Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fandom Mashup #35

Fandom Mashups
Fandom Mashups is an original feature here at Lunar Rainbows Reviews.  The idea is that every week, I propose a unique fictional scenario and then build my personal dream team of five fictional characters from five different fandoms to complete the task!  Anyone is welcome to join in on the fandom fun - all I ask is that you link back to me somewhere in your post :)

Happy Sunday! How is everyone doing post-holidays?  I had a wonderfully chill week: I read, blogged, had a Wii Party where we gamed well into the night and continued my Hobbit/LotR rewatch :D  I've been filled with suspense since we teamed up some truly chilling villains last week so let's set things right:

With your team of villains poised to take over, you're going to need all the help you can get - and then some! Who are your pick of heroes to save the Universe? (Part 2 of 2)

Harry Potter

We're saving the universe, yes? So my hero is leading this mission, there's no doubt about it. Harry is braver than anyone and he never gives up, even against all odds. I feel safer already.

Aelin Galathynius

Sure Harry is my favorite, but he might be a little bit too noble for this crew of bad guys. Aelin is perfect because she's not worried about getting her hands dirty. I have a feeling we'll need that.

The Doctor

As someone who personally has experience saving UNIVERSES, The Doctor was an obvious choice. He'd be able to lighten the mood too with his clever banter which the other heroes would appreciate here I'm sure...

Lirael (Abhorsen Trilogy)

Considering how much love I have for this series, I know none of you will be surprised to find one of the heroines featured here. Granted, I debated a long time between her and Sabriel...but considering the villain I chose last time, Lirael seemed like the way to go!


I actually had someone else lined up here^^ but as I was going through my gifs, I saw this one and instantly went AANG!  Aang saved the world when he was around 14 years old. I think that alone warrants him getting a place on our team.

What do you guys think? Are my heroes a match for my villains?


  1. These all go together really well, Micheline! Well done :)
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. Thank you Lexxie^^ Have a great week and happy reading right back at you :)

  2. YES YES YES to Harry, Aelin, and Aang! I could totally picture The Doctor saying something witty to a villain before saving the day, lol. And I can't wait to meet Lirael (and Sabriel)- they both sound like such AMAZING heroines!

    1. I mean, we usually have a few characters in common but this week we outdid ourselves LOL! The Doctor would totally have some clever banter with all of these villains before taking them down :D I hope you'll adore Lirael AND Sabriel as much as I did Lee ♥

  3. Aelin and Harry would be interesting mix.

  4. I love this group! While I haven't met Lirael yet, I plan to. So wonderful to have Harry and Aelin battling together. You're right, they balance each other out nicely here with their personalities though they can both have a hot temper. Why aren't we in charge of making movies? These heroes/villains definitely need to meet up in real life!

    1. Thanks Jaclyn! I'm glad that you're planning on meeting Lirael ;) Harry and Aelin are like a dream come true to me! You're right though, you wouldn't want them to get into a temper at the same time - watch out! Oh! I wish we could make these villains and heroes come together on film too :D


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