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Top Ten Tuesday #32

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish which features a variety of bookish top ten lists!

Ten Characters You Just Didn't Click With

Disclaimer: I have some very popular characters below that have huge and devoted followings - hopefully you'll all still be my friends after reading my picks this week *crosses fingers*

- Eleanor - Eleanor & Park - As a self-described outsider and misfit who loved being different, I was sure that Eleanor and I would be thick as thieves. Unfortunately try as I might, I simply could not connect with her - or her love-interest/romance for that matter. Eleanor never felt like a girl I could relate to or even one that I'd want to hang out with, which is a shame :(

- Clary - The Mortal Instruments - probably my biggest issue with the TMI series (you know, other than the blatant plagiarism) is Clary herself. I might have been able to get over the whole Harry Potter-fanfic thing, IF I could have connected with Clary. But we all know that that never happened. Despite liking some things about the series, Clary was forever my biggest complaint. She's flat and uninteresting and as a main character, that's a big problem. One that I could never get over.

- Tris - Divergent - I connected with Tris well enough in Divergent. In fact, she was well on her way to being a new favorite heroine of mine. She took a serious hit in Insurgent though but I was still willing to give her a pass. Until Allegiant. To be clear: the BIG THING that had everyone enraged wasn't my issue. At least, not really.  If it would have happened for a legit reason, I'd have been ok, but it all went down so...pointlessly. And I never got over how stubborn and idiotic she was throughout books 2 and 3.

- Nyx - Cruel Beauty - I had high hopes for Cruel Beauty but in the end, I had too many issues with too many aspects to fall in  love with it, like so many others did before me. Black Sheep Alert!  Nyx certainly had some admirable qualities but she never seemed to be able to get a handle on who she really was -OR- what she really wanted, which drove me batty!

- Araby - Masque of the Red Death - Another book I was so sure I'd fall head over heels for. Considering my love of Edgar Allen Poe and all things gothic and atmospheric, Masque seemed like my perfect book. So, what went wrong? In one word: Araby. She was completely apathetic to everything so, in turn, I didn't care at all about her or her problems. Fans of the series will tell me that given the world that Araby inhabits, her attitude was to be expected, but true or not, I couldn't bring myself to care.

- Nym - Storm Siren - There's been a recent surge of positive (read GLOWING) reviews for this one, and it makes me wonder if we all read the same book?! Sure, Nym started out as a fascinating creature, but she quickly turned into a love-struck ninny who'd rather focus on a jerk love-interest rather than mastering her lethal powers. No thank you.

- Tana - The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - My very first Holly Black read turned out to be a letdown and it was due in no small part to Tana. Tana...well, Tana was an idiot. She'd get herself into horrific situations and seemingly never felt an ounce of fear. Which is lucky for her I guess, considering the idiotic decisions she kept making throughout her story.

- Katie - Ink - The gorgeous setting wasn't enough to make up for Katie's lack of personality. Basically her story exists just so she can fall in love with her boy. He's got all the powers and all of the adventures they have are thanks to him. I barely remember anything about her other than her love-sick tendencies. And I have a fantastic memory.

- Paige - The Bone Season - *cries over my shattered hopes and dreams* I SO wanted to love this book guys. But I couldn't. Paige just didn't do it for me and it's not so much that I didn't like her, but more like she was never able to make me care for her, her situation (which was dire), her abilities (which were wicked), or her plight (which was noble). Oh well, can't win 'em all I suppose.

- Sophie and Josh - The Alchemyst -  This book was my very first DNF and I feel absolutely no guilt in placing the blame squarely on those two kids! The premise was exciting, the side characters were interesting but those two idiots could not make me care for any of it - and I've never forgiven them for sullying Nicholas Flamel's good name in the process. *glares*

- Bonus: Jordan - Weather Witch - When you pick up a book about witches, who can control the weather, all set in a steampunk environment, packaged in a gorgeous cover, you expect to be entertained at the very least. And that might have happened if not for the main protagonist Jordan. Jordan was easily one of the worst 'heroines' I have ever encountered in my years of reading. She was shallow, ignorant, stupid, oblivious, petty and selfish. Truly horrible things happened to her and a part of me felt like she deserved it all! And that's just all kinds of wrong. O.O

*hides from the Eleanor & Park, Divergent, Cruel Beauty and The Mortal Instrument fangirls* Try not to throw your rocks too hard guys, my intentions were pure going in, I SWEAR!


  1. Great list, Micheline! Please don't feel bad at all for your opinions. It's great when books have a strong fandom, but not so great when they can't handle criticism. No book is perfect, and even our favourite books will have the odd issue!

    I'm very wary to pick up Eleanor & Park and The Bone Season. I know some people ADORE E&P, but I also know of a lot of Asian readers (Anglo-Asian and Asian-American included!) who were VERY uncomfortable with the way Rowell described Park. I've also heard very mixed things about The Bone Season, but I've particularly seen a lot of bloggers say they didn't love it. One of these days I'll cross them off my TBR and see what I think for myself! :)

  2. I'm right there with you about Tris. The whole trilogy bugged the hell out of me, not just its protagonist. And also glad to see I'm not the only one severely disappointed with Masque of the Red Death. So much potential, but arrgh, that hammy story line and those characters :(

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  3. I'm looking forward to reading Masque of the Red Death and Eleanor & Park! I've read a lot of reviews from other bloggers who aren't too wild about Eleanor's character either, so I'm a little skeptical, but will read it anyhow, as I am too curious not to! Happy reading! :)

  4. Tris & Nyx...blech! I'm a Clary fan, though. I haven't read the others. Great list!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

  5. I had Tris on my list this week too and I haven't even read the third book.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2015/09/01/top-ten-tuesday-20/

  6. I couldn't get into Eleanor & Park at all! My TTT

  7. I didn't think of Tana I don't think I even finished that book.
    Here’s mine http://wonderstruck-kcks.blogspot.com/2015/09/characters-i-just-didnt-click-with.html
    Happy Reading!

  8. I agree with you on Araby and somewhat on Nyx and even Tris. I really loved Nym though - guess we weren't reading the same book! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  9. I agree with so many of these, especially Clary and Tris. I had a hard time relating to both of them.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  10. I still need to read Eleanor and Park, it's the only book by Rainbow Rowell that I haven't read, but I never feel like reading it and I realy don't know why. And about Tris, I still haven't read Allegiant, but I have seen so many spoilers that I think I'm gonna feel exactly like you do after I finally read it.

  11. Geez, I thought I was the only one who couldn't really stand Nyx that much. That heroine drove me up the wall sometimes with her flip-flopping and wishy-washiness. And she was so whiny 80% of the time that it was hard to just sympathize with her. But hey, we can at least be black sheeps together! :P

    Faye at The Social Potato

  12. Aww I like Clary but I know a ton of people struggle with her so I get it. Nyx hurts because I adore that book... although I am weird and like her mostly because of how unlikable she is... which I realize makes absolutely no sense haha.

  13. I found Divergent disappointing in general, but Tris's character especially. I watched the movie recently and felt like they tried to gloss over her character. You know I'm all for flawed heroines, but I just found Tris's shortcomings really annoying, lol.

  14. Tana was the worst thing about The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Miss Special Snowflake outshined the paranormal creatures, and it took some of the glitter off the story. I totally agree with you on this one.

    And Tris is freaking annoying - amen.

  15. I haven't read many of these, but I loved Tris' character in Divergent as well, I thought her character was really different and realistic to average women. Great post! <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections


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