Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #43

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish which features a variety of bookish top ten lists!

Top Ten Bookworm Delights

1. Pre-ordering books. That giddy little feeling when you check your favorite book site and see that you can officially pre-order a coveted new release or sequel. I get chills just thinking about it.
2. Discovering an older book and having it become a new favorite. There's nothing quite like going back to older gem that you've never read before and being completely swept away until you turn the last page and go: I finally get what the fuss was all about.

3.When a beloved author announces plans for a new book. Sometimes an author's style just clicks with you so you know that you'll love whatever they put out next!
4.When the next installment in a beloved series gets an official title/release date/cover. The thrill of realising that, with a release date/title/cover, the books release date is finally getting closer. Eeep! Fun fact: my past two birthdays have been marked with ToG news. In 2015 we got the cover for QoS and this year we got an official title for ToG5: Empire of Storms :O

5. Rereading favorite books/series. I've gotten out of the habit of this one, but one I've vowed to start up again this year! I plan on celebrating HP Month this July with a long overdue HP series reread :D
6. Getting an email notification that a coveted pre-order book has shipped out. Further to my first point, getting that long awaited email saying that a long-awaited pre-order is finally on it's way to you. Heaven. 
7. Becoming so engrossed in a story that you forget to do things like eat and sleep. Nothing quite beats the feeling of a book that consumes your mind, body and soul so completely that you cease to function as a normal human being. I am one with my book.

8. Finding a home for a new favorite book on your shelves. Making room for your new pretty. Setting it down in it's new spot. Staring at it in contentment. *Sigh*
9. Getting/organizing a new bookshelf/bookcase. I'm overdue on this one personally but I never forget the thrill of putting all your books on that crispy new bookcase and basking in it's glory.
10. Snuggling up indoors with a good book and a warm cup of tea on a rainy/snowy day. #bliss

What are some of your favorite bookish delights?



  2. Pre-ordering books is always exciting, especially when you get them on the day they are released, or earlier. :D Great Top Ten!
    My TTT.

  3. haha yes! Pre-Ordering books is like a secret delight of mine. I try to limit myself doing so only at the start of the year because otherwise I get carried away and inundate myself with books down the track. And I'm 99.8% sure that there is nothing better than a rainy day and the time to just READ.

  4. Rereading series and organising bookshelves both nearly made it onto my list. I got a new bookcase recently and lost a day to reorganising shelves and floor-piles ;-)

  5. Great list! I like having a whole day just to read, it's pretty rare but that's the best. And hearing a new book is coming from a favorite author- that's pretty sweet as well. The anticipation... :)

  6. So Amazon has kind of rained all over #6 with what I'm going to call The Great Raven King Debacle of 2016. XD But- a big YES to all of the other bookworm delights on your list! #7 is totally me, especially when I'm reading a ToG book. I know we've laughed before about me nearly being late for work more than once because I got so involved reading I lost track of the time, lol.

  7. Love this list! And what's even better with #1 is when you preorder and forget about it (which happens more often than I'd care to admit, when you have preorder a lot) so then it shows up as a "surprise" :D

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. Oh man, these are all so perfect!! I considered participating in TTT this week, but couldn't really think of 10 things - but damn! These would be the ten things I'd post if I was smart enough to think of them! :D I think the one that absolutely tops my list of bookish delights is the magical feeling of number 7: "I am one with my book" <3<3

  9. Aw, love the gif at the end! It's so true. I really love diving into a good book when the weather isn't that great. It's also wonderful to find an older title and just fall in love!!


  10. You just listed basically all my favourite things about books. Seriously. Though I think my #1 would have to be visiting so many amazing and magical worlds every time I open the pages.

  11. Great list! I have definitely got out of the habit of rereading which makes me sad because I used to love going back to old favourites! It's just hard when you have such a large pile of new books to read all the time!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/top-ten-tuesday-54/

  12. I love this list and agree with every single one! Being a bookworm is fun.

  13. That's so funny! My birthday is the time that the books have been coming out. For this one, I got a signed copy on my birthday because it had just been released. I love that you get the pertinent news about it for your's!

  14. YES to everything on this list! Especially the last one, and bonus if it involves kitty cuddles! :D

  15. I have to agree with them all! The problems of a bookish person!! lol


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