Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday #64

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish which features a variety of bookish top ten lists!

Hi everyone! I've been really busy at work lately and I ended up missing last week's TTT which was totally meant for me... so I'm doing it this week instead - I hope no one minds but I have a feeling that none of you will be surprised :) 

Top Ten Fandoms I'm In

Harry Potter

The best fandom of all and the fandom that launched all the other fandoms for me.  The Harry Potter books were life changing on their own but they also opened up a world of fandoms and made me the fangirl I am today ♥ The Boy Who Lived will always be my hero!

Doctor Who

Sure it's campy and retro but I knew I was done for the moment the Ninth Doctor told Rose who he was in the very first episode of New-Who in 2005. This show has so much heart and too many feels not to be one of my top fandoms!


Batman was my obsession back before I even knew what I fandom was.  I was obsessed with all the Batman things in my early teens and the Christopher Nolan film-trilogy relaunched it with a vengeance.


I've found that it's impossible to have just one BBC fandom. It starts with Doctor Who, then there's Sherlock, Merlin and before you know it, you're drowning in feels. Sherlock is brilliant, thrilling and emotionally crippling but totally worth it!


I wasn't sure about Supernatural at first, being a self-professed scaredy-cat.  The first season is scary but it isn't long before the feels drown out the creepiness (mostly) and then it's too late: you're already done for. You're welcome.

The Old Kingdom

Only my 2nd bookish fandom but this series gave me ''Potter-level'' feels and I don't say that likely. I was instantly swept away by the classic fantasy feel of this trilogy, it's fascinating magical system and it's mesmerizing characters. So.Much.LOVE. for these and Nix in general!

The Stormlight Archive

Adult high-fantasy at it's finest. This series features the longest books I've ever read but I never felt like they were too long. Not for a second. This is my favorite Sanderson series of life. The world-building is staggering, the magic is mindblowing and the characters are brilliant.

Throne of Glass

I consider myself in the Maas-fandom really but Throne of Glass started it all and it remains my favorite of Maas' work.  Never has a book series caused me such emotional distress and I still want MORE.  This series might just be the death of me but bring it on!

The Raven Cycle

We can't talk fandoms without talking about Miss Stiefvater and her Raven Boys. This series consumed me and even though it's over it hasn't loosened it's grip on me even slightly. I long to find Blue and her Raven Boys and just step into their world, even for a second.

The Hunger Games

Last but certainly not least, the fandom that solidified all that is good in the YA genre. The Hunger Games introduced me to Dystopian fiction, it fascinated me, it devastated me and it inspired me. Long live The Girl on Fire!

Are you a part of these fandoms?
What other fandoms do you belong to?


  1. Great list, Micheline! I love The Old Kingdom books, I'm still waiting for some kind of adaptation. I'd rather have no adaptation than a bad one, but I do think Garth Nix's books would make for a brilliant TV series. A girl can dream...

  2. I love dr who and supernatural.
    My ttt

  3. Kick ass fandoms! I need to watch me some Dr. Who and read me some Stormlight Archive. And yay for Hunger Games (and dystopians in general lol)!!!

  4. This topic was definitely meant for you! I'm so with you on HP, SJM, Hunger Games! Gahh all of those own my heart! And I so need to read that Sanderson series!

  5. Amazing fandoms. I am part of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Supernatural and Sherlock. Though if I think carefully, I might find ten more.


  6. HARRY POTTER- ALWAYS! XD Back when I read the books, I don't think I knew what a fandom was, LOL. I definitely didn't way, way, way back when The Simpsons started, which was probably my first fandom. I will read anything SJM writes, even though she destroys my soul over and over again, and same with Stiefvater!

  7. Awesome fandom list! Harry Potter is my top fandom too! Also, I love Sherlock. I haven't watched Supernatural in a couple of years. But, I used to be obsessed with that too. I'm thinking I'll have to play catch up on that show this summer.

  8. SHERLOCK, TOG, AND THE RAVEN CYCLE YESSS!!! One day I want to join the HP fandom properly (I still linger around the edges) as well as all the others on your list.

  9. Heh yup, no surprises here :D:D And of course I'm totally with you on the 7 out of 10 fandoms that I have experienced here!


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