Thursday, December 15, 2016

Harry Potter Moment #172

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Hi hi!  How is everyone today?  We're in the midst of an extreme cold spell around here - BRRR! It's a good thing that just writing the word 'cold' makes me think of Christmas and the word 'spell' makes me think about Potter because that falls right in line with our topic today:

What gifts would you gift your favorite character(s) for the Holidays?

Another Firebolt for Harry, which I'd sign as Sirius Black.

^^Make that two more Firebolts so Ron and Ginny can get one too^^

All my favorite books to Hermione and Dumbledore

A Quidditch Cup for Gryffindor for McGonagall :D

A 2nd Hogwarts letter for Hagrid so he can finish his schooling

Some sore of rare magical plant for Neville

All the mundane Muggle items for Mr Weasley

Muggle Astrology books for Luna

A Weasley jumper for Mrs. Weasley

You know, since I can't give her an actual Weasley (Fred) *sob*

What would you gift your favorite Wizarding World Characters?


  1. It's colder than shit here too lol freezing my butt off. Crappy roads, blowing and drifting, wind chills... ugh. Is it spring yet?? Anyway... these are fun answers. I need to watch the movies, I want to marathon them as I've only ever seen the first one. I know right??

  2. Great ideas! I particularly love your gift for Hagrid.

    Maybe magically un-breakable glasses for Harry? And box seats to another Quidditch world cup for the Weasley clan?

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