Thursday, February 23, 2017

Harry Potter Moment #181

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 
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Hello friends and happy Potter-Thursday!  It's nearly the weekend so that's always a good sign :) Things are serious in the Wizarding world today because we're going to 1. do a 'would you rather' topic and those are almost always impossible. And 2. we're going to battle!

Would you rather battle Draco or Lucius?

Both characters could to with a nice Hex (or two) if I'm honest but I love both of the actors who play them which makes this a tricky one. I think...that Draco's endgame makes him a bit more sympathetic than his father, even despite all the horrible things he's done previously...whereas Lucius didn't seem to grow very much at all...which makes him the HEX WINNER!

Look at that deranged look^^ Those crazy eyes^^ Oh he's going to get a nice Hex in the face! That should sort him out ;)

Who would you rather battle?


  1. I'm not posting today because I need to catch up on comments and get some reviews written up, but I love this topic. I agree that they both definitely would be a good pick this week. However, I'm with you that Draco is more the bratty kid that is following in his parent's footsteps through most of the story and in the end did have signs of redemption. I would pick Lucius as well. He's had plenty of chances to leave the dark side and the fact of adults tormenting kids gets me more than the peer to peer of kids fighting.

  2. I picked Draco too, but then somewhat second guessed myself mid-post. Narcissa Malfoy scares me more than Draco and Lucius combined because I'm pretty sue she would deal a pretty epic a-- whooping to anyone who hurt her son. I don't think she would really care what happens to Lucius, lol.

  3. I don't know but I'll go with Lucius? He looks rather crazed there and I love your comment about "sorting him out."

  4. I love your reasoning behind choosing Lucius! Jason Isaacs is soooo good at playing bad guys! I didn't realize he was the voice of Zhao on Avatar until I was nearly at the end of the first season- d'oh! XD

  5. I think I'm more likely to survive battling Draco. I like the version where I survive xD Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I'd rather battle Lucius, so I could KICK HIS BUTT!!! He's terrible and needs a good defeating.


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