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Book Ginny VS Movie Ginny

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Book Ginny VS Movie Ginny

I know that this topic has been discussed at length and I'm sure that a million people have done so better than me, but all the same, I've been wanting to vent about this since I started my blog so what better time to do so than Harry Potter Month?!

Thanks G^^

I love Ginny's character. In the books. I always have to clarify that last bit.  In the books, she's fierce, sassy, brave and powerful. She's the perfect mix of Ron, Fred and George, while being her own person at the same time.  She's a little shy in her first year (CoS) but she still, you know, speaks and has an important role, what with surviving being possessed by Tom Riddle. And what's even more impressive is that as a first year, she still tries to fight him off as best she can! And she breaks the spell long enough to chuck the diary. For a time...


In my mind, her presence is felt throughout the series until she really comes out of her shell in OotP by joining Dumbledore's Army and showcasing her amazing powers. She finally gets her massive crush on Harry under control and starts dating. We find out that she's a kick-ass Quidditch player (who knew?!) and even subs for Harry while he's removed from the team by Umbridge. All of these changes we see in Ginny is her coming into herself until she can talk to Harry just like Ron and Hermione do. I love that brief moment when she becomes part of their group but isn't Harry's girlfriend yet. She's just a friend. An equal. Harry respects and values her input, her presence. During Christmas break, Harry is being especially moody and emo until she's the one to reach him and set him straight - by reminding him that she knows what's it's like to be possessed by Voldemort, and clearing up (once and for all) that Harry is NOT being possessed.  Finally, she joins Harry and the crew to the Ministry of Magic despite being a year younger than most of the other rebels.

Did anyone forget how she BLEW UP a Death Eater? I didn't.

Then, in HBP after becoming a steadily more important part of Harry's life, he finally realizes his feelings for her, their first kiss, in front of the entire Gryffindor Common Room is one of my favorite moments in the series! I was so happy when they hooked up because I felt like she was strong enough (personality-wise and magic-wise) to not play second fiddle to The Boy Who Lived. Plus, by being with her, Harry truly becomes a part of The Weasley's family ♥  To me, Ginny is the best girl Harry could have fell for.


But then, there's Ginny from the movies. *groan* I should point out here that poor Bonnie Wright is not the one I blame for this travesty. It's obvious that she could have handled playing Ginny just like she ought to have been. I blame the directors, producers and screenwriters 100%. Never, in the history of film-adaptations has a character been so completely warped.   Ginny from the movies has very little screen-time, and as a result her personality comes off flat.  In fact, they barely give her any of the characters traits in the movies that she's supposed to have.

Close^^ but not quite enough.

You barely notice her until OotP, and even then, she's pushed into the background - except for showing that she has fierce magical powers. She is not snarky, sassy or feisty like she is in the books. Instead, she comes off like a shy, quiet, nobody.  The film producers completely robbed her of her fire. They even cut out the scene where she gives Harry a talking to and 'reminds him' that she was possessed by Voldy! Like hello, that was a HUGE part of her life and something Harry needed to be reminded of!  We don't get to see her shine at Quidditch. We don't get to see how she's already more in the forefront in OotP and that she started dating at that point as well. Out of the blue, she has a bigger presence in HPB, but she still barely speaks. Instead, she spends the entire film wiping Harry's nose, feeding him cookies, even TYING HIS SHOES FFS. She's not supposed to be his mother, she's supposed to be his EQUAL. GAH!

THIS is NOT how that kiss was supposed to go!

And then there's the moment when Harry and Ginny finally kiss.  Instead of a passionate make-out session, initiated BY HARRY, filled with all of that repressed desire, we get a timid peck, initiated by Ginny, eyes closed, no desire or fire to be seen. It's like they don't even care, either of them. And the worst bit? They do it in secret in the Room of Requirement. WHAAA?!  And after that? We don't get to see their relationship build from there.  There's no feisty Ginny standing up to Hermione or making fun of her big brother Ron. Nope. The producers just relegate her to the background again until they're ready for her to kiss Harry again O.O  I mean the people who've only seen the movies and not read the book must not get it AT ALL.  I've read the books and it makes me want to reread them every time we get to that part in the movies, so I can erase their movie romance and replace it with the proper Ginny characterization and the real romance.

Awkward!! O.O

Sigh.  Ok, rant over. I know that people have already discussed this at length, but I am sorry: I will NEVER get over how they butchered Ginny's character here. It goes to show how far Hollywood still has to go when it comes to female representation and romance in general. Poor Ginny though. She really got robbed and it's such a shame.

I know that not everyone ships Harry with Ginny as hard as I do but regardless:
Where you upset by Ginny's portrayal in the movies?


  1. I totally agree with you. I love Ginny in the books and I can't stand the Ginny in the films. As for the scene in the HBP - it makes me cringe every time I see it. When I saw it for the first time, I was like: "Wait. What has just happened?" Why would they do THAT?! Why would they do this to Ginny? Are they so lacking in imagination they couldn't come up with a better scene that would show Harry and Ginny's developing relationship? But HBP movie had a lot of moments like that for me.

  2. This is something that irks me as well. I don't have any problem with it until the HBP movie, but then it kind of ruins her. There is that one great scene during quidditch tryouts where she yells at everyone to be quiet and at that moment I see Ginny from the books... but then my mind wonders, why isn't she trying out with everyone else? The movies just don't capture how awesome she is. And OMG the room of requirements scene is so BAD. I sometimes hide my face during the movie just because that scene is so awkward and painful and feels so out of place.

  3. *whispers* I never really liked Ginny that much.

    That being said, they didn't do her character justice in the movie.

  4. Rereading the books this month and also comparing them to the movies has really let it sink in for me how inferior the movies are. I mean, I always knew that, but the gap seems greater than ever... Ginny and her relationship with Harry is definitely a big aspect they got wrong. Although I do blame Bonnie Wright a little bit as well... The parts that they did give her to be feisty really did not work for me as they still came off as a bit nervous and unsure to me rather than brave. I think maybe another big problem is that Dan Rad and Bonnie really don't seem to have any chemistry, and it was maybe hard to predict that when they were first cast in the first movie. And as a result, the film makers feel the need to downplay Harry/Ginny and ramp up Harry/Hermione in scenes that were never there in the books. UGH. I better not get too into this or I will never stop ranting about everything they did wrong with the movies. The important thing is that my heart belongs entirely to the books and those characters and relationships will always remain with me.

  5. UGH yes! It makes me so sad every time. Ginny is THE match for Harry in my opinion for all the reasons you listed. She has been raised in a house with SIX older brothers! In the books you could tell that she definitely knew how to stand on her own. I hate the fact that she isn't shown as the fierce, loyal, amazing witch she is. She's even allowed in the Slug Club in the movies...but WHY?!? Of course we know why in the books. I just re-watched up to Half Blood Prince and like you said, it's making me want to read the books again just to get a taste of the real Ginny. I was yelling at my TV just last night during the Room of Requirement scene. It hurts my heart a little. Excellent post :D

  6. Okay so I love Ginny Wealsey. She is fiery and bad ass, but you are completely right. I was so excited at the idea of seeing her on the big screen and seeing her grow into her own self, but that did not happen. Ugg. Of all the things to be disappointed about in the movies, this one is the biggest for me. I can handle adaptation changes but this is just irritating. I always thought Harry and Ginny's chemistry in the movies was completely absent. It made me so made that the movies made her into a passing side character that served the purpose of a girl obsessed with a boy. dumb.

  7. I think Movie Ginny's role definitely got downplayed compared to how freaking important she is in the books. And, I don't know, Ginny and Harry's on screen scenes just felt kind of awkward to me most of the time- especially that one where they're kissing right smack in the middle of the Battle of Hogwarts, lol.

  8. I will applaud this post because you have perfectly stated all of my frustrated feelings about Movie Ginny *applause*. You know the producers didn't do a good job with a character when the fans are constantly referring to her has Movie Ginny and Book Ginny.
    I watched the majority of the movies before reading the books and so I was always very confused on how everyone seemed to love Ginny so much. Any HP fan I talked to loved Ginny and would go on and on about her wonderful character and how important she was. I didn't understand because I was like "we never see her, she has the flattest depth ever, she was just a plot device, etc". When I finally read the books it was like a lightbulb went off and I was like "ooh, I understand, the movies screwed up." I think discovering how wonderful book Ginny was is one of my favorite memories I have of reading the series. I loved her and I have forever hated the directors for messing up her character :(.

    She was just such a well thought out character that had so much depth, and added so much to the story, not to mention her great relationship with Harry. But then in the movies she is barely seen, has almost no lines, and her relationship with Harry is awkward to say the least. It actually kind of depresses me to think about all the people who just watched the movies don't understand the greatness that is Ginny Weasley. She blew up a death eater for Pete's sake!

  9. Ugh, I agree with you so much. Book Ginny is such a fantastic character and movie Ginny is just... she's like an empty glass, and the people around her just pour in whatever they need to drink. She has no agency and there's no chemistry between her and Harry. In the books there's so much chemistry, it crackles in the air between them, and I love the normality of it; I love those scenes when they're dating and just hanging out and having a laugh, and Ginny tells Harry she's told Romilda Vane he has a Hungarian Horntail tattoo. More importantly, they're also friends. Harry and Ginny work together because they're not melodramatic lovers who are always pining after one another, they're great friends who also just happen to have romantic feelings for each other. In the movies their interactions are so awkward. I was gutted when they changed the kiss, because their first kiss in the books is so uplifting and exciting.

    I particularly hate that scene where Ginny feeds Harry pie, because book Ginny would have said 'don't you trust me?' and then shoved it in his face and laughed uproariously.

    Sadly, as much as I do enjoy the films, I feel like there are a few characters they warped. I really don't appreciate that they gave a lot of Ron's lines to Hermione, not only because it makes Ron just look like an idiot when book Ron is actually clever in a different way - he knows more about the wizarding world from experience than Harry and Hermione do - but also because it's as though they felt as though Hermione would only be likeable if she was perfect. 'She's the main girl, we can't show her as having flaws! What kind of teenage girl has flaws, am I right?'

    Rant over. Basically I agree with everything you said, but at least we'll always have book Ginny.

  10. I read this post on my phone the other day, and have watched both Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince since, and have REALLY noticed what you mean abotu the differences even more as a result of reading your book/movie Ginny comparison. You're so right about the differences; the cutting of the scene where Ginny gives Harry a talking to in Order of the Phoenix was a real loss, and movie Ginny in Half-Blood Prince just comes across as awkward a lot of the time - she's so timid and submissive, and that just isn't her!

  11. Yeah, I'm really not a fan of movie-Ginny either. Such a shame that they got rid of her feisty nature and portrayed her as so wet and awkward. From the films it's hard to see why her and Harry would ever get together.

  12. Hello... I have always been a fan of book Ginny... in fact Order Of The Phoenix and the information that she hexed Malfoy was what made me ship her and Draco,I grew up in a place where I had zero spoilers and at that time I didn't even know what shipping was. Anyway when I got my hands on HBP I was sad that draco wasn't getting the redemption I thought he was gonna get (I kinda shipped them lol) but the way Rowing wrote Harry/Ginny Romance.. it really took my by surprise and I Really enjoyed it. In the books harry/Ginny chemistry and Ginny's character in general became one of the highlights and she became my favourite character after the golden trio. I don't blame Bonnie Wright as much as I blame the movie producers/directors. I also Blame JK Rowling for letting the directors butcher not just Ginny's character but Ron's too. I will forever be mad at what they did.

    I just wish and hope that maybe down the years they will recreate harry potter (As a TV show I hope because movies cut scenes from the books and then characters and plot suffers). And this time they will get it right.


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