Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #33

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish which features a variety of bookish top ten lists!

Top Ten Resolutions I Have For 2016

1. ReRead

Before blogging, I used to reread whenever I felt like it.  Since I started blogging, my rereads have pretty much been non-existent.  I have a bunch of favorites just begging to be reread, so I'm hoping that 2016 will bring back rereads for me!

2. Keep listening to audiobooks

I discovered audiobooks in 2015 and my life has been forever changed! While audiobooks can be hit-and-miss depending on the narrator, I've been largely successful so far and I want to keep the trend going.

3. Read the books I already own

This one is being carried over from last year.  What with attending BEA three years in a row, my tbr shelf has gotten wildly out of control. I'm trying to add less books on my GR TBR shelf so I can focus on reading what I already spent money on.

4. Spend less money books

This ties into #3 a bit.  Reading the books I already own + borrowing audiobooks through the library means I can save actually BUYING for books I've already read/listened to OR getting those coveted sequels.

5. Read outside of my comfort zone more often

Well: in 2014, I read a grand total of two contemporaries. It doesn't sound like much but I was super proud of myself and hoped this would lead to expanding my bookish horizons. In 2015? I also read two contemporary. Granted, out of those four, two have been 5* reads and one was a 4* Despite those positive odds, I didn't read more...so I need to fix that.

6. Write more discussion posts

After years of debate, I finally started writing discussion posts last year and I'm hoping to continue with that.  Even though sometimes I feel like everything has been discussed before, there are topics that feel like they require my two-cents.

7. Discover some new blogs

In the past, I've focussed on my favorite bloggers first, and then the rest of the bloggers I follow. In 2015 though, a lot of my favorites bloggers either stopped blogging, or stopped being as active. Which leads to me spending hours chatting up people who just don't chat back.  And that's ok! But I need more bookish chats in my life. So I'll be hunting out new kindred spirits ( Never fear: I won't stop visiting my favorites though ♥)

8. Finish some of the many series I have on the go

Like most bloggers, I have a lot of series on the go. In 2015, I did a good job of working through any new series I started so I hope to finish off some more in '16!

9. Start reading French books again

Most of you know that I grew up French and speak French with all my family and most of my friends. However, I don't read French books anymore. I used to and of course, I was forced to in all my French classes in school and Uni, but I'd like to rediscover French literature...and maybe discover a few new French Fantasy reads too.

10. Read more classics

I feel like, by being forced to read BORING classics in school, I missed out on some legit pieces of literature growing up. Especially since the English Classics we did study would often be translated in French...often times, translations lose some of their original meaning or tone, which can seriously impact your appreciation for them.  Bottom line: I need to discover solid classics of English Lit.


  1. I didn't know you could read French/grew up French! I wish all those years learning French in school actually stuck; my Italian (and even my Spanish), which I learned more recently, is much much better than my French :3

    I like your logic re: #4, I decided to go with a book buying ban instead in efforts of getting through my TBR pile and save money, but that makes sense too.

    I was actually just commenting on another blog how perhaps I should consider doing discussion posts. It's something I never actually done on my blog before...

    Best of luck with your resolutions this year, Micheline! :) My TTT

  2. I really love your goals. I'm hoping to get to some more classics read this year as well. There are so many out there that I would like to re-read and some new ones that I would love to get to. Good luck with all your goals for the year!

    My TTT

  3. You've got some fantastic resolutions listed here! Quite a few are ones that I have for myself, even though I didn't list them directly. For example - Write more discussion posts and read more books that I already own!

    Good luck to you on your resolutions and Happy Bookish New Year! Auggie's TTT

  4. I hardly re- read anymore either, and when I was younger I re- read all the time! And contemps- I branched out and read some contemporaries in 2015, and liked them. So yeah... that was a surprise! :)

    I need to use the library more too...

  5. Numbers 3 and 5 are my weak points! I'll buy books, and then I'll go to the library for some book I simply can't resist at that moment. And I also want to read outside of my comfort zone. Fantasy is my favorite genre, and I usually stick to that, plus some historical fiction. But I want to read more contemporaries, as well as some sci-fi!

    Good luck with your resolutions!

  6. Great list! I also want to write more discussion/articles, though I didn't include that on my TTT. Have a great week!

  7. I try to have one re-read month every six months or so where I spend time going back over those books I just want to give a second go through. I agree with you on the finishing series one. That's a goal I definitely need to have this year. There are a ton of series that I've started that I need to catch up on. I am also trying to go through the books already on my shelf. My budget is pretty tiny right now so it's more of necessity, but I'm finding gems in the pile :D Good luck!

  8. I share a lot of these resolutions! I've read horrifyingly low number of classics (exactly 2 haha). Audiobooks are something I've only just gotten into very recently but I do want to continue with them. The number of series I need to continue and refresh my memory of means I'll also be rereading a lot haha

  9. These are all such great resolutions! I'm also carrying over tackling books I already own from last year, which is going to be tough looking at all of the awesome releases that are slated for 2016, lol. Good luck with all of these, Micheline! :D

  10. This is a great list! I really love the audiobooks one. I finally started listening to audios in 2015 as well and it was a complete game changer! And I need to finish a ton of series too and stop starting a bunch of new ones instead haha. Good luck with your resolutions!

  11. Some great goals you have here! #1 is also I problem I have, I used to reread a lot before blogging, but since I started blogging, my rereads have become virtually non-existent.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/top-ten-tuesday-38/

  12. Such fantastic goals Micheline! I really want to finish more of the series I've started too, and I need to read more out of my comfort zone as well. I did a bit last year with some graphic novels, but I hope to do more this year. Maybe I'll get crazy and throw an NA back in the mix. I've steered way clear of that genre for a while now!

  13. Brilliant list, Micheline! I had absolutely no idea that you grew up French - that's so cool! I'd like to read more books outside of my comfort zone this year, too, and I definitely need to get better at finishing series. Best of luck with all of your resolutions! :)

  14. You've got some great goals here! I'm going to be rereading a lot this year, and I would like to write a lot more discussion posts, too, but sometimes I feel like those take so long to write. But they usually spark a lot more debate and comments on my blog than my other posts, so that's a win! Good luck with all your resolutions, Micheline, and Happy New Year! :)

  15. Wow, our resolutions are really similar, that's awesome! Great minds ;) Blogging has made me stop rereading books too, sadly. I definitely want to make more time for them this year as well. I feel like I knew the French thing but totally forgot... in any case, that's so cool! Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions :)

  16. Yay audiobooks! Narrators are definitely a huge part of whether I can get on with an audiobook or not, but once I've found one I can get into they're great! I haven't been listening as much since I finished at uni since I haven't been driving as much, but I just finished the second Harry Dresden book, picked up on a whim because a friend recommended them and they're read by Spike from Buffy <3

    Your resolutions look great, lots of these I need to do too. Rereading - last year I re-read Harry Potter as part of HP Month but sad to say that without that I probably wouldn't have. I want to finish some more series too - I'm hoping this year to finish the first Percy Jackson series and the Reckoners series (Calamity already pre-ordered on audible!), as well as start and finish a few series like Daughter of Smoke and Bone too. Good luck with all your resolutions!

  17. Something that I like to do that helps me handle #1 and #2, is to reread my favourites via audiobook. I find that helps a lot with listening focus if I've already read the book and know what happens and it's also a great way to revisit a favourite from a different viewpoint. Anyways, these are fantastic resolutions, Micheline. I haven't made up a list of goals myself this year, but I feel like if I were to do it, this would be pretty much the list I would want to follow for myself <3

  18. Welcome to the world of audiobooks! I didn't realize 2015 was your first year of listening :D And yeah it changes your whole reading life doesn't it? Now I can't imagine not having audiobooks in my life!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  19. You have some great resolutions, Micheline!
    I was never one to reread much, so that's not new to me after I started blogging. But reading the books I own would probably take me well over a year... and still, I keep adding new books to my shelves all the time.
    I want to find some new blogs to follow, too, it's always fun to get to know new book-lovers, and like you, some of the blogs I follow have become inactive :(
    I hope you'll manage to read more contemporaries, I think that's one of my most read, actually, even if I also read a lot of fantasy and PNR and stuff :)
    Good luck in reaching these bookish goals in 2016.
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    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  20. Awesome goals! And you have so many that I didn't touch on such as wanting to reread certain boks. I am the exact same way before blogging, I'd reread whatever I wanted. After becoming a book blogger, I can't say that I've reread much since starting. I'd love to reread Harry Potter this year. Spend less money on books. I know my husband would LOVE that, too. Finishing series I started wasn't on my resolutions list, but I did mention it on my 2016 goal list. I have started way too many good series and haven't followed the rest of their books, which is such a shame. Read more classics is another tentative goal for me. I started last year. I read classic horror, classic sci-fi, classic fantasy, and classic literature, but then I got overwhelmed with other books and sort of stopped. I did start this year off right by reading The Phantom of the Opera, and I plan to read The Scarlet Letter soon.

  21. Great resolutions, Micheline!
    If you discover any good French fantasies, I would LOVE some recs, I've put "read more non-English books" on my resolutions list so I am searching for new ideas.
    I read lots of classics during my high school and university years and I loved them - but I somehow fell out of habit of reading them. They DO take more time and effort than modern books, that's for sure.
    And yeah, reading books I already own is on top of my priority list right now, like most bloggers I hoard them and then they gather dust.
    Good luck! :)

  22. These are all GREAT resolutions Micheline! :) I definitely want to read the books I already own! I have an entire bookshelf that needs to be read. LOL. It makes me sad because I've had them for some time now. I also really need to finish some series up. I hope by doing that challenge, I'll get some done?

    I also love doing discussion posts, but have trouble of thinking of topics that haven't already been done. You're right though- I guess it doesn't matter if it's the first time we're putting our input in!

    I also want to be better about commenting in general. I love going to other blogs and hate that I didn't do it like I wanted last year.

  23. 3. Read the books I already own --- TELL ME YOUR SECRET TO THIS ONE.


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