Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fandom Mashup #25

Fandom Mashups
Fandom Mashups is an original feature here at Lunar Rainbows Reviews.  The idea is that every week, I propose a unique fictional scenario and then build my personal dream team of five fictional characters from five different fandoms to complete the task!  Anyone is welcome to join in on the fandom fun - all I ask is that you link back to me somewhere in your post :)

Hello all and happy belated Halloween! My wish for you all is that you all had a wonderfully spooky fun time, whether you celebrated by partying or by staying at home with a witchy read ;) Here's our topic this week:

You've been imprisoned by an unfair and tyrannical leader for speaking your mind. Who do you hope is in there with you? For company AND to help you escape! 

Celaena Sardothien

Anyone surprised? I didn't think so. Celaena knows a thing or two about being imprisoned. And she definitely knows ALL about tyrannical leaders. I hesitated putting her on my list at all, since I feel bad for even thinking that she could be imprisoned again, but let's face it: if we want to escape, we need the Fire Breathing Bitch Queen on the inside with us ;)

Gandalf the Grey

Mind-bending powers aside, Gandalf was imprisoned too! Without his staff or access to his usual tricks. That is, until he lured a moth to him, whispered a few words, and was subsequently rescued, by flying Eagles!! Gandalf could totally entertain us while we're trapped, and get us out to boot!

Kaladin Stormblessed (Stormlight Archives)

Here's another character that I hesitated to put on the list. He's been unfairly imprisoned enough to last 12 lifetimes. But, he's got a spirit that can't be broken and now that he's fully harnessed his awesome powers, he'd be impossible to hold down. Kaladin is one of my heroes or all heroes, so if I'm going to be stuck somewhere, I'd love to have him keep me company too ♥

Harry Potter

Poor kid. Not only is he a regular staple in my weekly adventures, but now I've gone and gotten him imprisoned with me. Hear me out: you just KNOW that Harry would get us outta there in no time flat.  And well, I LOVE HIM and if I'm going to be imprisoned, I want to spend quality time with my  #1 hero!

Prince Zuko (AtlA)

There's a reason I went with Prince Zuko instead of Firelord Zuko. First, WHO could ever imprison Firelord Zuko?! Not gonna happen.  Prince Zuko on the other hand was pretty incredible when he was being held captive in that ice cell on Boiling Rock. Add that to being able to wield fire AND kick ass with dual swords. 


  1. FANTASTIC team!!! :D Celaena would bring down such wrath on that tyrant! With the combined magic of her, Harry, and Gandalf, that would be one HELL of a prison break!

    And how the bloody hell did I leave out Zuko??!!! Thank you for that glorious image of him; it has totally made my week! ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. EPIC WRATH! Our Fire Breathing Bitch Queen would take.him.down. Even without magic she's a force to be reckoned with, but with it? PLUS Harry and Gandalf?! Goodnight tyrant XD

      LOL! Well you had Aang and I have Zuko, I think we rocked it ;) Oh and you're welcome ♥.♥

  2. Fun list! With a crew like that I pity the prison that tries to hold. I haven't read the Celaena books, but Fire Breathing Bitch Queen? She must be a badass! :)

    1. LOL! Right?! We'd be busted outta there in no time :D Oh and you should really check out the Throne of Glass series, it's one of my all-time favorites :)

  3. YES TO HARRY AND PRINCE ZUKO. I mean, Harry, duh. And Zuko because 1) I think he'd be fun company and 2) he can get us out no problem. ;) I'm not sure about Calaena myself, though. I mean, she would definitely be able to get us out, but I probably won't get along with her while we're there. xD

    1. LOL! Exactly! Harry was a no brainer but I have SO much love for Zuko!! Awww I'd totally fangirl over Celaena for days but to each their own :)


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