Thursday, November 5, 2015

Let's Discuss...(4)

Let's Discuss...
Let's a new feature here on Lunar Rainbows Reviews, inspired by many of my fellow bloggers and their discussion posts.  For my posts, I'll be discussing random bookish and fandom topics.

Hi all! It's been a while since I did up a discussion post and since I was working all week and didn't have time to do up a review - or read for that matter o.O, I decided that it was time to chat with you guys about something that has plagued me all of my reading (and fangirl) life.

Comparing books to other books (or fandoms to other fandoms)

I can't help it, I've been a very comparative person and have been for as far back as I can remember. I'm always comparing books, television shows, movies and musicians and then picking favorites among them. It's like it isn't enough that I like something, my mind *has* to compare it to other things I like and then pick a favorite.  But it's more than that. Once I pick a favorite, I tend to look unfavorably at anything that I deem inferior.

Let's say book X is THE big deal of the moment and then soon after, a similar book Y starts gaining popularity. I'll either dismiss Y from the start, because NOTHING WILL EVER COMPARE TO X, or, if I'm feeling more permissive at that particular time, I'll read both X and Y but I'll automatically have a favorite. And then I'll basically bug everyone I know with: yeah, Y was good but it'll never beat X. Sigh...

And the same goes for television shows, movies, musicians and fandoms in general. If there are similarities between two things it's like my mind sees it as a competition.  There HAS to be a winner.  It's gotten me in trouble on social media in the past because I'd go on fandom forums and constantly compare a fandom to the other in favor of my favorite, much to the dismay of some of the other members. It's probably why I could never fully get into The Mortal Instrument series because it was so blatantly a Harry Potter rip-off in my eyes.  And why I stayed away from The Wolves of Mercy Falls for so long, since people were always comparing it to Twilight (unfairly in my opinion now that I've bit the bullet and read Shiver)...

I wish that I wasn't this way truth be told because I feel like it gets in the way of me enjoying lots of books. But nope, if there's a magical school, I'm thinking Potter. If there's an assassin, I'm thinking Celaena.  Vampires? Well, that used to be Twilight but now the only Vampires I like are The Originals.  Time Travel? The Doctor would have done it better. A mystery? Sherlock would have solved it. A ghost? The Winchesters would have that shit handled. And on and on it goes *groan*

Yeah. I'm a little bit crazy. So my question is: do you guys deal with constant comparing? If so, how do you cope?  And for those of you who have no clue what I've been rambling about and right at this moment are looking at your screen thinking:

Well my question for you is: HOW DO YOU DO IT?!  And before you ask:

I'm serious. I really want to know. How do you separate two similar books or television shows or movies or WHATEVER and allow yourself to enjoy both on their own merits? Share your wisdom and rational thinking with me please?


  1. I guess I don't have this problem so much because when I really love something, I want more things like it, so instead of comparing, I reassure myself that it'll be like reading the book I loved again (if it's good...). Since I don't reread, that's really the only way I can enjoy more of a particular type of book!

    1. Ahhhh yeah, I remember you mentioning that you don't ever reread. See I'm a big fan of rereading so I end up knowing stories by heart and then get annoyed if a new story is a little too 'inspired' by the other one...and even without rereading, my memory is such that I'll remember lots of details. It's a gift and a curse I guess ;)

  2. After I first read Twilight, I was of the mindset that I was never, ever, ever going to find another vampire series that I loved as much. And for a looong time, I didn't. But as I read more and more books, I started getting a better feel for what I liked as a reader, and even when a book has a similar concept to another (Shiver being a great example), so long as the book is hooking me on a few of its own merits, I can usually look the other way on its resemblance here and there to something else I've read. But, I still do struggle with automatically comparing any magic book I read to HP and any high fantasy book to A Song of Ice and Fire, so I do have my moments of weakness in trying to stay objective. XD

    1. EXACTLY^^ Agree with everything you said about Twilight. Man, Shiver was a total game-changer for both of us wasn't it?! I'm so glad that we experienced the series together ♥ Harry Potter is a big one though - I feel like any magical school story automatically gets compared with HP...and it never bodes well for the new series LOL!

  3. I'm not really one for comparing much, Micheline, and sometimes, if a book is being pushed at me saying: for those who enjoyed X and Y, you will love Z is a way to make me not want to read Z. It's as if Z can't exist on its own, and only has a place because of X and Y. Does that make sense?
    I think I compare much more when it comes to music, because if I find a sound I enjoy, after I have listened numerous times to that one band, I want more of a similar sound, and then comparisons are golden :D
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. I wish I could be like you Lexxie - sometimes, even the smallest similarities are too familiar for me and it throws me right off! I definitely get turned off by those ''if you loved X and Y, you'll LOVE Z'' types of marketing ploys too though and yes it totally makes sense :)

      Hmmmm, interesting...I don't think I ever compare when it comes to music LOL! Just books, television and movies XD

  4. It actually doesn't bother me when books are similar to books I've already loved because I typically like the newer ones too - BUT there have been exceptions. I remember reading a new series by an author I loved and the series were JUST similar enough that I kept comparing them in my head - and the new one kept losing. Ultimately, it ruined my enjoyment a little bit. Wish I had a way to avoid that, but I don't!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. I can usually deal if it's only a few similarities...especially if the similarities are taken from different sources. But when a book straight up reminds me of only one other book constantly? Yeah, the new one keeps losing for me too!


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