Monday, June 27, 2016

Harry Potter Month Returns!

Announcing: the 3rd Annual Harry Potter Month 

Harry Potter Month RETURNS!

Faith launched Harry Potter Month back in July of 2014 and it was a great success ~  Last year, she invited me on to co-host for the second year running, and well. we had an absolute blast!  It should come as no surprise to any of you that we're teaming up again to bring you our 3rd Annual Harry Potter Month!

So what is Harry Potter Month?

Harry Potter Month is a month-long celebration of all things Harry Potter. We hold it throughout July to coincide with Harry's birthday on July 31st. Here is how you can participate:

1. Posting Harry Potter related content on your blog throughout July.
2. Participating in the House Cup and earning points for your House in the hopes of winning the House Cup.

You may chose to participate in one of those two ways, or both ways, it's up to you.

As far as post content on your blog, you can post about ANYTHING that relates to the Harry Potter fandom. Here are popular examples:
  • Reviews (or re-reviews) for the books or films (or both!)
  • Comparisons between the books and films
  • Character spotlights
  • Inspired by Harry Potter: fashion, make-up, tattoos, nails...
  • Discussion posts relating to the series
  • Harry Potter crafts, art, wallpaper, recipes, drinks...
  • Harry Potter parties, games, décor, events
  • Favorites lists - characters, quotes, ships, scenes
  • Fanfic - share your favorites or write your own!
  • The Harry Potter Moment of the Week meme hosted by me here @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews will also count here so keep 'em coming and/or feel free to join up!
*If you just want to participate without posting on your blog, you could do so by rereading the books, rewatching the films and/or commenting on other people's posts. 

How does The House Cup fit into all of this?

You chose what House you want to be sorted into, and any form of participation will earn your House points. Posting HP related content, rereading the books, rewatching the films, crafting, parties, events...all of it!  Also keep track when you comment on other Harry Potter related content, as your comments will earn points towards the House Cup as well! On July 1st both Faith and I will be posting the House Cup/Harry Potter Month kick off post - complete with possible points to be earned, a linky to share all your HP-related content and  with further instructions on how to claim your House and points as we go :) I can tell you one thing: it's going to be brilliant!

How to get involved:

If you already know you want to be involved, keep an eye out for our House Cup post on July 1st. If you're still not sure, well you have until July 1st to decide! This year we won't be posting up a schedule in advance, you can just post what you want, when you want. Just remember to add your posts to the linky on July 1stand to comment on either mine or Faith's House Cup to claim your points as you go. Also?  Please keep in mind that there is NO MINIMUM INVOLVEMENT. Post however much you want to, depending on what works with your life and your schedule in July.

So far, I'm planning on rereading the series so if anyone is up for readalongs or watchalongs, let us know!  And in the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact Faith or myself at any time :)

Looking forward to seeing you in July!



  1. Oh yay! I've been looking forward to this all year! Hopefully, I can get it together. My poor blog has been severely neglected this year.

    1. Awww I love reading that Alex^^ I hope you can get it together too...ahhh, life gets in the way sometimes doesn't it?!

  2. I'm so excited! I've be looking forward to this pretty much since it ended last year :D

    1. LOL! Same here^^ We're going to have a blast :D

  3. Sounds like a good time Micheline! Can't wait for all the HP fun, it will help tide me over until the next book is out!

    1. I agree Jenny! I look forward to this event every year, but especially with The Cursed Child coming up!!

  4. WHEEEEE!!! When HP Month ended last year I told myself I was going to start thinking of ideas for the next one because I had a WHOLE YEAR, and yeah . . . I got nothing, LOLOL! But- I'll figure something out because this event is too fun to miss! :D

    1. LOL! I did the same thing but in what can only be described as a MIRACLE, I actually wrote down some ideas for this year at that point. O.O There's no pressure at all my friend, participate whichever way works for you :D

  5. I really enjoyed Harry Potter Month last year and I'd love to participate more this year. Maybe I've recently posted a blog post about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - a spoiler-free pre-reading guesses and expectations discussion - can I share the link with the others once the months starts? I'd really love to know if anyone has any guesses and expectations about it. And it would be fun to compare it all once we've actually read the script, which is also out on July 31 if I'm not mistaken)))

    1. Glad to hear it Farida^^ Sure you can, I can't see why not - and that way you'll get to discuss it with other Potter-heads :D And yes, Cursed Child comes out on Harry's birthday!

  6. I'm so glad you guys are doing it again this year! Last year's HP month was so much fun and I had originally planned to participate this year as well but that was before uni started and I realized just how much work I have to do... So I'll pass on this year unfortunately :( I already had some post ideas and drafts prepared but I guess I'll just have to shelve them for next year! But I'll be definitely checking out your HP posts ^^ Have a great HP Month :D

    1. That's totally understandable Soudha^^ I'd have done the same as you! We'll miss you though and hopefully it will work out for next year :D Thank you! xxxx

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