, I'm just updating the points now :) Yours are being added as we speak. Glad to hear you enjoyed the fanfic, might have to look into it!

  8. Melissa (Ravenclaw)

    1 post (HP Month Intro = 10 points)
    Watched 2 films (Sorcerer's Stone, Goblet of Fire) = 10 points

    Total = 20 points

  9. Update with new points.

    Carrie (Ravenclaw)
    Post as part of Harry Potter Month (Where is the fiction section of the Hogwarts Library?) = 10 points
    Read the single chapter of The Elusive Mate by 0idontknow0 = 1 point
    Read 10 of the 19 chapters of Checkmate by Naadi = 10 points
    Read all 18 chapters of Family First by Words are a Bewitching Venom = 18 points
    Left a comment on Christina’s post about the Background Slytherin = 3 points

    Total points in this update = 42 points

    1. Well this is an awesome update, and has sent Ravenclaw well ahead... for now ;)

  10. So I'm FINALLY catching up posting all my points. Posted here and on my post for transparency's sake ;)

    Comment on Micheline’s Favourite Dean moment = 3
    Comment on Alex’s Favourite Dean moment = 3
    Comment on Alex’s Readathon progress = 3
    Comment on Christina’s post about Life as a Background Slytherin comics = 3
    Comment on Lee’s HPMOTW (Dragon v Aragog) = 3
    Comment on Carrie’s post about fiction in Harry Potter = 3
    Posted Harry Potter MOTW (Favourite Dean moment) = 10
    Posted about HP Month readathon progress = 10
    Posted about HP & NaNoWriMo = 10
    Read a book for HP & PS readathon prompt (Read the first book in a series – The Novice) = 20
    Read a book for HP & PS readathon prompt (Read a book where someone finds out they’re not who they thought they were – The Inquisition) = 20
    Read a book for HP & POA readathon prompt (Read a book where a person hides who they are or wears a disguise – Black Panther: Who is the Black Panther?) = 10
    Read a book for HP & GOF readathon prompt (Read a book with a contest of some kind – The Last One) = 20
    Read a book for HP & HBP readathon prompt (Read a book that you expect will make you cry – Fierce Kingdom)= 20

    Total points = 138

  11. Alright, Alright: Here's a point update...

    Alex (Hufflepuff)
    6 readathon books:
    FB: A book where a character travels far way from home - Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
    OotP: A book with a prophecy - The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordian
    HBP: A book with a romance element - Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
    PS: A book with a great friendship - Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
    PoA: A book where a person hides who they are - Safekeeping by Jessamyn Hope
    GoF: A book with a Contest - Fireworks by Kaite Cotugno
    = 120 points

    13 HP month post comments:
    Lee’s HPMotW (172), HPMotW (173), 20 Years of Harry Potter
    Melissa & Lee’s intro
    Micheline’s HPMotW #199, HPMotW #200, HPMotW #201, The Hogwarts Tag Christina’s Meeting the Background Slytherin
    Carrie’s Where is the fiction section?
    Faith’s HPMotW: Favorite Dean Moment, HPM Readathon progress and goals, Camp Nano post
    = 39 points

    5 HPM Posts:
    Harry Potter Month 2017, HPMotW #101, HPMotW #102, Harry Potter Month Readathon TBR, HPMotW #103
    = 50 points

    2 Instagram pics: @alexandriapaige, 7/20/17, 7/22/17
    = 10 points

    Total Points = 219

    1. Alex this is amazing! I've added all the points now :)

  12. Lee (Ravenclaw)

    3 Instagram pics (@rallythereaders) = 15 points
    1 post (20 Years of Harry Potter) = 10 points
    11 HP Month post comments (Faith's Camp NaNoWriMo & Harry Potter & HPMotW, Alex's HPMotW x 3, Micheline's HPMotW x 3, Alex's HP Month Readathon TBR, Micheline's The Hogwarts Tag, Christina's Meeting the Background Slytherin) = 33 points
    3 non-HP post comments (Micheline's Fandom Mashup x 3) = 3 points
    2 HPMotWs = 20 points
    1 readathon book (Fantastic Beasts/Book with mythical or supernatural creatures- The Apprentice Witch) = 20 points

    Total = 101 points

    1. Awesome! You guys have been busy the last few days :D Added your points now :D

  13. I'm late but I need to start recording points - I might be back later today with more to add :) Posting here and on Faith blog for transparency's sake as well:

    Micheline - Gryffindor

    Posts: 4 x 10 points = 40 (The Hogwarts Tag, Harry Potter Moment x3)
    Films watched: (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) 8 x 5 points = 40
    Comments: 4 x 3 = 12 (Rally the Readers HP Month Intro, Book Banner's HP Month Intro, Rally the Readers 20 years of HP, Book Banner's Readathon Post)
    HPMotW Comments : 2 x 3 = 6 (Caffeinated Bibliophile, Rally the Readers, Book Banner)


  14. And I'm back! Posting here and on Faith's blog again :)

    Micheline - Gryffindor

    Post: Loveable Villains in HP - 10

    Comments: 8 x 3 = 24 (Faith's Dean Moment, Faith's Readathon Update, Faith's Readathon Post, Faith's HPM/NaNo post, Book Banner's HP quote, Christina's Background Slytherin, Rally the Reader's Wand Experience at Universal, Carrie's post about fiction at the Hogwarts Library)

    HPMotW Comments: 5 x 3 = 15 B(ook Banner x 2, Rally the Readers x 2, Creative Therapy)

    10+24+15 = 49

  15. Update with new points.

    Carrie (Ravenclaw)
    Post as part of Harry Potter Month (Five Favorite Drarry Fanfics) = 10 points
    Read all 12 chapters of A Year’s Temptation by Lomonaaeren = 12 points
    Read 9 of the 18 chapters of White Lilies by Kuro The Dark Ringmaster = 9 points
    Commented on Alex’s HPMotW #102 and HPMotW #103 = 6 points
    Commented on Micheline’s The Hogwarts Tag = 3 points

    Total points in this update = 40 points

    1. Your points should be all up to date now, great job!

  16. Comment on Melissa's Wand experience = 3
    Comment on Lee's HPMOTW (study partners) = 3
    Comment on Carrie's Drarry fanfics post = 3
    Comment on Micheline's Hogwarts Tag post = 3
    Posted about The Hogwarts Tag = 10
    Read a book for HP & PS readathon prompt (Read a book with a great friendship group – Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) = 20
    Read a HP book (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) = 25
    Finished all the readathon prompts for HP & PS = 25

    Total points = 92

  17. Posted about finding comfort in Harry Potter = 10
    Read a book for HP & CS readathon prompt (Read a book that features a funeral, a feast or a party – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) = 20
    Read a HP book (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) = 25

    Total points = 55

  18. Carrie (Ravenclaw)
    Read 3 more chapters of White Lilies by Kuro The Dark Ringmaster = 3 points
    Commented on Melissa’s HPMotW #174 = 3 points
    Read 32 of the 65 chapters of Save Me by Sly Severus = 32 points

    Total points in this update = 38 points

  19. Posting here and on Faith's blog for consistency's sake again

    Micheline – Gryffindor

    Posts: 4×10 =40 (Harry Potter is the Gateway Fandom, Harry Potter Moment, Fandom Mashup Post: All About Gryffindor, Could there have been a different Chosen One?)

    Comments: 5×3 =15 (Cat’s Favorite Drarry Fanfics, Rally the Readers HP Bucket List, The Book Banner’s DH quote, Faith’s Finding Comfort in HP, Faith’s Hogwarts Tag)

    Total points = 55

  20. Carrie (Ravenclaw)
    Read 13 more chapters of Save Me by Sly Severus = 13 points
    Posted as part of Harry Potter Month (Ilvermorny House Book Tag [Original]) = 10 points

    Total points from this update = 23 points

  21. Melissa (Ravenclaw)

    1 film watched (Chamber of Secrets) = 5 points
    1 HP Month Post (My Wand Experience at Universal's Wizarding World of HP) = 10 points
    1 HPMotW = 10 points

    Total = 25 points

  22. Christina (Slytherin)

    Read a book with a ghost (Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore) = 20 points
    Read a book that's a prequel of something(The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis) = 20 points
    Hogwarts Houses and their Literary Movements post = 10 points
    3 comments (Lee’s Wand Experience at Universal, Faith’s Fav Dean Moment, Micheline’s Book recs for Lupin) = 7 points

    Total = 57


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