Thursday, January 19, 2017

Harry Potter Moment #176

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Hello everyone! I had a busy week this week but I'm encouraged that it's already Thursday which means the weekend isn't too far behind. It's a good thing too because we've got one of those lose/lose scenarios in front of us:

Would you rather take a class taught by Lockhart or get detention with Filch? 

I know that 'neither' isn't an option here (as much as I'm tempted to say it anyway LOL) so I'll go with:

Detention with Filch

Because a class with Lockhart would last a whole year and that would feel like an eternity. I never got many detentions while I was in school so I'm liking my odds that I wouldn't get an entire year of detention with Filch so already that's a win.  I do have a feeling that Filch would have likely given me detention maybe a few times a year but that's still better than an entire year with Lockhart!

And just between us? I'd be learning ALL the secret passageways in Hogwarts so: 
Good luck catching me Filch!


  1. I picked detention too! I feel like taking a class from Lockheart would be such a waste of time :/ that's a whole year of learning nothing that I can't get back! (Short of using a time turner, of course.)

  2. YAY Weekend!! Oh great minds do think alike! We used the same gif :D I'm feeling the same way. I was a good student, but did get detention I think once for talking in class so that one or two times over an entire year is definitely the way I'd go.

  3. Buahahaha! Gotta say, I would pick detention too. Although I could probably make some decent comedy out of Lockheart's lessons, it would drive me up the wall. Besides, I'd be such a goody-two-shoes, I wouldn't get detention -unless ya'll dragged me along for the trouble-making!

  4. I'm definitely regretting not factoring in the time investment required here, lol! I just immediately balked at the idea of serving detention with Filch and went with taking Lockhart's class, and now I'm stuck there for a whole year, LOLOL!

    1. I, too, did not factor in time investment. We will be stuck together, lol!

  5. I definitey agree with your logic here - detention can't possibly add up to as many hours as a whole year of classes with Lockhart (although I guess, depending on the detention, it could feel like it sometimes!). I don't think I'd get detention a lot, but let's be honest, someone's bound to take offence at my Slytherin ways eventually ;)


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