Thursday, September 29, 2016

Harry Potter Moment #161

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Hello my friends! How is everyone today? Have you all exploded onto Pottermore to discover your Patronuses? Apparently a lot of people are upset over their results but thought the test was a truly magical experience ♥ I got a Nebelung Cat and truthfully ANY kind of cat would have made me happy so I'm over the moon!

Please feel free to share your Patronus results with me below and tell me if you're happy or not with what you got...but before that, let's discuss:

If you could change one thing from book 4, what would it be?

Ron's fight with Harry

I get it ok, don't get me wrong. I understand why being friends with Harry was so difficult for Ron. And I do like that Hermione stuck by Harry, solidifying herself as his best friend as well. But poor Harry has the entire school at his throat (AGAIN) and it just makes it so much more bearable for him when he's got Ron by his side.  Every single time I read Goblet of Fire I'm counting down the pages until Harry and Ron are ok again!


  1. I know, I absolutely hate that part. Then I have to remember back to my school days and the incredibly stupid arguments everyone had with their friends where they would go weeks without talking. So, it really upsets me but I have to remember hormones are running rampant and Ron is having a tough time adjusting to having Harry as a BFF. I agree, worst part for me in the story and I to just wait until they are back on speaking terms.

    1. Also I got a Weasel and was thoroughly disappointed. Zane got a Dolphin. Both are crazy for us, but it was more than that. For me, I was so disappointed in the test. I looked up and didn't realize that it had been going on by itself for about 5 minutes and only got to answer 2 questions. Then, those questions were quite ridiculous. Some form of 'Thorn, Leaf, Bark' choice.

  2. I'm so with you on this. Ron drives me nuts at this point of the series. I get it but it still makes me so mad!

  3. I cringe so hard at Harry and Ron fighting, too! When I first read GoF, I was like, NOOOOOO! This is not happening! XD I haven't had a chance to take the Patronus quiz yet; I'm curious to see what I get!

  4. I had to look up what a nebelung cat was, but really any cat suits you so well! I was pleased with my hound. For the people who were disappointed... well you don't get to choose what your Patronus is; maybe those people need a different perspective. But I did hear that some people had problems with the quiz and didn't get to answer all questions and I can understand why that would be disappointing.


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