Thursday, October 15, 2015

Harry Potter Moment #112

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Favorite McGonagall Moment

How could I possibly pick just one? From the moment she steps onto the scene Minerva McGonagall is a BAMF. First? She worries about leaving baby Harry with the Dursleys because they're the 'worst sort of Muggles imaginable'  Throughout the series she remains tough but fair, balancing wanting to win the House Cup with doing the right thing when she punishes Harry, Ron and Hermione- along with Draco for being out of bed after dark. Oh, and remember the time she went to defend Hagrid from evil Umbridge and got hit with FOUR Stunning Spells in the chest?! Yeah.  Then there was the time where she stepped in front of Harry and dueled Snape LIKE A BOSS. Woot!  Out of all of that badassness, I think my all-time favorite McGonagall moment is:

I remember thinking Harry was in for it. And then, she offered him a biscuit! She couldn't really be mad at Harry since she knew Umbridge was a crazy bitch, but she also needed him to understand that he needed to watch his back. And she did so perfectly ♥ This woman is my idol.


  1. That was such an excellent scene. We're all expecting him to at least get a good lecture or in even more trouble, but she's like 'have a biscuit'. It was a laugh out loud scene for me because Harry was just so taken aback by it, and instead of ease his conscience, it actually set him on edge waiting for the blow that was sure to come. Genius!

  2. Knowing how tough McGonagall could be, I also thought that she was about to read Harry the riot act for losing his temper with Umbridge. "Have a biscuit" was absolutely brilliant because it was the least likely thing Harry would have expected McGongall to say in that situation, LOL.


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