Thursday, September 22, 2016

Harry Potter Moment #160

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Hello beloved Potter-heads! How goes life?  Are you ready to reminisce about classroom antics at Hogwarts? Today we're discussing:

Favorite Classroom Memory

Oh where to begin? Well, I always chuckle during Snape's ''Turn to page 394'' bit. That just never ever gets old. McGonagall changing into her Animagus form in front of the entire class is a classic for sure ♥ Every single one of Lupin's lessons could fit under my favorites but especially the one where he teaches them about Boggarts of course!  And who could forget the long awaited one-on-one lessons between Harry and Dumbledore in HBP? I have to say though, my favorite classroom moments ever has got to be:

Harry teaching his students about the Patronus Charm

As Harry's #1 fangirl, is anyone surprised I went this route?^^ To be fair though, Harry teaching the DA is one of the few legitimate rays of light in that entire school year, what with Umbridge's reign of terror.  In those classes, Harry really comes into his own - he begins to appreciate the skill set he has and he becomes an exceptional teacher to boot!  He's able to teach his entire class all sorts of complex hexes, jinxes and counter-curses, most impressive of all being the Patronus Charm.  At Hogwarts proper, they would have only learned that Charm in their 7th year and many fully qualified Wizards and Witches within the Ministry couldn't even conjure one. If that isn't the mark of how amazingly gifted Harry is, I don't know what is!  


  1. I LOVE your pick, Micheline! ♥ I absolutely love that GIF, too! Harry was an outstanding teacher, and the DA couldn't have had a better leader! :D

  2. Such a great moment! His teaching really had a big impact on the story and his relationship with the other DA members. The first one that popped in my head was 'There's no need to call me sir, professor.' That cheeky bit gets me every time.


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