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Review: The Eternity Code

The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer
Artemis Fowl #3
Published April 3rd 2003 by Hyperion

Artemis Fowl is going straight—as soon as he pulls off the most brilliant criminal feat of his career...

At least, that's the plan when he attempts to sell his C Cube, a supercomputer built from stolen fairy technology, to Jon Spiro, one of the most dangerous business in the world. But Spiro spring a trap—stealing the C Cube and mortally injuring Butler. Artemis' only hope of saving his loyal bodyguard is to employ fairy magic; so once again he must contact his old rival, Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon police.

It's going to take a miracle to save Butler, and Artemis's luck may have just run out....
The Eternity Code is the third book in the Artemis Fowl Series and yet again I find myself wondering why I waited so long to get into this series. The series continues to be fun and exciting, while expanding the world, developing the characters and building on what the previous instalments put forth

There was a bit less action this time around - other than a few memorable scenes - and I found this instalment is a bit more cerebral.  It showcases Artemis' brilliance even more than previous adventures have done because this time, Artemis faces an adversary that might just be as brilliant as he is.  It's surprising, but it had to happen right?  I enjoyed seeing Artemis being outsmarted because it forced him to grow and to think outside of the box.  Plus, when you're as much of a genius as our boy is, you need to be kept in check from time to time, right?

Artemis also faces a moral conundrum in The Eternity Code. I won't say where this is coming from, other than it's to do with his family but it's certainly given Artemis cause to question his lifestyle and his choices.  I can see him transforming as the series moves forward but he doesn't seem to have turned over a new leaf just yet - and honestly, where would the fun be if he did?

The other characters in the series are all lovable too!  It's a joy to be reunited with all the best characters in the series time and time again, both the fairies and the humans. The turn in Butler's storyline in The Eternity Code made me sad though, but it opens up a lot of possibilities for Juliet Butler which is amazing in her own respect.  I just hope that Butler's presence will continue to be in the forefront. His relationship with Artemis and his character are both aspects that I want more of.

I continue to feel super impressed by how each story opens up with a human angle and a fairy angle, only to have both worlds collide time and time again, and in unique ways every single time.  I think every single one of my reviews for the books in this series has stated how these read like an adult action film - if adult action films had fairies and a teenaged boy genius of course. The sass and humor are always on point and they're one of my favorite aspects of this series thus far! They continue to shine through with The Eternity Code, even though to underlying plot was darker and more dangerous than ever before.

I honestly have no clue which direction the series will evolve in from here, all I know is it's sure to be memorable, exciting and snarky. I'll be jumping into The Opal Deception in no time! Fantasy readers, action-lovers and snark lovers alike should really check out this series if you haven't already. I had this feeling as The Eternity Code was wrapping up: like I could truly love this series. I'm enjoying it for sure, but I think that might just turn into true love....sooner rather than later.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


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  1. Fantastic review, Micheline! Basically sums up all the awesomeness of The Eternity Code. I'm so glad you're enjoying the series. It's one of my all-time favorites. <3

  2. I love a good moral conundrum, and between that and the snark I'm very tempted to give these a try! They look fun and action packed and the covers just jump out too.

  3. Your rave reviews for these books have really pushed this series up on my TBR! :D I think Melissa started reading this at one point, but I'm not sure how far she got into the series. You know how much I love snark, so that's yet another incentive for me to get moving with this series!

  4. :D:D It's fun reading your thoughts on these because I haven't read them since junior high and it really takes me back to how fun the series is! I adore these characters and I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on some interesting character arcs in the books to come...


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