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Why I Love Deathly Hallows ♥

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Hi everyone! I hope I'm not overflowing you all with my Harry Potter posts - yesterday's was supposed to be posted on Monday to have a break between the two, but it slipped my mind so we've got a double-feature going on here XD In any case, this year I've already shared all about why I love Prisoner of Azkaban and Half-Blood Prince, but today I'm talking about my absolute top favorite book of all time:

Why I Love Deathly Hallows

Deathly Hallows is THE book for me.  If I could only have ONE book to read over and over again, this one would be it.  There are no words to express how much of an impact this final chapter of the series had on me. The moment I finished reading it, I started the entire series all over again simply because I wanted to see all of the pieces of the series fit together so that I could bask in Deathly Hallows all over again.  It simultaneously changed my view of the entire series and made it all make sense in the same beat.  Simply put, it and I was left shattered and content, wrung out and satisfied all at once.  To me, Deathly Hallows is perfection, which says a lot considering the mad hype that preceded the last book of a phenomenal series, not to mention how HIGH everyone's hopes were about this one. The pressure was one and Miss Rowling delivered. And then some! Here are some of the reasons why my love for this book knows no bounds:

  • As much as I adore Hogwarts, I loved that DH takes place largely outside of the school.  It shows how mature Harry has become and how he now has to face real-life situations to do what has to be done. Of course, I'm always thrilled when they go back, not just because it's at such a critical stage in the story, but because Hogwarts will always be our home. ♥
  • I think it's very cool that the trio are off on their own in this one, with no adults to help them on. Despite a few bumps here and there, their characters have grown so much at this point and they continue to do so here. The evolution of their friendship makes me smile for days. 
  • I think that despite Harry and Ron's friendship taking a hit when Ron leaves, Harry knows that 'the Horcrux made him do it' and Ron more than makes up for it by coming back and saving Harry. I think that Harry and Hermione's friendship progresses the most though.  They really become the best of friends in this one since Hermione is with Harry during so many critical moments here!

  • More than all the previous books, DH has a 'quest' feel to it and for those of you who know me best - you know I love my quest stories! The search for the Horcruxes is all-consuming and with the discovery of each new one, the urgency steps up and the stakes grow ever higher.
  • This is the book where Dumbledore falls from grace. Seen as an all-knowing god-figure up to this point, it was painful at first to learn about his past mistakes in the harsh light of Rita Skeeter's words. Despite that, I think JKR was right to make Dumbledore human.  As readers we needed to see him that way. We needed to know that he wasn't coming back. That he wasn't perfect. That he was a regular, albeit brilliant human.  That way, Harry sees that it's possible for a normal person to accomplish extraordinary feats...and Harry does so with much less mistakes than Dumbledore did if you ask me.
  • In Deathly Hallows, we get to see Harry finally return home. To Godric's Hollow.  In one of the most poignant moments of the entire series, we get to see where Harry had a family, and where he lost everything. Those memorials for his family and the preservation of his childhood home complete with messages from well-wishing wizards still make my heart swell and ache.
  • As morbid as this might sound, when Voldemort almost catches Harry in Godric's Hollow, we get to witness the story from Voldemort's side.  How HE remembers that fateful night when  he set off to kill Harry and murdered James and Lily. As horrifying as it is, it's also ridiculously engrossing and I so appreciate getting to see that famous moment from the villain's perspective.  It says a lot about how presumptuous and conceited Voldemort was...and how it all blew up in his face.
  • THE HALLOWS! Gah! That was another piece of magical lore that Blew. Me. Away.  I so needed them to be real, just like Harry did, and to this day one of my favorite bits of the story is the fact that Harry himself was the only wizard able to wield all three Hallows.  It's THE reason for my DH tattoo after all ♥
  • As I mentioned above, I do adore when the trio return to Hogwarts, especially because they get to BREAK IN WHILE it's under siege by Death Eaters. So, they break into The Ministry of Magic, Gringotts AND Hogwarts.  The three most secure places in the Magical Community. Broken into by three 17-year olds.  All of those breakins are some of the most iconic moments in modern literature in my book.

  • Deathly Hallows is the book where we finally learn the whole truth about Snape.  A mystery that was 7-books in the making. Love him or hate him, his Pensieve moments were wholly engrossing. I don't think I blinked at all O.O 
  • With the major revelation about Snape, we also get the TRUTH about EVERYTHING. Harry finally finds out what he has residing inside of his head, where his scar is and what he needs to do to end Voldemort for good. I don't think my feelings have ever been hit so hard as they were in that moment.  The way JKR writes that scene, with Harry realizing how his heart is beating, how life is precious, and what he needs to do next. I.just.can't. THIS is why Harry is my hero of all heroes guys. I.CAN'T.EVEN.
  • I have entire chapters in this book that are favorites, chapters I could bask in for days.  Chapter 24, The Wandmaker because it's when Harry finally gets it. Hallows. Horcruxes. Dumbledore's plan. The fact that Dumbledore really did tell him everything he needed to know, he simply had to figure the rest out at the right time. And then there's Chapter 34, The Forest Again. Sigh. I have too many FEELS about this one so I won't get into it other than to say that Harry's Sacrifice (with a capital 'S', yes) means everything and his use of the Resurrection Stone is perfection and I HAVE TOO MANY FEELS!
  • I know some people don't, but I ADORE the King's Cross chapter. I wanted/needed/loved Harry getting one final chat with Dumbledore. Like he always did, he gives us insight that we probably wouldn't have picked up on, he explains things to Harry so that Harry fully understands what went down, and what's left to accomplish.  I just sighed deeply just thinking about their one last talk. ♥
  • Finally, there's the most epic of all epic battles, the horrible losses that shatter my heart and soul, the final showdown that WINS EVERYTHING, the perfect ending that is perfect and the Epilogue that might be cheesy to some but that I NEEDED for closure and for peace of mind and because I NEEDED HARRY TO BE OK AND I NEEDED PROOF.
So, once again, talking about DH has made me use way too many hearts, caps and exclamation points! Since I've already dissolved into a pile of incoherent fangirling, I'll stop myself here. I just live for this book guys. Deathly Hallows is my everything.


  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for writing this post! I absolutely love it and I agree with Every. Single. Point. Deathly Hallows was such an epic book. OMG. Dumbledore. Snape. Hallows. Gringotts. Dragon. Battle. Epilogue. I have nothing to add - you wrote it beautifully. And I so love when other people are as enthusiastic about Harry Potter books and gush about them with hearts, caps and exclamation points! Sometimes I fear that I'm too old to do the same but it's Harry Potter so I can't help it!

  2. This book was the book of answers and God bless J.K. Rowling because she explained everything wonderfully. There were so many connections that went back even to the first book that we had no clue about. She's a brilliant mastermind! I cannot believe how elaborate everything in these books are. I love it!
    There are so many great moments in this book. I can't even begin to name them all. You've done a great job, though! One of the things I liked so much about this book was the background. While Harry, Ron, and Hermione were off searching for the horcruxes and the deathly hallows, there was a new trio forming at Hogwarts. I love that Ginny, Neville and Luna take over the DA and create chaos in the school. It's so cool to know that they were fighting even though they went back to school.

  3. The first and last books are my favorite of the series, but if I had to pick one only forever, it would be Deathly Hallows as well. It was so satisfying because we finally KNEW...we knew the answer to all the questions we'd had. I was also a fan of them being away from Hogwarts for the majority of the story and without really hit home how important what they were doing was and also how dangerous. I am SO GLAD they went back though for the final battle. I loved learning the true story of Snape. I also needed the final chat with Dumbledore. The break ins were my FAVORITES. It was so satisfying to read in the first one that you would have to be crazy to break in to Gringotts and then read them do it in the final one. I also was on the edge of my seat all through the ministry break in. Fantastic post!

  4. I honestly don't remember many specific scenes from The Deathly Hallows book because I read it a long while ago (I really need to re-read it!), but I do remember the movies, the answers to every question, and understand why it is such a good book. One of the reasons this series is so great is because it is complex and that gives it this sense of mystery. As the series goes on each book gets more and more deep and poses questions that the readers don't know the answers to yet. So, you get these questions that have been with you since book one and an understanding that the plot is kind of like a puzzle. And this book just book beautifully brought all of that together by answering the questions and finally revealing the whole complete puzzle. It is by far one of the best final books in a series ever!

    I never thought of it that way! I never realized that Ron, Harry, and Hermione broke into the top most heavily guarded places in the magical world. It's brilliant! It really shows that they are really good wizards. It is said so many times throughout the series that "Hermione is the brightest witch of her age" and that "Harry is a remarkable wizard" that you start to get desensitized. And that fact really reminded me that they are fantastic wizards/witches =D

  5. Thanks for writing this post Micheline. I needed to read something like that! It just reminded me how much I love this book and the whole series in general. I also agree that we needed that King's Cross chapter. Harry needed that conversation with Dumbledore. And as cheesy as the epilogue might be to some, I'm glad we got those last few pages. As someone who has been following Harry's story for so long, I needed to know that he was okay. That they all were. I'm so going to re-read these books soon! Also, brilliant post Micheline :D

  6. Deathly Hallows was one of my favourites too. It gave me the closure I needed by answering all the mysteries of the series and suddenly everything make sense. I did find the epilogue a little cheesy, but at the same time I needed that and it was so nice to see what became of all the main characters. Having the scene at Platform 9 and 3/4 really gave it a cyclical feel that is very poignant-the next generation carrying on the story.

  7. Holy crap, this is perfect. So, so well said. I really could not have come even close to explaining my love of DH, but your points here actually come SO close to summing it all up. So much love for this book and for you for writing this up!!

  8. I think I can safely say that out of all the books, DH is my favorite. I love Hogwarts, but I love that the Trio is out on their own and having to go on their quest without Dumbledore or Hagrid or the Weasley's to back them up. There's no safety net, it's just them. Even though Harry, Ron, and Hermione have some rough patches, they become stronger for getting through it, and I love them for it.

    There are so many ways this last book could have gone wrong. More then half the time when I finish a series, I am left feeling disappointed or underwhelmed. But I agree with you, DH is just kind of perfect. Even though the character deaths break my heart, I can't bring myself to wish it was any other way. These books were written exactly the way they were supposed to and I completely believe in that.

    I love how you mentioned that they broke into "The three most secure places in the Magical Community". I had never thought of it like that before! They mention it all the time, but I never put it together. I wonder if when JKR was emphasizing how secure those places were, she would think, 'yeah, but they're totally going to brake in there someday' :D

  9. I love DH but PoA is my favorite. You pointed out so many great things about DH. One of my favorite parts of that book was Harry and Hermione bonding. Like you said, once Ron left for that short period of time, Harry and Hermione only had each other to rely on. Another one of my favorite parts of DH, which you pointed out, is the reveal of Snape's backstory. It honestly blew my mind to learn about everything that Snape did because of his remorse and love for Lily. DH is definitely one of the best books I've ever read.


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