Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Harry Potter Profile

Today I'm sharing my Harry Potter Profile with you all. Lee came up with this, then Faith, Alex, Jaclyn and Christina did theirs too. My post will be a combination of my favorite questions from everyone, with a few new ones of my own.

Name: Micheline

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor (GryffinPuff Hybrid)

Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent

Year I Discovered HP: 2006 was the year I attempted the films for the first time. Funny/embarrassing story? I didn't care for them at first. I was in a HUGE LotR phase back then and I just found the first HP films too similar in some ways to LotR. Then a friend set me straight and told me to READ THE BOOKS - which I did in 2007 - and proceeded to fall hopelessly in love with them. As I read through the books, I'd watch the movies (up to OotP back then - I was able to catch it in theatres) and then continued with the books. As I started HBP, DH had just come out, and I was terrified of spoilers. I avoided ALL online sites, plowed through HBP and I remember finishing it around 8:45pm, and rushing to my local bookstore - which closed at 9:00pm to grab Deathly Hallows. I started reading that straight away and read well into the night...until I got to the scene where Voldemort FLEW WITHOUT a broom. I got spooked then that I might see red eyes hovering outside my window O.O  I proceeded to chuck the book on the couch and ran straight to bed LOL!

Last Time I Read the Books: I'm rereading them this year but it'd been since 2011 :O Oh and if anyone's wondering, this is my 8th reread 8-)

Favorite Book: Deathly Hallows. So many mind-blowing revelations. So.Many.Feels.  And Harry finally understanding EVERYTHING. ♥

Favorite Film: Prisoner of Azkaban. The tone of that film, the visuals, the trio maturing. Lupin, Sirius. Harry's gloriously messy hair...the map, the time-turner...ALL OF IT.

Favorite Character: Harry.Fucking.Potter.

Least Favorite Book: Chamber of Secrets (though I enjoyed it more during this current read-through)

Least Favorite Movie: It breaks my heart but Half Blood Prince. The book is one of my absolute favorites but the movie is almost like a romantic comedy. Hello, Voldemort is stronger than ever, Sirius died, HOW is this light and funny?!  I think I would have been ok if Richard Harris had still been Dumbledore because his scenes with Harry in the book are THE BEST, but in the film, they're just not the same...

Least Favorite Character: Umbridge. My current reread of OotP has reminded me how much I despise that woman and how much worse she is in the book, compared to the movie...Grrr!

Quidditch Position: Seeker. I'm not just saying that because of Harry Potter. (I swear!) I'm small, I have great reflexes and I'm quite quick, so I think I'd be ok.

Character I Most Identify With: Hermione and Luna are the girls I relate the most to. I'm definitely bookish and always loved school, but I'm not as overbearing as Hermione can be when it comes to pushing other people to study constantly...or agree with her. I'm not one to go hassle teachers for extra points and stuff like that either.  I have a lot Luna's empathy and oddness too - and I tend to believe in things that aren't always logical or proven. I think that I have a bit of Ginny's fire and temper, though I could do with more of her rebelliousness ;) Other than those girls, I also feel a strong kinship with Lupin - but that might just be because we share a birthday ♥

Character I Wish I Were More Like: Harry Potter. He's my hero and my constant inspiration. #WhatWouldHarryDo?

Spell I'd Use Right This Moment: Well I wish I had a Time-Turner right now so I could speed the upcoming busy work day/week on. As for an actual spell? Nox. 1. Because it'd turn off all the lights and 2. because it's my kitty's name and I like to think it would sort of summon him to me :)

Magical Career Path: Wandmaker, effectively taking over after Ollivander.

Magical Pet - I'd want a Cat obviously, especially since it'd be magical.  Like Faith, I can just picture cuddling up with a cat on my lap by the fire in the Common Room ♥ And calling my black cat 'Nox' at Hogwarts would go over so much better than it does in real life XD

Magical Sweet: Treacle Tart or Sherbert Lemon.

Magical Drink: Butterbeer. I know the Muggle version is said to be sickly sweet but in the books it's described as warming, salty butterscotch...and as a HUGE lover of butterscotch, I think that sounds heavenly.

Best Class: Transfiguration or Charms, I can never decide.

Worst Class: Potions if Snape is teaching because my nerves would get the better of me and I'd be worthless. Plus as a Gryffindor, he'd hate me on principal.  If Slughorn were teaching, I think I'd be ok...and then my worst subject would be History of Magic (only because of Binns)

Kiss, Kill, Marry (Marauders Edition): Well I can't Kill anyone else than Wormtail, I'm sorry it's just not going to happen. I hate that rat.  So I'll Kiss Lupin and James and Marry Sirius (of course!)

Today is Harry Potter's Birthday.  For the last two years, I've written gushy odes to Harry's character, which you can find here and here. This year, I figured I'd gushed enough so I'll just say: Happy Birthday Harry and thank you for changing my life. You will always be my favorite hero ♥ And Happy Birthday to our Queen J.K. Rowling for creating a legendary story that will live on for ever.

*Special thanks to Mel for sending me this on my birthday.*


  1. Hahaha! I can't believe you didn't really like the movies at first. I find that hilarious. Thankfully, I had already started reading the books before the movies came out. I saw The Hobbit play when I was little but didn't become a LoTR fan until after I already loved Potter. I agree about the Half Blood Prince movie, but I think a lot that was missing for me was the Order of the Phoenix helping to fight at the Astronomy Tower and Bill being hurt...all of that. How Harry so staunchly saved some Felix for his friends so they could get through the fight. I'm glad to see you feel like a mixture of Hermione and Luna as well. I think I have some Ginny in me but only on special occasions. My whole family is redheaded except my mom, sis, and me. My son is also a redhead so I've always been a huge Weasley fan. The time-turner would come in handy so much! There are always so many things to accomplish in a day. I think Professor Binns would also be a terrible teacher. History is already hard for me to get into unless someone makes it entertaining. I would probably sleep a lot in that class. I love Butterbeer! It's butterscotch deliciousness :D Umbridge is my most hated character as well. I can just see you curled up in the Gryffindor common room reading a good book with Nox by your side! Love the post <3

    1. I know, I's so embarrassing. I've always been big on comparing things and well since I was hardcore into LotR....nothing would have compared regardless. BUT I should have started with the books. Hello! Oh I agree with you too: there is WAY too much missing in OotP and that makes me angry too. Especially Dumbledore and Harry's end of term chat here. But with HBP, it's not just what was missing, it's the shift in tone that aggravates me to no end.

      Yup, I'd say bookish as Hermione but moony like Luna (with some Weasley fire) seems to sum it up haha! I didn't know all your family were redheads?! Weasley Pride! And I agree: history needs to come alive and well, seeing as Binns is dead O.O YES butterscotch is the best :D

      Awww you image of me curled up in the Gryffindor common room with a good book and Nox on my lap is perfection ♥ Thanks Jaclyn^^ xx

  2. This is fun. 8 rereads? Wow it's awesome that you still like them after that many times. I took one of those quizzes once and got Gryffindor but TBH I'm not really sure what house I'd be. Probably that one. :) And a potions class- I probably wouldn't be very good at it either but it would be fun to make stuff. :)

    1. Oh yes, obsessed with Potter is the real deal around here ;)

  3. Yay, you did your HP Profile! I love that you named your cat Nox, that's an amazing cat name! Umbridge is my least favorite character for sure and I just keep thinking about how much I hated her in Order of the Phoenix. Now all I can think is, you think you hate her now, wait until Deathly Hallows. She only gets worse!!
    Okay, I think we Harry Potter Month people should start our own Quidditch team. We've got you as Seeker, Christina as a Beater, Jaclyn as Keeper, and I'd be a Chaser. Everyone else can fill in the blanks!

    1. Thanks Alex^^ yeah since he's a black cat and Nox means the opposite of Lumos...I couldn't resist ;) OMG you're right: Umbridge DOES get worse in DH! At least then we don't get SO MUCH of her though O.O Awww I LOVE your idea for us starting a Quidditch Team :D I wonder if we could come up with a way to 'play' during the next HPMonth?!

  4. LOL at being spooked by flying Voldy! It really was terrifying! I was on edge for the entirety of DH, constantly worried about the fates of so many characters, lol. LMFAO at your answer to Favorite Character! XD Please sign me up for a Time-Turner as well; life would be sooo much easier if they were real!

    1. LOL! I laugh at it now but man I got really paranoid and had to run to bed...I couldn't deal O.O As for my favorite character, well there's just no other way to say it quite so eloquently LMFAO! Time Turner, TARDIS...I'll take anything but being a Witch/Time-Lord sounds spectacular :D

  5. Ha- I loved this. I am feeling very nostalgic today about my Harry Potter experiences. I have been slowly listening to the audio books and just finished OotP last week and I just just finished The Cursed Child about an hour ago. I have all the feels right now.

    1. Thanks Sara, I am too - I've been rereading the series for the first time since 2011 (on audio too!) and my love affair with the series has become even stronger for it ♥ Still waiting on The Cursed Child though...le sigh.

  6. Ooh, this is a complex list!

    Hmm, my favourite subject would be Transfiguration or Herbology, I think. I think I'd also pick Ancient Runes, since I'm a real life translator. :)

    And I would NOT play quidditch, I'm HOPELESS with sports, especially the ones that require hand-eye coordination (I'm a really good swimmer, though :D).

    And I'm a proud Gryffindor, no matter what the tests say. Always have been. :)

    1. I think Transfiguration would be brilliant once you got the hang of it - especially with McGonagall at the helm :) Oooh Ancient Runes: nice one!

      I kind of suck at sports too my friend but I have a feeling I'd do ok as a Seeker.


  7. I got Wampus in my Ilvermorny sorting XD. And I'm a proud Ravenclaw ♥ I love the story of how you discovered HP ^^ If only 2006 you knew what she was getting into, haha! I also want to reread the series so bad! It’ll have to wait after I’m done with uni though *sigh*

    “Harry finally understanding EVERYTHING!” Oh yeah, he does! Harry is also my favorite character. My favorite book is a tie between the 3rd and the 4th. Movie-wise, it’s the first one, largely because of nostalgia. I think the characters I mostly identify with are Luna and Neville XD.

    You share a birthday with Lupin?! How cool is that!!! Also, your cat has no idea how lucky he is :D

    Awesome post as always Micheline ^^

    1. Cool! LOL thank you, it's kind of embarrassing to me considering how much of an obsessed fan I am now...goes to show you should always read the books first!

      I know what you mean, I basically stopped reading for fun when I was in was actually HP that got me back into it!

      YAY! I love talking with someone else who loves Harry as much as I do - he's SO underappreciated and it annoys me LOL! Awww Luna and Neville :)

      Yup! It's one of my proudest fandom things - and well my cat is pretty spoiled beyond named after a HP spell so he *might* have a little idea how lucky he is hehehe! Thank you my friend! xx


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