Thursday, November 17, 2016

Harry Potter Moment #168

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Hi everyone and happy Friday!  So last week I mixed up our topic with this week's because they were posted out of order for those two weeks....and since I'm the one who posted the topics, let's just say the mix up rests squarely on my shoulders >.<  The worst bit? I visited Jaclyn's post and got really excited by how creative her 'choice' of topic was...LOL! #fail

 Anyway, this week's topic is really and truly a

Free Week! Your choice :)

which I did last week, so today I'm talking:

Favorite Common Room? Not necessarily where you'd be sorted or your favorite house but which one do you prefer in  terms of decor and location?

Le sigh. So yeah, I love this topic ♥ - haha  I truly adore every one of the different Common Rooms and I've often wish we could have explored all of them more fully. Let's look at them individually:


I really like that the Slytherin Common Room is underwater. I love all things to do with water so I can see really digging the view there. I used to think I'd be less than thrilled about them being next to the dungeons but come Halloween, that'd be cool! I'm also quite partial to the colour green so their decor speaks to me. It seems less cozy than some of the other Rooms though but that might be because it seems rich and foreboding like only old money can - and I'm not used to living like that.


The Hufflepuff Common Room is basically a Hobbit Hole. WIN. I just adore how cozy, warm and inviting it seems. I guess my inner GryffinPuff-hybrid self is showing because even though I don't tend to love the colour yellow, the warm tones have me wishing I could snuggle up there right now. Also, they're located close to the kitchen which is another WIN in my book. I'm less of a fan of the underground locale, but if I channel my inner Hobbit, I think I'd be OK!


The Gryffindor Common Room is the room we're most familiar with. It's full of squishy armchairs and roaring fire. Both the fires and the tower view are among the biggest selling points here for me.  Well that and sharing a Common Room with Harry.Fucking.Potter.  Not to mention Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George...and knowing you live where greats like Dumbledore and McGonagall once lived. WOW.  I'm less of a fan of the colouring here but I could get used to it in a heartbeat.


Owing to the fact that I always thought I'd be sorted as a Ravenclaw, their Common Room is the most aesthetically pleasing to me. I'm a HUGE fan of deep dark royals and cobalts. I love the marble accents and the view of the night sky would make me dreamy like Luna.  The bookshelves are of course, an added bonus, Admittedly, it seems a bit less cozy and a bit more intimidating than Gryffindor and Hufflepuff do, but marble, the night sky and BOOKS? YES PLEASE.

Legit though? I'll take ANY Common Room. Just send me my Hogwarts Letter already! I'll sleep in a broom cupboard for fuck sakes.


  1. Right?? I'd take any common room to get a chance to just live at Hogwarts. But if pressed I would choose Hufflepuff hobbit-hole or Gryffindor because of the great views of the castle grounds + great memories.

  2. OMG I WANT ANY COMMON ROOM TOO NOW. 😍 I mean, I'm not Hufflepuff Warm food? HOBBIT HOLE? #nice heheh And I do think the Ravenclaw bookshelves would be amazing. maybe there should be a rotation system so everyone gets to experience all the common rooms? SUCH A GOOD IDEA.😂

  3. I don't think I could deal with the rowdiness of the Gryffindor common room haha. I'm biased and have to preferentially go with the Ravenclaw common room, but I think I'd love the Hufflepuff one too.

  4. Exactly! I'd take any, if it meant a Hogwarts letter!! Sadly, I was born during the years of records Voldemort destroyed the records of Muggle-born witches. Le sigh....

  5. Hahahaha- I'd sleep in a broom closet, too, or hell, I'd even sleep in the Chamber of Secrets. Maybe post-Basilisk though. XD The Gryffindor common room always sounded so cozy in the books; I'd permanently park myself in an armchair by the fire, with a book, of course. :D

  6. Ooh Slytherin's underwater?? I didn't know that. I think I like the color (cobalts? Yes) and the night sky (and books) the best, so I can see going with Ravenclaw, BUT I like a good fire and cozy environment so maybe Gryyindor is my thing. To sit in an easy chair and read before the fire. Hufflepuff's not bad, but I think I'm going with 1) Gryffindor and 2) Ravenclaw.

    Maybe when I watch the movies I'll get to see these places? I hope so... :)

  7. I would also be in Ravenclaw! all the bookcases sound amazing. I am unsure about answering riddles to get in but I'm sure I'd get the hang of it ;)


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