Saturday, July 23, 2016

Harry Potter House Cup Update

Our 3rd  week of Harry Potter Month is officially in the books so it's time for another House Cup Points update! All the points have been added to the main House Cup post and I've left a comment below so everyone can clearly see where I've added up to for the week.  Any points reported after my last comment will be tallied up next week :)

So for the third week (July 16th - 22nd), the points are as follows:

In first place: Gryffindor with 195 points (!!)
In second place: Hufflepuff with 188 points (!!)
In third place: Ravenclaw with 158 points
In fourth place: Slytherin with 99 points

Bringing our totals so far to:

In first place: Ravenclaw with 491 points(!!)
In second place: Gryffindor with 351 points
In third place: Slytherin with 350 points
In fourth place: Hufflepuff with 275 points

Where the points came from this week:
  • 18 posts
  • 137 comments (WOW!)
  • 4 books read + 1 novella = 5 total
  • 8 film watched
  • 3 years of Lego Harry Potter completed
  • 2 craft
The top point earners this week was Alex with 188 points proving that the Puffs don't need any help to get the job done! Way to go Alex - wow!  Second place was me (whaa?) with 145 points.  Congrats EVERYONE for such an fantastic third week :D

With 1 week left to go so there is still plenty of time to rack up some points for your House and change the game! By the end of previous Harry Potter Months, over 1000 points had been earned so anything is possible with the final standings. Keep on keeping track of your points over on the officially House Cup Post and good luck with the last week!


  1. *wipes sweat from brow* I'm hanging in there, catching up! *cracks knuckles, stretches neck from side to side* I'm ready for the final countdown. Here we go!
    Also, Gryffindor and Slytherin are SO close! Who's going to pull ahead this week?

    1. Your hard work is paying off girl, you are killing it! Good luck :D I know right, it's exciting!!

  2. Oh, I forgot to update mine!! Can I do it here? I read book 1 and 2 and watched the first and second movie :D!!

    Congrats to Alex!!

    1. I added your points to the main House Cup Points post^^

  3. Amazing work this week, Alex! And congrats to you, too, my friend! Is it really the last week already? GAH! This month is going so fast!

    1. Thanks Lee :D I know, I can't believe it's already almost over *sniff*


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