Thursday, August 4, 2016

House Cup Results 2016

Another year...gone!  I wanted to do a bit of a recap of the highlights of this year's Harry Potter Month so I hope you'll indulge me and join in on one last Potter-themed post...before we get to announcing the results for the House Cup!

Every year that we have Harry Potter Month, it reminds me of how this story will live on in so many people.  I want to thank every single person who participated again this year and helped make this another successful Harry Potter Month.  Whether you joined in on the House Cup or simply kept up to date on our goings on by reading, commenting, thank you.

I want to thank Harry Potter Month creator, my dear friend Faith for hosting the event again this year, and for coming up with the idea in 2014. I look forward to July now all year long for the chance to share the Potter love with everyone so inclined. Thank you for inviting me to co-host with you last year and again this year. It's been brilliant ♥

This year was my first year rereading the books for Harry Potter Month - and indeed, my first reread since 2011.  I can't think of a more rewarding experience. I laughed, I cried, I lived through all of Harry's trials and adventures with him.  Unfortunately, real life got in the way a bit and I was only able to read through the first 5 books - OotP is so freaking long, it's almost 2 books on it's own! Never fear though, I jumped right into HBP for Harry's birthday and will go on with my series reread...until the very end. For those interested, I'll be updating my book reviews for the series on GR once I'm done! (For anyone interested)

The bottom line is that July IS Harry Potter Month for me - but the magic is far from over. I look forward to discussing The Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts and all the new Potter material with you all as comes out. And, as always, you're all welcome to keep the magic going with our weekly Harry Potter Moment MEME posts :) Both Faith and I are already looking forward to having the event again next year - and to be honest, I've already started writing down ideas for 2017!! Alright...on to the good stuff:

Hogwarts House Cup Results 2016
*drum roll*

In first place, Ravenclaw with 946 points
In second place, Gryffindor with 770 points
In third place, Slytherin with 706 points
In fourth place, Hufflepuff with 549 points

Big Congrats to Ravenclaw for winning the 2016 House Cup and well done to Gryffindor, Slytherin and Hufflepuff!  EVERYONE did such an amazing job participating, posting, commenting, reading, crafting and watching all the Harry Potter awesomeness!

For those interested, between July 23rd to August 3rd the points earned were as follows:

Hufflepuff 274
Gryffindor 274
Ravenclaw 109
Slytherin 65

*The top earner this week was Alex with an EPIC 247 points!*

Where the points came from:

    24 posts
    5 films watched
    13 books read
    6 Harry Potter inspired crafts
    3 years of Lego Harry Potter completed
    1 giveaway
    2 fan made documentaries watched

Don't forget, even if you didn't win the House Cup, every point you earned gained you an entry for a giveaway Faith will be having (because she's awesome) She'll be announcing the winner tomorrow!


  1. This is so much fun! I'm bummed I missed out on this event you guys sponsored on the blog, but hopefully next year I will be more on top of things and be able to join! and i would LOVE to get a chance to set aside time to reread the series soon. I'm impressed you managed to read the first 5 what with all the other reading and things you do for your blog!
    What a fun post!
    Emily @

    1. Awww I hope you'll join in next year too Emily! I'd been trying to get a reread done for like 3 years and it only just worked out! I was ahead on my books read, and had reviews set up to cover the entire month! Thank you! xx

  2. Congratulations to everyone! :D This was just such a wonderful event; it is so lovely to be able to share the HP love like this every year. ♥ Thank you again to both you and Faith for all of your hard work organizing HP Month, promoting everyone's posts, and keeping tally of the House Cup points. I can't wait to see what everyone brings to next year's event!

    1. It was our pleasure Lee^^ Thank YOU for participating again and sharing in the fun and memories with us ♥ I'm already counting down to next year too LOL!

  3. Awesome sauce! Way to go, everybody! ^_^ This was so much fun. Looking forward to next year! ...and now I have an entire year to plan...mua ha ha...

    1. Agreed Amanda :D Thanks for joining up and I can NOT WAIT to see what everyone comes up with next year!!

  4. I loved it so much! Thank you very much for hosting HP Month. It was great fun and an amazing opportunity to indulge in everything HP with my fellow HP fans. Looking forward to the next year!

    1. Glad to hear it Farida and thank YOU for joining in on the fun with greats posts and discussion! I love how we still get together once a year and let our Potterhead obsession fly :D

  5. Congrats to Ravenclaw! This year was so good! I had so much fun reading everyone's posts and learning all sorts of new things about the Harry Potter fandom. Thanks to you and Faith for hosting HP Month. I cannot wait for next year!

    1. Congrats to YOU for being an awesome Hufflepuff^^ I had a blast too, I'm bummed that it's over and already counting down to next July LOL! You're very welcome ♥

  6. Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that you should be so proud on another successful Harry Potter Month. I am so bummed that I couldn't take part this year, but I'm glad it was such a success for you!! I loved all your variety in HP posts this past month and I hope your HP reread is EVERYTHING and so is Cursed Child.

    1. Awww thank you my friend! We missed you this year but I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the event all the same :) My HP reread IS EVERYTHING ♥ I'm a little worried about Cursed Child but here's hoping it delivers too :)

  7. I'm bummed it's over too, but so proud of my house! Thank you Micheline and Faith both for hosting. I know that's a lot of work and we appreciate it all. Congratulations everyone! There were SO MANY posts and comments and crafts. It seemed like there was a great deal of participation this year! I can't wait til next year :D

    1. As you should be my friend! It was our pleasure honestly, we love HP Month as much as anyone (maybe more?) We're really happy with the participation this year and YES already looking forward to next year :D


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