Friday, July 1, 2016

Harry Potter Month: House Cup

3rd Annual Harry Potter Month
Hosted by Faith @ Geeky Zoo Girl and Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews
As you may have heard, Faith & I are hosting Harry Potter Month 3.0 - throughout the month of July, we'll celebrate all things Harry Potter! Your content can be pretty much anything, as long as it relates to the Harry Potter fandom in some way. There's still time to join up so feel free to visit our announcement post and comment here to join.

If you're here, I take it that you want to participate in The House Cup! Both Faith and I have matching House Cup posts up today so you can sign up on her post or mine.  The House Cup is where anyone who wants to participate in Harry Potter Month chooses their House and then your participation in Harry Potter Month will earn your House points. The House with the most points at the end of July wins the House Cup! So here's how it works:

  1. Post a comment below with which House you'd like to be in (we'll list those already sorted into their Houses below).
  2. Have fun doing any of the tasks below.
  3. Come back to Faith OR my POST as often as you like and comment with the points you've earned and we'll add them to your Houses total weekly.
  4. Once a week we'll recap the points and who's in the lead and then on August 2nd, we'll announce the House Cup Winners.
  5. Have fun!
Enough with the rules, just tell us how to earn points!

- Read Harry Potter fanfiction: 1 point per chapter (let us know which in the comments!)
- Leave a comment on any Harry Potter month post: 2 points
- Watching a HP documentary: 3 points
- Write HP fanfiction: 5 points per chapter
- Watch one of the films: 5 points
- Reading one of the Hogwarts Library/Companion books: 6 points
- Post as part of Harry Potter month: 10 points
- Take part in HP Moment of the Week: 10 points
- Make a Harry Potter craft/recipe: 15 points
- Host a giveaway: 15 points
- Read one of the books: 20 points

** Tasks can be combined (within reason!) E.g.  If you write a fanfiction chapter (3 points) and then post about it (10 points), you can combine to get 13 points overall (but you can’t post four times about the same fanfiction chapter and claim the points four times!) **

How do I update my points?

Just leave a comment below with your name, house and any points you’ve earned since you last commented.  Something like this would do perfectly:

Micheline, Gryffindor
6 comments = 12 points
1 post = 10 points
Both mine and Faith's House Cup posts will be the place to leave your points as you earn them, so bookmark one of them for easy reference.  We'll each take turns every week and tally the points as we go, so everyone stays up to date!  No cheating by posting the same points on both blogs though please, let's keep this fair and fun for everyone ;)

 Is there a prize?

One participant will win a book of their choice (up to £10) from The Book Depository (assuming you’re in one of the countries they deliver to) OR a £10 gift card – their choice.  For every house point you earn, you’ll get one entry into the prize draw.  You can sign up for the cup until the 24th of July, and you’ve got until midnight BST on the 1st of August to comment with your points for them to count.  We'll announce the winner on August 3rd via Twitter and/or email.


Gryffindor Total: 770
Micheline -424
Amanda -219
Nori -127

Hufflepuff Total: 549
Alex -549

Ravenclaw Total: 920
Jaclyn  -388
Farida -236
Lee -296

Slytherin Total: 597
Faith  -126
Sarah  -32
Christina -389
Lola -  50

*Someone suggested we add a Linky to the master posts here, so that people can easily hop around from here as well as from the schedule, so that you’re in the same place to collect your points once you’ve commented. Both Faith and I have the same Linky up so no need to post on each blog! Please add your HP month posts below but make sure you’re linking directly to a post though, to make it easy for people to keep track of what they’ve commented on already etc*


  1. I would like to be a Slytherin!

    1. Ahhh Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness ;) Excellent!

  2. Ravenclaw please! Hufflepuff is 2nd option. YAY :D

  3. Hufflepuff checking in! *laces fingers and stretches out arms* Let's do this.

    1. Glad you were able to find the time to join up my friend^^ Hufflepuffs are cool :)

  4. I strongly associate myself with Ravenclaw)

  5. Please sign me up for Ravenclaw! :D

    Also have a points update, lol:
    1 post (My HP Profile) = 10 points
    1 comment (Christina's The Magic of HP Covers Part 1) = 2 points

    Looking forward to another fun event this year- yay! :D

    1. Done my friend! Look at you go, we'll update the points in about a week :D Well done! xx

  6. I have some points to report :D

    1 post (Cursed Child & spoiler-free pre-read discussion) = 10 points.

    2 comments (Christina's The Magic of HP Covers Part 1 and Lee's HP Profile) = 4 points.

  7. I signed up on Faith's post as Slytherin and I've got some points to log.

    1 post (Magic of HP Covers pt. 1) = 10 Points
    1 comment (Farida's Cursed Child & spoiler-free pre-read discussion) = 2 points

    1. Perfect! I added you to Slytherin (since Faith is on Holiday at the moment) and your points have been recorded :)

  8. 1 post (Magic of HP Covers pt 2) = 10 points
    3 Comments (Lee's HP Profile, Farida's HP Stuff I'm Looking Forward To, and your HP Bucket List) = 6 points
    5 Chapters of fanfic (Wandering Wonderer) = 5 points

    Total = 21 points

  9. 1 post = 10 points
    2 comments = 4 points

    Total = 14

  10. Lee (Ravenclaw)
    1 post (I Love Being a Ravenclaw) = 10 points
    4 comments (your HP Fictional Bucket List, Farida's Cursed Child & Spoiler-Free Pre-Read Discussion & HP Stuff to Look Forward to, Christina's The Magic of HP Covers Part 2) = 8 points

    Total = 18 points

  11. Jaclyn (Ravenclaw)

    9 comments = 18 points
    (The Magic of HP Covers Part 1, My HP Profile, Cursed Child & Spoiler-Free Pre-Read Discussion, HP Stuff to Look Foward to, Harry Potter Fictional Bucket List, The Magic of HP Covers Part 2, I Love Being a Ravenclaw, Harry Potter and the Identity Crisis, and The Most Memorable HP Revelations Part 1)

  12. Alex (Hufflepuff)

    2 blog posts (Identity Crisis, Ilvermorny Sorting) = 20 points
    6 comments = 12 points
    (your Bucket List, Lee’s HP Profile, Christina’s Magic of the HP Covers Part 1 and Part 2, Farida’s Cursed Child pre-reading discussion, and HP stuff she’s looking forward to)

    Total = 32 points

  13. Farida (Ravenclaw)

    1 post - 10 points
    3 comments - 6 points

    Total = 16 points

  14. Jaclyn (Ravenclaw)

    HPMotW post = 10 points
    5 comments = 10 points
    (Christina's HPMotW, Amanda's HPMotW, Alex's HPMotW, Micheline's HPMotW, and Alex's Ilvermorny sorting post)

  15. This looks like too much fun to pass up! I've needed a kick in the pants to start posting more on my progress through Harry Potter anyway.

    Amanda (Gryffindor)

    1 HP MOTW = 10 points
    1 comment = 2 points
    1 film (PoA) = 5 points

    Total = 17 points

    1. Welcome aboard Amanda and *high five* for my fellow Gryffindor! I'm usually all by myself so it feels good to have a House Mate :) I'll be tallying up the points tomorrow but I've added you to the roster.

    2. Thanks, Micheline! I figure, for my first year, might as well go with the classic. ^_^

  16. Lee (Ravenclaw)

    HPMotW post = 10 points
    5 comments = 10 points (HPMotWs: yours, Jaclyn's, Alex's, Amanda's, Christina's)

    Total = 20 points

  17. Farida (Ravenclaw)

    I'm also reading 3 HP books at the same time:D I swear I'm not joking!

    Philosopher's Stone for my Reading Club on Saturdays;
    Chamber of Secrets with my Advanced students to boost their English;
    Deathly Hallows in Ukrainian to boost my Ukrainian;

    Some might say that's a lot of HP books at the same time - but not for me!

    1. Ok well comment back when you finish any one of those to collect the points for reading one (or more) of the books :)

      And I agree: that's not too much, it's awesome!!

  18. Alright gang! It's Friday and our first week of HP Month is in the books. I've tallied up all of the points from comments above mine here^^ Any additional points will go on next week's update!

    While I'm here, I'll claim my own points so it's official:

    Micheline (Gryffindor)

    2 Posts (HP Bucketlist and HPMotW) = 20

    Comment on Lee's HP Profile (2), Christina's HP covers (1 and 2) (2+2=4) Farida's Cursed Child (2) & HP Stuff to look forward to (2), Lee's Ravenclaw post(2), Alex's HP Identity Crisis (2), Alex Ilvermorny Sorting (2) = 16

    HPMotW Comments: Christina (2), Lee (2), Faith (2), Alex (2), Jaclyn (2) = 10

    20+16+10 = 46

  19. We really need another more Hufflepuff to help Alex collect all those points!

    1. Agreed! Last year I think there were 2 or 3 Hufflepuffs but this year she's flying solo!

    2. I agree, I was just thinking welp I guess be rep'ing Hufflepuff all by myself this year.
      Come on Hufflepuffs where are you?!

    3. I was totally solo repping Gryffindor on my first year and it was kind of lonely. I hope we lure some more Puffs in!

  20. Christina (Slytherin)

    1 HP:MotW post = 10 points

    5 HP:MotW comments (Alex, Lee, Jaclyn, Faith, and your posts) = 10 points

    2 comments (Lee's I love being a Ravenclaw & Alex's HP Identity Crisis) = 4 points

    Total = 24 points

  21. Jaclyn (Ravenclaw)

    1 post = 10 points
    (House Elves: Films vs. Books - Part 1)
    5 comments = 10 points
    (Lee's HPMotW, Faith's HPMotW, Christina's 4 Reasons to be Excited for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, Alex's Notable Quotable, Farida's The Most Notable HP Revelations Part 2)

  22. Lee (Ravenclaw)

    1 post (The Hilarity of Fred & George Weasley) = 10 points
    5 comments = 10 points (Jaclyn's House Elves: Films vs. Books Part 1, Christina's 4 Reasons to be Excited for Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them,
    Alex's HP Profile & Notable Quotable: Sorcerer's Stone, Farida's The most memorable HP revelations, part 2)

    Total = 20 points

  23. Farida (Ravenclaw)

    2 posts = 20 points
    4 comments = 8 points

    Total = 28 points

  24. I'm back and hoping to spend the week catching up a bit :D

    Faith (Slytherin)

    5 comments = 10 points
    (Christina's cover post, Farida's post on HP things to look forward to, Lee's HP profile, Micheline's fictional HP bucket list, Jaclyn's house elf post)

    Total = 10 points

    1. Welcome back and enjoy catching up on all the Potter-things ♥

  25. Christina (Slytherin)

    1 post (4 Reasons to be excited for Fantastic Beasts) = 10 points
    9 comments (Jaclyn's House-elf post, Lee's Fred and George post, Farida's HP book set and HP Revelations 1 & 2 posts, Alex's Notable Quote and Ilvermorny Sorting posts, Amanda's HP Progress and Things she'd change in 3rd movie posts) = 18 Points

    Total = 28 points

  26. Alex (Hufflepuff)

    4 blog posts (HPMotW #81, Notable Quotable #122, My HP Profile, and In Case of Dementors...) = 40 points
    Craft (Chocolate wraps) = 15 points

    Total = 55 points

    I'll be MIA for the rest of the week, but I've got some posts lined up! So they'll be there even if I won't. I'll link them when I get back from vacation. :D

    1. Enjoy your vacation my friend! Sounds good to me :D

  27. Lee (Ravenclaw)

    1 post = 10 points (If Filch Used a Planner)
    5 comments = 10 points (your Favorite Ships in Harry Potter, Amanda's Harry Potter Progress, Farida's My Old HP Book Set Is Finally Complete & Revisiting J.K. Rowling's Old HP Website, Jaclyn's House Elves: Films vs. Books Part 2)

    Total = 20 points

  28. Sarah (Slytherin)

    1 Comment: 2 Points
    1 Book Read: 20 Points

    Total: 22 Points

  29. Oh, this comes at such a great time, since I was planning on rereading all HP books! May I be added to the Slytherin badass house? :D

    1. I'll add you straight away Lola :D Welcome aboard!!

    2. We Slytherin badasses are thrilled to have you on the team Lola!

  30. Christina (Slytherin)

    1 Movie (Sorcerer's Stone) = 5 points
    1 post (Thoughts about the HP Illustrated Edition) = 10 points
    4 Comments (Farida's Revisiting Rowling's Old Website, Jaclyn's House-Elves part 2, Lee's If Filch Used a Planner, and your Favorite Ships post) = 8 points

    Total = 23 points

  31. Faith (Slytherin)

    1 post (my HP profile) = 10 points
    Reading fanfiction (ch 1-25 of Potions & Unforseen Urges) = 25 points
    Reading fanfiction (ch 58 & 59 of Eros & Psyche) = 2
    Reading fanfiction (ch 1-30 of Must Love Quidditch) = 30

    [Can you tell I've spent my day off procrastinating on my phone when I should be working on a paper?!]

    Total = 67 points

    1. hahahah Oh no! Well time spent with HP is never wasted ;) Though I do wish you good luck with your paper!

  32. Amanda (Gryffindor)

    2 posts (Harry Potter Progress*, Thirsty Thursday feat. HBP) = 20 points
    1 HPMOTW (Ginny Moments) = 10 points
    2 comments (Micheline's HPMOTW, Jaclyn's HPMOTW) =4 points

    Total = 34 points
    *I submitted this link last week, but forgot to add points for it, so I don't know if it still counts. :P

    1. It'll definitely still count Amanda! No worries :)

  33. Jaclyn (Ravenclaw)

    12 comments = 24 points (Micheline's Favorite Ships, Farida's HP Book Set Complete, Amanda's HP Progress, Lee's Hilarity of Fred and George, Farida's Revisiting J.K.'s Old Site, Lee's If Filch Had a Day Planner, Micheline's HPMotW, Christina's HPMotW, Amanda's HPMotW, Farida's Centaurs in HP Universe, Faith's HP Profile, Christina's Thoughts About Illustrated)
    2 posts = 20 points (House Elves: Films vs. Books Part 2, HPMotW)

    Total= 44 points

  34. Lee (Ravenclaw)

    HPMotW post = 10 points
    6 commments = 12 points (your HPMotW, Amanda's HPMotW, Christina's HPMotW, Jaclyn's HPMotW, Christina's Thoughts About the Harry Potter Illustrated Edition, Faith's HP Profile)
    Watched 1 movie (Sorcerer's Stone) = 5 points

    Total = 27 points

  35. Christina (Slytherin)
    1 HP:MotW post = 10 points
    7 comments (Lee, Amanda, Jaclyn, and your MotW posts, Amanda’s Food/Drink Quote post, Farida’s Centaurs post, and Faith’s HP profile) = 14 points
    Total = 24 points

  36. Farida (Ravenclaw)

    2 posts = 20 points
    4 comments - 8 points

    Total = 28 points

  37. Jaclyn (Ravenclaw)

    1 post = 10 points
    (House Elves: Films vs. Books Part 3)

    2 comments = 4 points
    (Lee's HPMotW and Amanda's Food/Drink Quote from Half-Blood Prince)

    Total= 14 points

  38. Faith (Slytherin)

    1 HPMOTW post = 10 points

    Sneaking in last minute with my post!

    Total = 10 points

  39. The second House cup update is up, with all comments above this one counted! Everything else will go into next week's update :)

  40. Alright... I'm back.

    Alex (Hufflepuff)

    3 posts (Notable Quotable: Chamber of Secrets, HPMotW #82, Notable Quotable: Prisoner of Azkaban) = 30 points

    20 comments (Micheline's Favorite Ships, HP House Cup Update July 8th, HPMotW #150, Christina's 4 Reasons to be Excited for Fantastic Beasts, HPMotW #10, HP Illustrated Edition, Amanda's Harry Potter Progress, HPMotW #2, Jaclyn' House Elves parts 1 & 2, HPMotW #107, Farida's Book Set Completion, HP revelations parts 1 & 2, JK's old website, Faith's HP Profile, Lee's The Hilarity of Fred & George Weasley, I Love Being a Ravenclaw!, HPMothW #132, and If Filch Used a Planner) = 40 points

    3 day trip to the Wizarding Word of Harry Potter = ?? points (Does this count as anything/how many points?)

    Total points = 70 + Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  41. Jaclyn (Ravenclaw)

    2 years Lego HP = 20 points
    (Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets)

    11 comments = 22 points
    (Faith's HPMotW, Farida's Open Letter by Draco Malfoy, Christina's HP Profile, Micheline's Prisoner of Azkaban Feels, Faith's Book Recommendations, Alex's In Case of Dementors, Alex's HP Profile, Alex's Notable Quotable Chamber of Secrets, Alex's Notable Quotable Prisoner of Azkaban, Farida's Harry and Ginny Witch Weekly Edition, Micheline's Book Recs for Potterheads)

    Total = 42 points

  42. Lee (Ravenclaw)

    Finished Year 1 of Lego HP (Sorcerer's Stone) = 10 points

    8 comments = 16 points (Your Prisoner of Azkaban Feels & Book Recs for Potterheads, Jaclyn's House Elves: Films vs. Books Part 3 & Part 4, Christina's HP Profile, Faith's Book Recommendations for HP Characters, Alex's In Case of Dementors, Farida's Harry & Ginny - Witch Weekly Edition)

    Total = 26 points

  43. Is it too late to sign up? I'd like to be in Gryffindor, please.

    1. It's not! Welcome aboard fellow Gryffindor! :D

  44. Christina (Slytherin)

    1 Book (SS illustrated edition) = 20 points
    1 movie (CoS) = 5 points
    1 craft (c2c crochet 9 ¾ block) = 15 points
    1 post (My HP Profile) = 10 points
    6 comments (Jaclyn’s House Elf part 3 & 4 posts, your Book Recs, Alex’s Notable Quotable CoS & PoA and HP Profile) = 12 points

    Total = 62 points

  45. Nori (Gryffindor)

    4 comments (Micheline's: Bucket List, Book Recommendations, and Favorite ships and Alex's: In Case of Dementors) = 8 points

  46. Farida (Ravenclaw)

    2 posts = 20 points
    6 comments = 12 points
    The Tales of Beedle the Bard = 6 points

    Total = 38 points

  47. Christina (Slytherin)

    1 MotW post = 10 points
    3 MotW comments (yours, Jaclyn’s and Alex’s posts) = 6 points
    3 comments (Jaclyn’s HP Profile, Alex’s Notable Quotable GoF & Wand Story) = 6 points
    1 craft (Slytherin Badge) = 15 points

    Total = 37 points

  48. Alex (Hufflepuff)

    4 films: SS, CoS, PoA, GoF = 20 points
    1 book: CoS = 20 points
    3 posts (Notable Quotable: Goblet of Fire, My Wand Story, HPMotW: Character Lunch) = 30 points
    24 Comments = 48 points
    (Micheline's Book Recs for Potterheads, HPMotW: Ginny Moment, Prisoner of Azkaban Feels, and HPMotW: Character Lunch, Farida's Harry & Ginny Witch Weekly, Centaur's in the HP Universe, and Open Letter from Draco, Amanda's Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts, HPMotW: Ginny Moment, and HPMotW: Character Lunch, Christina's HP Profile, HPMotW: Ginny Moment, and HPMotW: Character Lunch, Faith's House Cup Update July 15th, HPMotW: Ginny Moment, HPMotW: When to Leave Hogwarts, and Book Recs for HP Characters, Lee's HPMotW: Ginny Moment and HPMotW: Character Lunch, Jaclyn's HPMotW: Ginny Moment, HP Profile, HPMotW: Character Lunch, and House Elves parts 3 & 4)

    Total: 118 points

  49. Amanda(Gryffindor)

    1 HPMotW = 10 points (lunch with 3 characters)

    16 comments = 32 points (Magic of HP Covers 1&2, My HP Profile, HP stuff to look forward to, Harry Potter Fictional Bucket List, I Love Being A Ravenclaw!, Harry Potter and the Identity Crisis, Most Memorable Revelations 1, My Ilvermorny Sorting, Notable Quotable: SS, 4 Reasons to be excited for Fantastic Beasts movie, HPMotW: Lunch With 3 Characters -Micheline's, Alex's, Jaclyn's (2), & Christina's)

    Total = 42

  50. Jaclyn (Ravenclaw)

    3 posts = 30 points
    (House Elves: Films vs. Books Part 4, My HP Profile, HPMotW)

    11 comments = 22 points
    (Alex's HPMotW Ginny, Alex's HPMotW Lunch Guests, Michelines HPMotW, Alex's Wand Story, Alex's Notable Quotable - Goblet of Fire, Alex's Notable Quotable - Order of the Phoenix, Amanda's Exploring Book Shelves, Alex's New Discoveries at Hogwarts, Amanda's HPMotW, Christina's HPMotW, Lee's HPMotW, Lee's Sorcerer's Stone)

    Total = 52 points

  51. Our 3rd week of HP Month is officially in the books! I've posted a points update and all the points above this comment have been updated for the week :D

  52. Lee (Ravenclaw)

    2 posts = 20 points (The Sorcerer's Stone Film: Still Magical After All This Time, HPMotW)

    2 years of Lego HP completed = 20 points (Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban)

    10 comments = 20 points (your HPMotW, Jaclyn's HP Profile & HPMotW, Alex's The Wand Story, HPMotW, Notable Quotable: OotP, & Hogwarts: A Visual Tour, Farida's PS quote, Christina's HPMotW, Amanda's HPMotW)

    1 movie = 5 points (Chamber of Secrets)

    Total = 65 points

  53. Nori (Gryffindor)

    1 post = 10 points (Harry Potter Birthday Party)

    1 crafts = 15 points (feather quill pens -in Birthday post)

    2 recipes = 30 points (2 edible potion recipes -in Birthday post)

    Total = 55 points

  54. Jaclyn (Ravenclaw)

    2 years Lego Harry Potter = 20 points
    (Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire)

    Watch Sorcerer's Stone = 5 points

    8 comments = 16 points
    (Farida's PS Quote: Hermione Loses Her Head, Alex's Hogwarts: A Virtual Tour, Alex's HP Behind the Scene Trivia Giveaway, Alex's Discussion: Hagrid vs. Chamber of Secrets, Christina's Things I Can't Wait to See in the Upcoming HP Illustrated Editions, Micheline's Why McGonagall is a BAMF, Amanda's What Studio C Taught Me About Harry Potter Part 1, Nori's Harry Potter Birthday Party)

  55. Lee (Ravenclaw)

    2 posts = 20 points (Back to School at Lego Hogwarts, EWW, Spiders: The CoS Film)
    1 year of Lego HP completed = 10 points (Goblet of Fire)
    3 comments = 6 points (Your Why McGonagall is a BAMF & Hybrid Hogwarts Houses, Christina's
    Things I Can't Wait to See in Illustrated Editions)
    1 movie = 5 points (Prisoner of Azkaban)

    Total = 41 points

  56. Jaclyn (Ravenclaw)

    10 comments = 20 points
    (Faith's My favourite fanon HP couples (Trio Era), Farida's A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter by S.P. Sipal, Micheline's Hybrid Hogwarts Houses, Amanda's Everything I Knew About Harry Potter I Learned From Studio C | Part Two, Alex's Harry Potter Book Editions, Lee's Back to School at Lego Hogwarts!, Lee's EWW, Spiders! The Chamber of Secrets Film, Farida's HP Scavenger Hunt + GIVEAWAY!, Micheline's HPMotW, Christina's HPMotW)

    HPMotW post = 10 points

    1 year Lego HP = 10 points
    (Order of the Phoenix)

    Total = 40 points

  57. Lee (Ravenclaw)

    2 posts = 20 points (EXPECTO PATRONUM! The PoA Film, HPMotW)

    5 comments = 10 points (Your HPMotW, Christina's HPMotW, Alex's HPMotW, Jaclyn's HPMotW, Farida's People Telling Jo to Stop Writing about Harry)

    1 movie = 5 points (Goblet of Fire)

    Total = 35 points

  58. Amanda (Gryffindor)

    3 Posts = 30 points(Exploring My Bookshelves+Unboxing, Studio C/HP parts 1&2)

    3 comments = 6 points (Your Favorite Ships, Old HP Set Complete, Revisiting Rowling's Old Website)

    Read Half-Blood Prince = 20 points

    Total = 56 points

  59. Christina (Slytherin)

    2 Post (Thing I Can't Wait to See in the Upcoming HP Illustrated Editions & HP:MotW) = 20 points
    4 HP MotW comments (Jaclyn, Alex, Lee, & your posts) = 8 points
    4 movies (PoA, GoF, OotP, HBP) = 20 points
    14 comments (Amanda’s Unboxing (2), Farida’s Philosopher’s Stone Quote (2), People telling Rowling to Stop Writing HP(2), and Writer’s Guide to HP (2), Lee’s SS movie post (2), Eww Spiders (2), and Lego Hogwarts (2), Alex’s New Discoveries at Hogwarts (2), Notable Quoteable OotP (2), Hogwarts Visual Tour (2), Behind the Scenes Trivia (2), Hadgrid vs the CoS (2), Your Hybrid Houses (2), and McGonagall post (2)) = 28 points
    1 Craft (Golden Snitch block) = 15 points
    2 HP Companion book (Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them and Tales of Beedle the Bard) = 12 points

    Total = 103 points

  60. Farida (Ravenclaw)

    5 posts - 50 points
    14 comments - 28 points
    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - 20 points

    Total = 98 points

  61. Faith (Slytherin)

    3 comments = 6 points
    (Amanda's HPMOTW, Nori's books for Harry Potter fans, Farida's Witch Weekly headlines)
    1 HP fanfiction oneshot = 3 points
    2 posts = 20 points

    Total = 29 points

  62. Points up to here are added and counted up :) Anything else will go into the final update!

  63. Nori (Gryffindor)

    2 comments = 4 points (Michelines' Hybrid Hogwarts Houses And Alex's Harry Potter Book Editions)

    1 post = 10 points (Books for Harry Potter Fans)

    1 film watch = 5 points (We watched the first movie at the birthday party, and oh my goodness they looked so young!)

    Total =19 points

  64. Jaclyn (Ravenclaw)

    post = 10 points
    (Why Hagrid is Amazing)

    11 comments = 22 points
    (Lee's HPMotW, Alex's HPMotW, Farida's People telling J.K. Rowling to stop writing about Harry Potter, Lee's EXPECTO PATRONUM! The Prisoner of Azkaban Film, Farida's A Thank You Post, Alex's Notable Quotable (Deathly Hallows), Alex's We have a Winner, Alex's Our Hero Neville Longbottom, Christina's Never a Ravenclaw - Always a Slytherin, Nori's Books for HP Fans, Micheline's HP Profile)

    2 crafts= 30 points
    (Happiness can be found light switch, Lumos/Nox light switch)

    3 years Lego HP = 30 points
    (Half Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows Part 1, Deathly Hallows Part 2)

    1 movie = 5 points
    (watched Chamber of Secrets)

    Total = 97 points

  65. Alex (Hufflepuff)

    12 posts = 120 points
    (Notable Quotables OotP, HBP, & DH, New Discoveries at Hogwarts, A Visual Tour, Behind the Scenes Trivia, Hagrid vs Chamber of Secrets, Book Editions, HPMotW: Quirrell's Impact, Our Hero: Neville Longbottom, We Have a Winner, and Dear J.K. Rowling)

    5 films = 25 points
    (Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows 1 & 2, and Sorcerer's Stone (mom insisted that we watch it. Who was I to say no?! ;)

    1 book = 20 points
    Illustrated Sorcerer's Stone

    1 giveaway = 15 points
    Behind the Scenes Trivia

    2 crafts = 30 points
    Marauders Map

    2 documentaries (fan made prequels) = 6 points
    Severus Snape and the Marauders
    The Greater Good

    29 Comments = 58 points
    (Amanda’s Exploring my Bookshelves #4, Micheline’s House Cup Update 7/23, Farida’s PS Hermione Quote, Micheline’s McGonagall is a BAMF, Christina’s Things I Can’t Wait to See in the Upcoming HP Illustrated Editions, Farida’s HP Scavenger Hunt + Giveaway!, Farida’s People telling Jo to stop writing HP, Lee’s SS Film: Still Magical, Christina’s HPMotW: Quirrell, Jaclyn’s HPMotW: Quarrel, Nori’s Harry Potter Party, Faith’s Fanfiction trio era ships, Farida’s writer’s guide to HP by S.P. Sisal, Micheline’s HPMotW: Quarrel, Lee’s HPMotW, Lee’s Back to School at Lego Hogwarts, Faith’s house cup update 7/29, Amanda's Studio C part 1 & 2, Lee's Chamber of Secrets film, Lee's Prisoner of Azkaban film, Micheline's Hybrid houses, Farida's Thank You, Farida's spoiler free Cursed Child initial thoughts, Jaclyn's Why Hagrid is Amazing, Nori's Book Recommendations for HP Fans, Christina's Never a Ravenclaw, Always a Slytherin, Faith's Marauders Era Ships, and Micheline's HP Profile)

    Total = 274 points

  66. Sarah (Slythrin)

    2 Movies: 10 points

  67. Christina (Slytherin)

    1 Post (Never a Ravenclaw, Always a Slytherin) = 10 points
    2 movies (DH pt 1 & 2) = 10 points
    1 Recipes (Pumpkin Pasties) = 15 points
    1 book (HP and the Cursed Child) = 20 points?

  68. Lee (Ravenclaw)

    6 comments = 12 points (Your HP Profile, Jaclyn's Why Hagrid Is Amazing, Farida's Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Initial (Spoiler-Free) Thoughts, Alex's Dear J.K. Rowling, Christina's Never a Ravenclaw, Always a Slytherin, Nori's Books for Harry Potter Fans )

    1. Oops, totally forgot to check the time zone; it's still July 31 where I am. If I'm too late with this points update, no problem! :D

  69. Amanda (Gryffindor)

    4 posts = 40 points (Studio C 1&2, Exploring My Bookshelves + Unboxing, Harry Potter Progress: Deathly Hallows)
    1 book = 20 points (Half-Blood Prince)
    5 comments = 10 points (HP set complete, Revisiting J.K.'s old website, favorite ships, Filch's Planner, Thought on illustrated editions)

    Total = 70 points

    Same as Lee; it's still 31st where I am, but if these are too late, no prob. ;)

  70. Nori (Gryffindor)

    First, I'm only a tiny bit concerned that past points of mine have not been counted. Maybe it's a timing thing?

    1 post = 10 points (A Good Week in Books and Happy Birthday Harry Potter!)

    1 craft = 15 points (Wand made at midnight release party-photo in A Good Week in Books 139 Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

    1 book read = 20 points (I read Cursed Child. That counts, right?)

    Total = 45 points

    1. Oh, I didn't even think about adding my wand as a craft!

    2. Sorry Nori, since Faith did the main points update posts last, I didn't have time to get to adding the points individually. I'm doing it now :)

  71. Points have been totalled, and the Final House Cup winners are soon to be announced!


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