Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday *131*

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine in which we spotlight an upcoming book release we're especially looking forward to!

Here's my pick this week:

Kingdom of Ash and Briar by Hannah West
Expected Publication: September 15 '16 by Holiday House

Bristal, an orphaned kitchen maid, lands in a gritty fairy tale gone wrong when she discovers she is an elicromancer with a knack for shape-shifting. An ancient breed of immortal magic beings, elicromancers have been winnowed down to merely two - now three - after centuries of bloody conflict in the realm. Their gifts are fraught with responsibility, and sixteen-year-old Bristal is torn between two paths. Should she vow to seek the good of the world, to protect and serve mortals? Or should she follow the strength of her power, even if it leads to unknown terrors? She draws on her ability to disguise herself as a man to infiltrate a prince's band of soldiers, and masquerades as a fairy godmother to shield a cursed princess, but time is running out. As an army of dark creatures grows closer, Bristal faces a supernatural war. To save the kingdoms, Bristal must find the courage to show her true form.

Building on homages to Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jane Austen’s Emma and the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, Hannah West makes a spectacular debut.
Fairytales and shape-shifters. One word? Brilliant. I'm already loving the sound of Kingdom of Ash and Briar! And then the mentions that the story will pay homage to Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Austen and Mulan - some hints of those homages evidenced in the blurb...what can I say: I'm sold!  I can't wait to see what Bristal does with her powers :)

What are your thoughts on Kingdom of Ash and Briar?
Dish in the comments below!


  1. Ummm this sounds awesome! I am totally sold. Awesome pick!

  2. I love shapeshifters even though I don't read a ton of those books- but just love the idea. Changing forms would be so awesome.This one definitely sounds good, and has a great cover too- love her reflection. Nice one.

  3. I'm excited for this one too! I love all the different fairy tales and stories it says it will pay homage too. Normally you only get one or two, so it should be interesting!


  4. Great pick! It sounds like an amazing book, and all the references to other amazing stories have me really intrigued.

    Sofia @ Bookish Wanderess

  5. I LOVE the sound of this book so much! totally up my alley with the shape shifting/fairy tale theme. also, it's funny because the cover of the book totally reminds me of your blog layout/theme! too cool! thanks for sharing this book this week, it's the first time I'm hearing about it!

  6. I don't think I've heard of this one! The title definitely appeals to me. I hope you enjoy this book when you get the chance to read it!

    Have a wonderful week, Micheline. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  7. I've not heard of this one before, but I agree, I love the sound of fairytales and shape-shifters! Pretty cover too, I think I'll just admire it some more :D

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. I'd read this just because of the Jane Austen reference, lol! Ooh- and it has shape-shifters, too! :D

  9. YES!! This was my WoW last week! I'm so excited! :D

    Here's my WoW!

  10. Since you saw that I was reading this on Goodreads, it should be no surprise that I've been excited for it. :P haha Awesome pick, Micheline!!! :D


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