Thursday, September 8, 2016

Harry Potter Moment #158

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Hello friends and happy Thursday! We're in the middle of a ridiculous heatwave over here so I hope you're all cooler than I am. Given how humid our Summer was and...I don't know...the fact that's it's SEPTEMBER...I'm ready for Fall weather already!  I'll stay cool by thinking of our return to Hogwarts and sleeping arrangements:

Who would you want as Common Room Dorm-Mates at Hogwarts? 

Oh - sharing sleeping quarters with someone can be tricky. I've always wondered what it was like for the girls since we never get to go there because of an old outdated Hogwarts rule - as demonstrated by Ron one year LOL!  Regardless, I think that this question has a fairly obvious answer for me:

Ginny, Hermione and Luna

After stating many, many times that I want to be friends with all three of these girls, here's my chance! I know that Ginny and Luna are a year younger than Hermione and that Luna's a Ravenclaw but I don't care!  These are my dorm-mates^^ I will read and study with Hermione, rebel and go on adventures with Ginny and have deep, off the wall chats with Luna - not to mention discuss a bit of nonsense just to bug Hermione ;) 


  1. Absolutely!! These three are a must for me as well. They each have such different personalities and have strengths that the others are lacking. I love how you ironed it out for spending time with each of them depending on the mood. Yeah, the rules just can't apply when choosing who the dorm mates are!

  2. YES! The dynamic between these three is electric and just adding you into the mix would be a delight!

  3. I LOVE how you described each character! I definitely feel like Hermione would be a good study partner and Ginny one for adventures (which you definitely need at Hogwarts considering all the mischief one can get into there!)
    And YES Luna would be one of those girls you stay up late into the night with talking about deep conversations! I love Luna!
    Emily @

  4. I can't think of a better trio to be roomies with, either! They're such a great mix of personalities, and they would just be SO much fun to hang around with! :D


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