Thursday, May 18, 2017

Harry Potter Moment #192

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 
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Happy Thursday Potterheads!  I wish you all a magical day ♥ Today we're talking about everyone's favorite House Elf:

Favorite Dobby Moment?

My favorite Dobby moment(s) are literally every single moment from the books that they ended up giving to another character in the films. Namely, how Dobby helped Harry out by providing him with Gillyweed in GoF and I especially love how Dobby was the one who found the Room of Requirement in OotP!  It makes sense because as a House Elf, he can remain unseen and therefore be privy to private conversations and information. Having him at Hogwarts after CoS was priceless.

I truly wish that Dobby had been in the films where he was cut out, because you see how much of a constant he becomes in Harry's life after CoS...which makes things in DH so much more meaningful ♥ He helped Harry's cause it more ways than casual film watchers can imagine!

So what's your favorite Dobby Moment?


  1. Yep. I don't think the people who have only seen the movies can really know what an impact Dobby was to the entire group in general. Also, how close they were to him. Dobby cared about Ron so much because he was Harry's "Wheezy" and book readers get a little nod to that in DH when Ron grasps his hand when he appears. There were so many bonding moments cut out and I really wish those would've been left in. Neville also would have never stolen that for Harry. He showed that he wasn't the type to break the rules even for friends in the first one.

  2. Elves rule! And a house elf- how cool would that be? Shame they cut him out of the movies some?

  3. They cut way too much with the House Elves... like it seriously altered the fourth movie! Poor Dobby =[

  4. When it was Neville who gave Harry the Gillyweed in the GoF movie, I was kind of like, "Whaaa?" I know this wasn't as significant a moment as the ones you mentioned, but I also wished we'd gotten to see him sporting all of the knitted objects Hermione made. That was so Dobby, wearing like 10 hats at once, lol.

  5. DOBBY *sobs* He was such an important character and support for Harry, I loved how much page time he got in the books.


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