Thursday, August 6, 2015

Harry Potter Moment #102

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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Favorite Ship

I'm excited about this question because as much as we talk about favorite moments, quotes and characters, our favorite couples from the Harry Potter books don't always get the attention they deserve. Now I know that the series wasn't romance heavy but I feel like we have a ton of solid ships to choose from!  One of our first examples of a wonderful pairing would be Mr and Mrs Weasley. Those two have got to be one of the cutest, sweetest and most beautiful relationships I've ever read about. THEY'RE JUST SO FREAKING ADORABLE OMG! *ahem* sorry about that >.<  Lupin and Tonks are another favorite because poor Lupin deserves love as much as anyone else and I was so happy that he let someone LOVE HIM.  And, I'm assuming that Ron and Hermione will be a popular pick this week, with good reason, theirs was a relationship 7-years in the making, and I don't care what anyone says, they make an AWESOME couple. O.O

Anyway, regardless of my love for these pairings, I really only have two OTPs in the series. My first one will come as no surprise to my fellow Potterhead bloggers: Harry + Ginny (do I need to specify that I mean their relationship IN THE BOOKS?! You all know, right? I thoughts so.) Since Harry is my favorite character, I wanted him to find a proper mate, especially after his disappointing interest in Cho. Ugh. And well, when Ginny finally allowed us to see the real her, I felt like no other girl could be a better match for my Harry. Their chemistry was ON FIRE and certain scenes with the two of the in HBP had me wishing JKR would break her rule and give us more romance so I could swoon over the two of them at length.  

I know that they're not a couple here but they have more chemistry here than they ever do after. *ahem*

My other OTP, isn't really a couple, but I ship them for having THE BEST bromance in the series. Sirius + Lupin. I.can't.even.they' and OMG THE NEEDED each other *cries*

Now Kiiiissss^^


  1. I SO AGREE! I love Harry and Ginny in the books so much and their relationship was the best.

  2. Harry and Ginny are great in the books! I always get upset when I remember their relationship in the movies. Great choice!

  3. I LOVE Ginny with Harry. That would have to be my second favorite pairing. I went with Ron and Hermione because it felt like I'd been waiting for it for sooooo long. I'm so glad Harry was paired with Ginny and like you, I feel like they FIT and have amazing chemistry. She keeps him on his toes and understands what he needs. Sirius and Lupin are a fantastic bromance as well. I feel like Ron and Harry will be just like that all grown up.

  4. Ally and I were chatting about this week's topic, and we both said the same thing that you did, that although romance wasn't the focal point of the series, there were still several standout relationships. And GAHHHH- the Sirius/Lupin bromance!!! OMG, how I love those two together! ❤

  5. Ha! Sirius and Lupin are the best. I would have picked Ron and Hermione though. I loved them together. I know so many people don't, but whatever. There were sparks between them so early on. And I love the couples that start out bickering, but end up not being able to resist each other. I also kind of liked Hagrid's romance...

  6. <3 I've always liked Sirius/Remus as well, and I remember thinking it had got to be a sure thing with them giving Harry a joint Christmas present together and whatnot, heh. But Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny (both from the books) will always be my favourite ships :)


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