Thursday, June 9, 2016

Harry Potter Moment #146

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Hello everyone! How are my Potterheads this morning? Did you sleep well? Dream about Hogwarts again? Yes, yes of course...we always dream of Hogwarts. Silly me.  Alright so today in our Wizard World adventures, we're pitting two brothers from different mothers against one another, in a horribly cruel way...but anyway:

Would you rather be friends with Ron or Harry?

This is an IMPOSSIBLE question. I love them both, and they're friends. Why do we want to separate them? Who comes up with these questions anyway?! Oh...that's was me >.<

Ok so, in a perfect world I would more or less be Ginny. So I guess that means I'm dating Harry and Ron's sister. Soooo..basically? I rock. But seriously, that means I'd be friends with both (If by ''friends'' you mean hooking up with the Chosen One and having the other one as an annoying but loveable older bro, then yes I'd be friends with both.)

If I can't be Harry's girlfriend (because Ginny exists and I am me - le sigh.), I'd take being his friend though. I just want to be around the guy, as much as possible ok? Because I honestly think Harry is the coolest. Yes he's brave and heroic but he's also sassy and he loves his friends more than anything ♥

Being friends with Ron would be awesome too though. You get to hang out at The Burrow - aka THE DREAM - and maybe get a nice sweater on Christmas. Ron's funny too and braver than people give him credit for. In any case, I like to think that if I was friends with Harry, Ron would come with the package. Kind of like what happened with Luna :)

''Would you rather'' scenarios are too hard.
Which would you pick?


  1. LOVE your answer- "I would more or less be Ginny." XD That really is the ideal scenario, isn't it? That is brilliant!

    1. LOL!, there was just no way to avoid thinking that XD I adore Harry but I really like Ron too - so being Ginny solved all my issues!

  2. Who comes up with these?!? LOL I would love to be Ginny as well. She does have the life!! I agree that being friends with Harry should give you an automatic in to Ron as well. Then you just have the best of both worlds.

    1. Bahahahah XD Ginny is literally perfect and so is her life. Growing up a Weasley and then hooking up with Harry - THAT'S THE DREAM ♥


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