Thursday, March 9, 2017

Harry Potter Moment #183

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Hello all!  How is everyone's week going? Well, I'm turning a year older tomorrow so there's that. Getting older is always sort of surreal to me because I still feel (and act) so young sometimes, but really I'm not actually that young anymore  >.< Anyway, I'm technically the same age that adult Harry Potter will be this July and naturally, that's a great source of comfort to me ♥

If you could change one thing from book 5, what would it be?

I think that at this point we all know I worship JKR - she can do no wrong in my eyes.  As much as I despise the introduction Umbridge in Order of the Phoenix, I understand why she needed to be introduced and why she needed to be the way she was.  There is one small thing that I would change in book 5 though:

Forgive me, but I just don't get the point of Grawp.  I mean, yeah it's nice that Hagrid has a relative and all but I don't really see the purpose of introducing Grawp here only for him to be forgotten until the very climax of DH.  I'm sure Hermione and Harry could have figured out another way to lure Umbridge into the forest for that EPIC scene with the Centaurs without Grawp being in this story at all.  Honestly though? I can't help it: Grawp kind of bugs me.  I could definitely do without him.

Would you change anything about Order of the Phoenix?


  1. Happy birthday tomorrow!! And I don't know Grawp but he looks like a giant? Whenever I see these posts I'm always so curious. :):)

  2. I kinda agree... like I love how cute Grawp and Hagrid became later but I always get so angry when Hagrid asks Harry and Hermione to look after him

  3. I hope you had a wonderful bday, my friend! ♥ I TOTALLY agree with what you said about getting older feeling surreal. I'm in a bit of denial over the age I'm turning this year because I still haven't gotten the hang of this whole adulting thing, LOL!

    I didn't even think of Grawp for this week's topic, which kind of shows how much I think about him in the first place, lol. I was also happy that Hagrid had family, but Grawp didn't really add much more to the series than that.

  4. I hadn't really considered that before, but you've got a point.
    I think if I could change one thing about book would probably be Hermione's reaction to Harry's scar, courtesy of Umbridge. I wanted her to be infuriated and march right into Dumbledore's office and tell him exactly what was going on. I just can't fathom that she would stand for that at all, never mind everything else going on. I really thought she would tell Harry he was being silly not wanting to bother Dumbledore with it and DEMAND that the wrong be put right. But no. She just dresses his wound and commiserates. That irritated me SO. MUCH.


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