Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fandom Mashup #89

Fandom Mashups
Fandom Mashups is an original feature here at Lunar Rainbows Reviews.  Every week, I propose a unique fictional scenario and then we build our own personal dream team of five fictional characters from five different fandoms to complete the task!  Anyone is welcome to join up - all I ask is that you link back to me somewhere in your post :)

Hi everyone and happy Sunday!  I'm happy to announce that my long-lasting reading slump seems to be officially over! I've finished a book and an halfway into another! Le gasp!  I'm behind on my blog-hopping though so please bear with me while I attempt to catch up in the coming days.  Before that though, a tragedy has occurred and it needs to be addressed :

Honor! You've been dishonored by your peers and you must regain your honor at all costs!  Which honorable characters are you going to call up to help?

 Prince Zuko (Avatar)

Clearly I had one character in mind when I thought up this topic, and that character was Prince Zuko. Zuko's unending quest for honor starts out in all the wrong places but he gets there in the end...even if he does take the long way around LOL!

Harry Potter

I think Harry is one of the most honorable characters in life. He always does the right thing without ever second guessing himself. He will always fight for others and defend the ones who can't defend themselves ♥

SamWise Gamgee

We all know SamWise is the best friend ever but he's also very honorable.  He's willing to fight for what's right at all costs - even when it isn't his mission to fight for.


One of the things that made me fall in love with Sabriel was how honor-bound she is. She does what needs to be done, putting her own needs and desires aside in the process. To hell with her own safety, she follows her quest because it's the right thing to do.

Ronan Lynch

At first glance this might seem wrong but Ronan was sorted into Gryffindor by Maggie Stiefvater herself. I mean, he's defended Adam's honor time and time again *sigh* And he did the right thing when it came to Cabeswater and the quest for Glendower!

Who are some of the most honorable characters you can think of?


  1. Zuko was definitely the first one that came to mind for me, too! XD
    Gah, I just realized Captain America would have been *perfect* for this too. Why didn't I think of that a few hours ago?

  2. No honor? Ack! That must be rectified. This looks like a good crew- Sam definitely! About as faithful as they come. Sabriel sounds good too. One of the things these posts do is make me want to read a bunch of books I haven't gotten too yet! lol

    And glad the slump is over!!

  3. Woohoo for getting back in the reading groove! :D Obviously, I was beyond thrilled to see this Zuko-centered topic, LOLOL! Harry was a must for this week's team, too, and so happy to see Sabriel and Ronan here as well. Did you see Maggie Stiefvater's tweet about her new book this year AND she's currently working on book 1 of the Ronan trilogy? ♥♥♥

  4. Oh, I love all your picks here ^^ Especially, Ronan because I don't think I would have thought of him myself and yet I completely concur with your reasoning. Hurray for honourable characters!

    1. Oh, and very pleased to hear that your reading slump is over!!


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