Thursday, November 12, 2015

Harry Potter Moment #116

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If you could change one thing in book two, what would it be?

Chamber of Secrets had a few cringe worthy moments for me - like Harry being an outcast...or Malfoy and his stupid taunting of Muggle-Borns; especially poor Hermione, calling her 'Mudblood' and what not - but I can't justify changing any of those, since they're important to the story itself. I suppose, that there is one aspect I could do without:

Gilderoy Lockhart

Because he sucks. He's just the biggest jerk and phony in the entire series. I enjoy how his storyline evolves and how the truth reveals itself, but I could do without his pretentious boasting throughout the better half of the book. 


  1. That pic is great! You know Dumbledore couldn't have felt he had any other options. I bet after Quirrell, he was thinking he needed someone in there who wasn't smart enough to be a threat LOL Great choice! He definitely wasn't a favorite of mine either.

  2. LOL at the pic! Yeah, I've always scratched my head over Dumbledore employing Lockhart, but hiring someone who was so self-involved that he didn't have time to do much else does make sense in a way, haha!


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