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Harry Potter Moment #165

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Hello Potterheads and happy almost-Halloween!  This is my absolutely favorite time of year and the only thing that could make it better is talking about Harry Potter with you all :D

How did Dean Thomas add to the overall storyline?

It seems like we've been talking about Dean quite a bit lately but I don't mind at all  - although I do wish I'd have thought to come up with a more Halloween-themed topic for this week LOL!

To me, Dean showed us that not knowing one of your parents can be dangerous - especially when Voldemort is trying to take over. Dean never knew his father and because he couldn't prove that the man was a Wizard, he had to go in hiding. I never knew my father either so I found that detail particularly fascinating.  

Beyond that, Dean grew up as a Muggle so he was into Muggle things just like Harry and I think that helps us as readers remember that so many students lived Muggle lives before heading to Hogwarts and having their minds blown.  

Dean's bravery and loyalty deserve a shout-out too. He was open to accepting 'half-breeds' as Umbridge put it once and he rose to defend Professor Lupin, calling him ''the best DADA teacher'' they'd ever had.  He also didn't hesitate to befriend Luna despite how different she is which always gives a character bonus points with me ♥

Of course, Dean also eventually hooked up with Ginny and I think that aspect helped develop both his and Ginny's well as clue a means for Harry to his own feelings towards Ginny. Knowing that Dean was into Ginny and Ginny was likewise into him helped both of their characters to be appreciated more!


  1. Sounds like a pretty great character! I like the idea of former Muggles having to accept this new magical reality- talk about having mind blown! That would be one of the coolest things about going to Hogwarts. :)

  2. I loved learning more about Dean's backstory from Jo on her old website. I remember her saying that in the end, she had to sacrifice Dean's story for Neville's because her publisher thought she only had room for one of them (Dean was originally involved in finding Fluffy in PS, I think). Ah well, at least she decided to include a hint of his backstory in DH!

  3. You mention so many great points about Dean's character here. :D I also love how he stuck up for Lupin (ughhhh, Umbridge!) and befriended Luna. And of course there was the unintentional wake-up call he gave Harry when Dean dated Ginny. XD The series certainly wouldn't have been the same if Harry hadn't finally acted on his feelings for her, lol.

  4. I loved that Harry couldn't really hate Dean even though he was so jealous of his relationship with Ginny. It was heartbreaking when he was on the run in the last one due to his heritage and no knowing who his father was. I really enjoyed his friendship with Seamus as well.


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