Thursday, January 5, 2017

Harry Potter Moment #175

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 
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Happy 2017 Potterheads! I wish you all the most magical of years filled with fantastic books, shows and movies!  And to any of my blogger friends who haven't read Harry Potter yet - PLEASE tell me that you vow to fix that in the coming year ;)  In any case, let's get the year started with some books recs for our favorite giant :

Which books would you recommend to Hagrid?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - I don't imagine that Hagrid had a chance to read this one before getting expelled.  I'd recommend that he read the shorter version first and then the screenplay. I know he and Newt would get along famously ♥

The Stormlight Archive - The variety of imaginative creatures in this world is staggering. Most are scary AF but Hagrid would surely find them adorable and misunderstood so there's that!

The Chronicles of Narnia - Magical creatures that can talk. Enough said. I'm certain that after reading this, Hagrid would seek out the Wardrobe to Narnia for the rest of his life.

Warriors - I know that Hagrid (and Rowling for that matter) aren't big on cats, but I am & these are books about intelligent cats who form clans, fight in wars, fall in love and die in ways that rip your heart straight out of your chest. They may look like kids's books, but the content is very mature.

What books would you recommend to Hagrid?


  1. Ooh The Way of Kings. Lots of creatures? *ears perk up* one of my goals this year is to read about more mythological or weird creatures lol. And... I've been very curious about the Warriors books, and I have the first one on the shelf. I haven't tackled them yet because I figured they were younger YA/ borderline MG (not that there's anything wrong with that, but I have to be in the mood) but it sounds like they get a bit dark or mature, like you said. Hmm, maybe it's time...

  2. D'oh- I can't believe I forgot Fantastic Beasts! He and Newt would be kindred spirits, for sure! Narnia would also be perfect for him, and ooh- Warriors sounds intense! I promise you, I SHALL fix my lack of Sanderson reading this year! XD

  3. Maybe we'll get to see Hagrid and Newt meet up at some point in the later movies?? Might be a long shot, but it would be perfect because they are definitely kindred spirits - both animal lovers, both expelled, both misunderstood...

  4. I completely forgot about Fantastic Beasts! *face palm*

    I haven't read Warriors but it looks cool. Intelligent cats? Sign me up!


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