Thursday, March 23, 2017

Harry Potter Moment #185

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 
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Hello all! I hope the week has been treating you all well so far?  I'm still adjusting to the stupid time change so I've been tired but hey - it's nearly the weekend :D

Favorite Fanfic?

Embarrassing confession time: I've never read a single piece of Harry Potter fanfiction *gasp* The first time I finished the series, I just straight up dove back in and reread the entire series...and this repeated itself more times than I care to mention before I finally took a breather in between rereads something else >.<  I don't know, I just feel like I only ever wanted the real story, from JKR in my head and nothing else would ever compare.  A part of me does feel like I missed out on such a big part of the fandom but a bigger part of me still isn't willing to give fanfiction a go. In my defence, I don't do fanfic in general so it isn't just Potter, but I know Potter fanfic has defined so many Potterhead lives...#thestruggleisreal

What about you guys? fanfic: yay or nay?
What's your favorite Potter fanfic?


  1. I've never read a Potter fanfic either! I don't do fanfic in general so I never got into Potter stuff as well. For me, I just like knowing the canon story and not getting confused with other stuff or what could have beens.

  2. Same here. I skipped this week and put a review up because I literally had nothing to discuss. I'm just not a fanfic reader in general. I'm sure there are some really great finds out there, but I'm with you and just want the story from the author's mind.

  3. I hate the time change! lol it always screws up my internal clock. :) I've never read fanfic either (for any fandom) but sometimes I wonder... would it be fun to jump in? :) But I haven't...

  4. I've never read any HP fanfic. Like you said, no one can even come close to JKR so why bother.

  5. Is it too harsh to call Harry Potter and the Cursed Child my favorite HP fanfiction? XD
    Seriously, though, outside of that I haven't read any. My fanfiction reads usually revolve around ATLA.

  6. I'm still adjusting to the time change, too; I HATE losing an hour of preciousssss sleep, although it is nice to have longer days.

    Ally was a huge fanfic reader of all kinds back when she had time to read, lol, but I've never read any. Like you, I'd rather just do a reread of the HP books themselves! XD

  7. *Proudly stands* Friends, readers, nerds. I shall be your HP fan fic guide! ;)

    I was a HUGE Harry Potter fan fic reader back in the heyday. Yes, yes, there is a lot of badly written stuff out there if you don't know where to look, but isn't that true of all sorts of stories? Just check out this list of popular authors who got their start in fan fiction: (I was a gigantic fan of Sarah Rees Brennan's fan fiction. The voices in "Demon's Lexicon" are ones she definitely had practice crafting through her interpretations of Draco and Harry.)

    Ahem, sorry, almost fangirled out there for a second. I say it's totally worth checking out the world. For Harry Potter fan fic, I recommend starting at the Readers Corner of Fiction Alley Park: Here, you can look at what the site's moderators have selected as recommended fics, or just start in the "Help, I'm Looking For..." and let them know you're new, anything you know you'd want to read, anything you know you don't, the ratings range you're into, and you'll have the helpful, friendly, squeeing community laying down links at your feet.

    Hope you enjoy!

  8. I'm not sure I ever would have gotten into HP fanfics if I didn't have so many years to wait in between books. As it is, the three year wait for OotP + the two year wait for HBP + the two year wait for DH meant I had plenty of time to reread the series and read loads of fanfics. My obsession was insatiable during those years and the wait just seemed so long! It's fun how many HP fanfic authors from those years are now popular authors in their own right, like Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan.


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