Thursday, September 15, 2016

Harry Potter Moment #159

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Happy Potter-Thursday everyone! Fall finally seems to have arrived over here so I'm basking in cooler temperatures, rainy days and no humidity. YAY!  And just in time too because we're talking Quidditch today:

Favorite Quidditch Moment? From the matches, practices or even the Quidditch World Cup

I enjoy Quidditch but I'm not a hardcore fangirl. It's a sport after all and I'm not terribly sporty... though I'm sure if there were magic, flying brooms and such I could get into it. Even I have to admit that every single Quidditch match was thrilling beyond any Muggle sport.  I can vividly recall Harry seeing 'the Grim' a.k.a Sirius Black at a match in his third year. The Quidditch World Cup was incredible, especially with Fred and George predicting the outcome. Every time Harry came out victorious I felt like I'd won right along with him - and every time he got banned from playing I was grateful that Ginny was around to save the day. (by the way, if Harry and Ginny's first kiss had been on the pitch it'd totally have gotten my vote here ♥)  

So what I'm saying it that it was hard to chose just one favorite moment but in the end, I had to go with this  little gem:

Harry catching the Snitch in his mouth in his very first match.

As special as it is that Harry won his very first match, that's not the reason I picked this moment. I picked it because of what that particular Snitch comes to mean for Harry in Deathly Hallows and how it proves that Dumbledore thought of everything to get our Boy Who Lived through the impossible.


  1. My Favorite one is when Professor McGonagall goes running to Wood and tell him "I've fond you a seeker" :)

  2. So much stuff happens before, during, and after Quidditch games! I think it was brilliant of Rowling to give him this little hiccup during his first catch so he didn't appear too amazing his first time out but still a natural. I also appreciate what it comes to mean to him and during that last book how he would take it out and play with it when he was too stressed to think straight.

  3. Yay for cooler temps! It's cooled off a bit here too- the mornings are downright cool! Anyway fun pick. While I don't know all the significance the games do look fun, and I bet they get more intense as it goes (I've only read the first). Nice to see this has a moment later in the series where it matters. Love it when authors do that. :)

  4. Ahhh, cooler temps and no humidity sound lovely! We're still in the 90s here, with humidity. Lots of humidity, lol. The tie between this moment in the first book and the last one is just pure genius. I had no idea where JKR was going with the Snitch when Scrimgeour gave it to Harry, but oh, was the payoff when it all came together AMAZING! :D

  5. I'm also not into sports, but I think I could get into Quidditch :D I think I would be suited for Seeker too. Harry catching the snitch with his mouth is definitely one of the most memorable moments. I also like that part where he is trapped by all the Dementors.


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