Thursday, April 13, 2017

Harry Potter Moment #188

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Hello Potterheads and happy (or harry?) Thursday ;) I hope you've all got your thinking caps on because today's topic is a thinker:

How did Lockhart add to the overall storyline?

Lockhart annoys me. A lot. But I think that can be said for every one of us.  If I'm being fair, he does add certain layers to the overall Harry Potter story arc. Like:

* He showed the risks and dangers of Memory Charms (and using a broken wand)

*He added a layer to the cursed DADA position plot-point simply by repetition of another Professor lasting only one year.

*He's proof that being clever doesn't necessarily mean being intelligent or brave. Indeed he was a good and clever spellcaster but he certainly wasn't all that bright.

*He's a prime example of how adults aren't always smarter than kids.

*He's a poster child for the pitfalls of celebrity. He just wanted to be famous, more than being good or clever or even decent.

What do you think Lockhart added to the HP storyline?


  1. Excellent point about the memory charms! He is definitely the reason we learned about those in the first place and the consequences that could come with using them. Lockhart is extremely annoying. It hurt me that Hermione had such a crush on him LOL. I agree about the DADA position curse and how his leaving started tipping that off. I love the different reasons that each teacher had to leave and that among them were all evil characters to morally grey characters to heroes, yet they all had to go.

  2. Good points! I actually kind of liked this character. He was so much better than the previous Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher (who was connected to Voldemort). He brought a layer of humor to this world that wasn't there before. And he really did teach the risks and dangers of memory charms. Remember when we saw him again at St. Mungo's? It's like Rowling really had to emphasize the dangers of messing with memory. And I may be making this up, but maybe he inspired Hermione into using the spell she did in book 7 on her parents.

  3. These are all great points about Lockhart's character! His conceit was so off-putting from when he was introduced that I never really thought much about what he brought to the story. To me he's always kind of just been this annoyance that takes up quite a lot of space in CoS, lol.

  4. I think Lockhart kind of introduced the theme of not attributing stereotypes to the different houses. Just like Neville belongs in Gryffindor despite not seeming to be your traditional ‘brave hero’, Lockhart shows that you can have the Ravenclaw smarts but still be corrupted.

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