Thursday, April 27, 2017

Harry Potter Moment #190

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 
Harry Potter Moment of the Week was created by Leah @ Uncorked Thoughts  and is hosted here @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews. The idea is to share a favorite moment, magical item, character, spell, quote or memory  from the books, films or J.K.Rowling herself!  How to join up &  upcoming topics here.

Hi all!  I hope everyone is well?  We've got a different kind of HPMotW this week: we're sending our favorite Harry Potter characters into other fantasy worlds outside the Wizarding World:

What other fantasy settings/worlds would Harry Potter characters do well in? (Like who would win the Hunger Games, who would do well in the Mines of Moria, who would be a good addition to the Avengers etc.)

Harry Potter in The Old Kingdom - I've said it before but I think Harry and Sabriel share a lot of  similarities and I truly think Harry would make an excellent Abhorsen!

Ron Weasley in Middle-Earth - Ron reminds me of a Hobbit a lot and I think a quest in Middle-Earth would Gandalf would really show off his qualities.

Hermione Granger in Roshar - Roshar has a lot of strong, intelligent women owning some pretty spectacular powers. Jasnah especially would make an excellent mentor for Hermione.

Ginny Weasley in Scadrial - I can easily picture Ginny as a kickass Mistborn, flying around with the help of metals, and generally just being badass.

Minerva McGonagall in The Hunger Games - Admit it: if anyone else could survive the Hunger Games, it'd be McGonagall. At.Any.Age.  This woman is a BAMF.

Albus Dumbledore in Shades of Magic - Can't you just picture a young Dumbledore hopping from one London to the other with his 'Room of Requirement Coat' causing all kinds of trouble?!

Luna Lovegood in The Lunar Chronicles - Is it just me or does Luna have a fairytale-feel to her? Especially when said fairytale ends up on the Moon! Eeep!

Sirius Black in The Raven Cycle - A young Sirius befriending the Raven Boys, and looking for magical places, kings and the like...Oh my! Can you say perfection?

Remus Lupin in The Wolves of Mercy Falls - Similarly, picture a young Lupin having other Werewolf friends and a semi-normal life...maybe even a romance...*sobs*

Fred and George Weasley in Artemis Fowl - Fred and George have just the right wit, humor and snark to fit right in with Artemis and his associates!

What do you guys think? 


  1. McGonagall would TOTALLY own The Hunger Games! Love this post!

  2. This post is so much fun, I love your choices! I can picture every single character and fantasy world you chose for this, especially Harry in the Old Kingdom and Ginny in Scadrial! And Dumbledore in Shades of Magic would be so perfect, I can completely see him jumping around Londons.

  3. Fun! I'd love to see McGonagall kick some butt in the Hunger games! And I think Ron would fit right in with hobbits!

  4. GAH- I LOVE the idea of Sirius in The Raven Cycle and Remus in The Wolves of Mercy Falls!!!! Marauders + Stiefvater = PERFECTION. XD I can picture Sirius and Ronan causing LOTS of trouble, LOL!

  5. I never knew these were crossovers I needed until now! It would be so interesting to see how characters fared in a world that wasn't their own.


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