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Harry Potter Moment #195

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Hi everyone! Well it looks like I got the topics mixed up last week and did this week's topic instead...oops!  To see the post that should have been this week's post click here. Which means that today, I'll be doing what should have been last week's topic...le sigh. Confused? I sure am LOL!

What is your favorite Harry Potter book cover? -Pick one cover from ANY edition. 

I shared this with Lee of Rally the Readers last week (you know, when she posted the right topic and I didn't hahaha) but I thought I'd reshare in my own post as well. So, I was actually gifted the first 5 Harry Potter books by a friend as a ''read these or else'' type scenario over ten years ago and she'd bought the paperback editions with the adult UK covers seen here:

I then proceeded to purchase HBP and finally DH as the same hardcover versions because I fancied myself too 'grown up' for the more popular children's covers, be it the U.K. ones or the U.S. ones that were more popular at the time. The thing is, as the years have passed and my love for the series has kept on growing, I find myself more drawn to the U.S. Children's Editions that any other. I need them like air.  I simply can't justify buying a second edition of books I already own and have made memories with.  I guess I'll just keep hoping a rich benefactor will gift them to me someday soon...or start buying the set one book at a time...

So, out of the U.S. Children's Editions, I kind of have two favorites (shocking right?) which are:

Half Blood Prince is my favorite cover for aesthetic reasons and emotional ones. Firstly, I love the green cover with the purple accents. I love how eerie and ominous it all looks with the glowing lights. I think Dumbledore looks brilliant and powerful just like he should do. Harry looks like a young adult here instead of the kid he started out being which is great too!  Emotionally though, I'd been waiting for Dumbledore to take up a larger role in Harry's magical education since the first book so seeing them together here thrilled me the first time I laid eyes on this cover so that was a big deal to me...and it still is. I'll never get tired of seeing those two together.

Deathly Hallows on the other hand doesn't have colours I'm drawn to as much as HBP does but I think that Harry looks so badass and powerful here, alone, fierce, determined and ready to meet his destiny. When you open it up to see the back cover, seeing creepy book Voldemort is something else too (see below) but honestly, DH is my favorite book of the series, so when I see the cover, I always get an urge to hug the book, so I couldn't leave it out if only for those reasons ♥

Here are these gorgeous covers with the front and back cover art:

What's your favorite cover(s) out of all the HP editions?


  1. For me, I'm partial to the new UK covers that have the maps inside... they are just so pretttty and I caved and bought myself a set lol

  2. Objectively, I agree with your choices here. I really love the progression of Harry on the US original covers, and the complete jacket arts are gorgeous. But for me, nothing will ever compare to the original Canadian/UK editions that I grew up with and are so emotionally attached to. Even though some of them are frankly ugly objectively. BUT THE MEMORIES!

  3. I always like seeing the full art! I think Half Blood Prince might be mt favorite too as I tend to like green covers and the mystical- ness of it appeals to me. I also like a blue cover with a dragon on it (I think?) but not sure what book that is- I can only sorta picture it. Oh well! Great picks!!!

  4. I still remember receiving my copy of DH and getting the chills when I saw the cover in person. And then I saw Voldemort on the book and got totally creeped out. HBP has a pretty intense cover, too. I'm absolutely in love with the newer Scholastic paperback editions, but same here, I just can't justify spending the money on another set, especially when I look at my hardcovers and remember the first time I read each of them. ♥


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