Thursday, November 10, 2016

Harry Potter Moment #167

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Hi everyone!  I hope you're all ready to discuss the wider world of Potter with me today.  Since this week is a free week, I want to talk about the most recent developments in the Wizarding World:

Free Week! Your choice :)

Fantastic Beasts Becomes 5 Films Instead of a Trilogy
The New Pottermore Audiobooks

First up: the Fantastic Beasts movie trilogy has become a five-film affair. While I'm trying to reserve judgement until after I see the first instalment later this month (EEEP!) I admit it: I'm already excited about this. What else would you expect of ME?  I'm a self-professed Potter-fanatic so even though I know nothing (and I mean NOTHING) will ever compare to the original 7 Harry Potter-centric stories, I can not wait to return to the Wizarding World. We're going to be exploring a new setting with new characters and new dangers, so if Rowling think it'll take five movies to do the thing properly? I'm all for it.

Secondly: The Pottermore Presents novella trilogy. I want it. If I wasn't on a very strict book buying ban at the moment, I'd have insta-clicked them into my Kindle already.  Rowling herself penned these short stories from Hogwarts and there's new stories featuring Lupin and McGonagall. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

*PS: looks like I mixed up the topics for this week and next week. My bad.  They weren't in order in the topic list so I could blame that - but since I did up the topic doesn't get me anwhere LOL! I'll do this week's topic next week friends XD

What about you guys? Are you excited for more Fantastic Beasts movies?
And have you read the Short Stories from Hogwarts? Do you want to?
Share your thoughts below -


  1. I thought next week was the free week :@

    I'm SO excited for the Fantastic Beasts film series! My wee monster and I plan to go to every single one in theatres :D

    I decided not to read the Pottermore trilogy though. It just doesn't feel right for some reason.

  2. I may have to skip next weeks or do a different topic LOL! I skipped ahead it looks like. I am SO EXCITED for this movie to come out so we can see what we are dealing with and how great this new aspect in the world will be. Every trailer I've seen for it just gets me more and more thrilled to enter back into the magical world. I HADN'T HEARD about those short stories so THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing them!! Shut up and take my money is absolutely right!!

  3. I love mythical creatures so even though I'm not in the Potter fandom per se I'll see that bad boy! And 5 movies? Hey the more the merrier! :)

  4. I can't wait to see Fantastic Beasts but I'm trying to quell my excitement and not to set my expectations too high. I really hope that it will have the magic and the power to charm me and that I'll fall in love with the story and the characters. I know that it'll be completely different and I like that it'll center around adult wizards for a change. Let's see what they're capable of! :D

  5. I am pretty stoked about Fantastic Beasts. I really think they're going to be great. I am a little nervous about the five movies thing though. But am determined to be optimistic.

  6. Fantastic Beasts comes out this week omg!! Def excited, and from all accounts of people who have seen the first movie already, 5 movies will probably be needed to finish what all was brought up in this one.

    And I still need to get to the novellas... wish I could get them in print!


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