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Harry Potter Moment #156

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Hi everyone! We have a bit of a different topic this week - instead of talking about our favorite characters and moments from the Harry Potter Series, we're speculating:

Which characters outside the Harry Potter world do you think would do well at Hogwarts?

This might be a different kind of topic but I am ALL.OVER.IT, I love it so much! Brace yourselves my friends because we've got A LOT to talk about so we might as well get started right this second:

The Doctor

I think that The Doctor as a teen going to Hogwarts is the best thing I've ever imagined. Generally speaking, I think he'd be a Ravenclaw but I saw one meme online that sorted The Doctor by his incarnation, with Nine being a Gryffindor, Ten being a Ravenclaw, Eleven being a Hufflepuff and Twelve being a Slytherin. I am 100% ok with that^^

Sabriel the Abhorsen (The Old Kingdom)

I would give ANYTHING to read about Sabriel attending Hogwarts. When I saw her attending a boarding school, it's the first thing that crossed my mind!  Instinctively, I'd sort her in Gryffindor for her bravery but I'm not sure that fits. Sure she's brave AF, but she's not showy about it. She's really hard working and caring so I think she's either a HufflePuff or a hybrid GryffinPuff ;) - (Lirael is a total Ravenclaw!)

Ronan Lynch (The Raven Cycle)

My precious little dreamer, I'd love to see him strut around Hogwarts all tough on the outside but a softie on the inside - acting like an ass but secretly defending the weak.  Sigh. In his case, there's no guesswork needed, Maggie Stiefvater herself sorted him into Gryffindor! (In case anyone missed it, she sorted Adam into Slytherin, Gansey into Gryffindor, Noah in Hufflepuff and Blue in Ravenclaw)

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss would have probably still would have been through hell at Hogwarts but the thought of her having magic gives me some relief...compared to her actual reality.  I was pretty sure Katniss would be a Gryffindor initially because she's not showy about her courage (like Harry.) She'd fit in well as a Hufflepuff too because she works hard and she's fair. I read online opinions though and most people put her in Slytherin for putting herself and her family first and for her cunning and scheming in the Games.

Kaladin Stormblessed (Stormlight Archive)

Kaladin's another character whose life would have benefited from a magical school to take him in, the poor dear. He'd have accepted his powers much earlier on too so it probably would have saved him a lot of heartache. Kaladin is a born leader and a rebel to boot, so there's not doubt in my mind he's a Gryffindor.

Aelin Galathynius (Throne of Glass)

Young Fireheart at Hogwarts, is there anything more perfect? I think that when we first meet her as Celaena, she'd be a Slytherin. She's cunning, a badass and lives by her own rules. Now that she's Aelin instead of Celaena, she could be a Gryffindor too but I'd love to see her knock down stereotypes as a Slytherin heroine. Online opinion seems to be the opposite, putting Celaena in Gryffindor and Aelin in Slytherin.

Obi Wan Kenobi

Obi Wan at Hogwarts with a wand instead of a saber. Trippy, but I love it, especially when you consider a teenaged Obi Wan just learning the ways of magic.  I'm pretty sure he'd be a Ravenclaw because he's wise, learned and made a pretty epic mentor for Luke...let's not talk about Anakin.

The GAang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Hell yes. The gAang at Hogwarts? GIMME THIS^^ It just fits, you know?  My favorite sorting of the characters into Hogwarts Houses puts Aang in Hufflepuff (as an EPIC Seeker no less), Katara and Sokka in Ravenclaw, Toph in Slytherin and Zuko in Gryffindor and I agree wholeheartedly - though I'm sure some would debate that LOL!

Lyra Belacqua (His Dark Material)

The way Lyra navigates alternate magical worlds is proof that she'd fit right in at Hogwarts. I'm 100% sure that Lyra would be a Slytherin because Her way with words, her ability to weave stories and her resourcefulness all scream Slytherin to me but more specifically: the best possible version of Slytherin. The one I wish we'd gotten more of in the HP series.

Bilbo Baggins

Tiny Bilbo in Hogwarts. Could there BE anything cuter?  (The answer is no.)  I know Bilbo is beyond brave and I also know that the guy likes his books. BUT. The entrance to the Hufflepuff Common Room is a Hobbit door. Next to the kitchen. Yeah, Bilbo is a Puff and proud of it.

Sherlock Holmes

A teenaged Sherlock Holmes with magic, strutting around Hogwarts with his robe collar flipped up all cool like. YES.  There's no debate here, Sherlock is a Ravenclaw to the core.  Since John's in the picture though, we can sort him too and I think he'd be a Gryffindor!

Vin the Mistborn

With the flashbacks we get of a younger Vin, I think Hogwarts would have done her a world of good. How cute would our little ass-kicker have been in her robes?!  As far as her sorting goes, well her character arc reminds me of Neville's so I'm following suit and putting her in Gryffindor - though because of a certain...*ahem* aspect...the sorting hat might just hesitate like it did with Harry and want to sort her in Slytherin.

The Winchesters (Supernatural)

My two favorite demon hunters might never get to have an easy life, but Hogwarts would have been good for them in the long run.  I think most people would automatically sort Dean in Gryffindor and Sam in Slytherin (especially in this picture^^) but I think they could both be Slytherins OR Gryffindors. Sam would make a solid Ravenclaw though with his brains and love of research and I think Dean shares some traits with Hufflepuffs too LOL!


Little orphan Bruce Wayne could have befriended The Boy Who Lived and OMG FEELS.  Batman is tricky to sort though. His heroics make him a natural Gryffindor, his brains make him a perfect Ravenclaw but his cunning work for a Slytherin. Considering his history, I think Bruce would pull a Harry and ask not to be in Slytherin though, so he'd likely be a Gryffindor or a GryffinClaw hybrid.


I'm really hoping that Hogwarts would have helped Magneto with his childhood issues but somehow I doubt it. I love the guy though so I can't help but hope. His ambitions remind me a little too much of a young Tom Riddle though so I have a feeling he'd be a Slytherin, and that he'd fit right into the overused Slytherin mould.

Which characters do you think would fit right in at Hogwarts?
And what do you think about my Sortings here? Discuss.


  1. Wow you chose so many! Awesome choices, too. Have to agree with all of these! :D

    1. Once I started I couldn't stop - but I think that much is obvious LOL!

  2. Excellent choices. Katniss, Obi- Wan, Magneto- so much fun here. And Bilbo- yes! A hobbit at Hogwarts lol would be awesome. We need some fan fiction with these choices stat! :):)

    1. I almost put Samwise in there too but I think all the Hobbits would be Hufflepuffs so it'd been a bit repetitive haha!

  3. GAH- your list is just AMAZING! Mmmmm...welcome to Ravenclaw, Ten! XD Dammit, I'm kicking myself hard for forgetting all about Sabriel! And OMG, the whole gAang at Hogwarts! I love their sorting; Aang would be an absolutely fantastic seeker, and he wouldn't even need a broom! XD

    1. LOL! I knew you'd like that^^ Sabriel was one of my first thoughts, I just love her too much and her boarding school background made me think of Hogwarts! And YES the gAang at Hogwarts came from a post I saw on Pinterest. Aang would be so epic as a Seeker and you're right: even without a broom :D

  4. SUCH a fun topic! Ronan, Katniss, and Aelin are all great pics! Although in all honesty I totally had Ronan pegged for Slytherin, and I thought Aeline would by Gryfindor! Guess you can't argue with Maggie though on which one Ronan would be in lol. great post I had so much fun reading it!
    Emily @

    1. Nope you're right: Stiefvater would know best where her characters go :D I can totally see my beloved Ronan as a Gryffindor...and not just because he'd be in my House LOL!

  5. My goodness! You have so many great characters here! I would've gone with Dr. Strange and I had Professor X on my list so glad to see Magneto here!! I got bombarded at work with people out I have to cover for so by the time I get home, I'm exhausted so my post never got finished. I'm hoping to have this week's for sure. I love every single character you included, and how you even went beyond and discussed their sorting.

    1. Yup. I totally went crazy this week, I'm not even going to try to deny it! I adored this topic and it was a blast thinking up of characters and seeing where they'd fit into Hogwarts! Awww that sucks, I would have loved to see who you came up with :)

  6. Oh, gosh, so many characters I love. I would go with YES for Lyra, Kaladin and Vin (because these are some of my fav characters of all time) but I would say NO to Obi Wan - (yes for sorting him into Hogwarts in general) but NO to Gryffindor. Because when I was younger I read the Jedi Padawan series (20 books in a row) and when Obi Wan was younger he was uncontrolled, fierce and wild and VERY angry, so Qui Gon didn't want to pick him at first. (Not only because of his own background) Later Obi Wan is a Gryf but as a teen he is definitley Slytherin in my opinion :D
    But yeah, I still raving about Kaladin and Vin and... awww



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