Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fandom Mashup #26

Fandom Mashups
Fandom Mashups is an original feature here at Lunar Rainbows Reviews.  The idea is that every week, I propose a unique fictional scenario and then build my personal dream team of five fictional characters from five different fandoms to complete the task!  Anyone is welcome to join in on the fandom fun - all I ask is that you link back to me somewhere in your post :)

Hi hi! So how's everyone's weekend going so far?  The weather has been kind of crazy around here, going from a mild and balmy +14 yesterday to frigid near-freezing temperatures today. I've got a busy work-week ahead though, so after taking a nice hike with the boyfriend, today will be dedicated to chilling like a villain ;) Moving on to our topic at hand:

You've discovered that your world has become a dystopia and you've been recruited by an elite anarchist group. Who's in the group with you?

Katniss Everdeen

I gave poor Katniss a break last week when we were facing a tyrannical leader, but I'm afraid that we really do need The Girl On Fire this week. Katniss saw here world go from terrible dystopia to something much, much worse in the blink of an eye. Through it all, she did what needed to be done to bring on a revolution.

Max Rockatansky (Mad Max)

I was sorely tempted to go with QUEEN FURIOSA because well, if you haven't seen Mad Max:Fury Road, well she's the QUEEN. (Also, what the hell are you waiting for, that movie is EPIC.) Anyway, in the end I decided to go with Max himself because when we first meet him, his world is slowly turning into a dystopia...and he watches it becomes one of the most brutal dystopias ever seen. The man is a pro for this week's setting.

John Connor

Here's another guy that has A TON of experience when it comes to Dystopias.  John Connor has been trying to make things right his entire life. He's a BAMF, he thinks on his feet and is brilliant under pressure. He also knows how to face impossible odds and still come out fighting. He'd be a serious asset for us here - and not just because of my obsession crush on Christian Bale

Lihn Cinder

Ahhh Linh Cinder, my favorite little cyborg that could...start a revolution. She DID start a revolution and that's why she made the list.  Cinder knows how to do what needs to be done. Even though she might not have wanted to get involved, she knew it couldn't be helped so she got on with it.  Cinder's clever and she doesn't give up.

David (Steelheart)

David knows how it feels when you watch your world fall, as it did for him when The Epics took over. He also knows what it's like when the odds are stacked against you, but he's brilliant enough to figure out a solution and he's incredible dedicated to the task at hand. David is going to be our man with the plan here, and he should give us the edge we need.

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  1. So I thought I had my post scheduled to go up this morning, but I totally didn't double check the time, and it was wrong- fail, lol. Katniss was an easy pick for me too this week. Gah- that reminds me- I still need to see Mockingjay Part 1! :O And enjoy your chill day! I'm going to try and take some down time in the afternoon and get some more of Forever read. :D

    1. LOL! I thought it was weird when I couldn't find your post, yours is usually up before mine :) OMG YOU MUST WATCH MOCKINGJAY#1! THE FEELS!! They're too much to bear D: Thanks lady, I'll definitely be sitting in for an hour or two of Forever this afternoon too :D

  2. Ah Katniss...She really is the person for the job. I had seen Mockingjay Part 1 already, but Zane hadn't so we watched it this weekend. Cinder too! So funny because Zane just started reading The Lunar Chronicles and I'm re-reading to prepare for Winter. I also haven't read Fairest yet so I'm wanting to throw that in there. I just love Cinder :D John Connor also an absolutely perfect choice! He's a total badass! I haven't seen Mad Max yet, but I promise to. Great picks!!

    1. Katniss fit this week's topic perfectly didn't she?! So did Cinder tbh ;) John Connor is my hero!! Oh you must see Mad Max and let me know when you do Jaclyn, I'm super curious!! Thanks xxx

  3. Katniss was a part of my team too. Oh man! Cinder is such a good choice. I didn't even think about her for this, which is strange because I've been thinking about that series nonstop for that last two weeks... (It's almost here!!!) John Connor is also spectacular. I don't know Max or David but they sound like excellent additions to the anarchist cause!

    1. How could she not be?! :D Cinder is one I've been thinking about non-stop too - I NEED to get into Winter ASAP! I've got nothing but love for John Connor ♥ And OMG you MUST see Mad Max!!! Do itttt XD

  4. Ooh, great picks! Katniss is definitely a must have! I haven't seen Mad Max yet but I've heard so many great things about it. And still haven't read anything by Sanderson *nervous laughter* *dodges tomatoes* I think I would add Lynn from Not A Drop to Drink!

    1. LOL I would never ever chuck tomatoes at you my dear^^ I would only glare and then PUSH SANDERSON into your hands XD You'll have to let me know when you do see Mad Max and agreed on Katniss :)


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