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Why I Love Prisoner of Azkaban

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Hi all!  I decided to spotlight my favorite books out of the series this year and share why they're get that honor. Granted, the series as a whole is my all-time favorite, but some of the books in the series are more special to me than others. Today, I'll start with:

Why I Love Prisoner of Azkaban

Out of the first books, Prisoner of Azkaban has always been a standout for me. Every single time I make my way to it, I'm grinning like an idiot as I pull it off my bookshelf. For starters, I love that out of the earlier books, this is where the main character trio start to seem much more mature to me. They feel like young adults, instead of the kids that they were in the first two books.  

Beyond their new maturity, the characters also begin to have a wider emotional range.  (They pass the teaspoon mark for sure - except maybe Ron. <- bonus points if you get that reference.)  They all become more complex individuals with deeper motivations and it makes me connect with them on a whole other level. Harry, my perennial favorite, discovers a weakness in his attracting the Dementors and it irks him.  He's been through a lot already, and he's foiled Voldemort twice at this point (I'm not counting when he foils old Voldy as a baby because it wasn't intentional) and we know he's brave but his weakness here makes him seem more human. Harry can't conquer it all so easily.  Hermione for her part has grown enough to request taking additional classes and is shown to be mature and trustworthy enough to be awarded a Time-Turner!

Despite being the only book without Voldemort himself making an appearance in one way or another, PoA has a darker tone and more adult themes.  It's true that once you've gotten to rereading the books that the initial fear you feel from Sirius' escape from Azkaban is diminished, but the excitement and suspense of the big reveal never dulls for me. Plus, if the Dementors don't scare the hell out of you then there's something siriusly wrong with you ;)

And there are more things that I love about Prisoner of Azkaban: like the fact that we learn more about Harry's mum and dad, through Lupin and through Dumbledore. Those memories give greater depth to Harry's loss and his struggles in the present time.

We're introduced to some of THE COOLEST magical items of all time: The Marauder's Map AND The Time Turner! Learning about those two items was a treat I will never, ever cease to fangirl about ♥

And then of course, there's the addition of my beloved Lupin and Sirius, two of my all-time favorite characters. I wish they both could have stuck around and gotten more page time in subsequent books, but as it stands, they make Prisoner of Azkaban all the more special!

What are some of your favorite Prisoner of Azkaban moments?


  1. I'm so happy to hear that Harry is your favourite! I've noticed a general tendency to under-appreciate him as the main character. I think I've reread PoA more times than any other book in the series and it's definitely a favourite. Things got really complex in this one. I loved the introduction of the new school subjects and teachers (however inapt), new creatures, the Marauder's Map, Hogsmeade, Firebolt, Lupin and Sirius, the shocking revelation at the end of the book and Harry and Hermione's Time-Turner escapade among other things.

  2. I love Prisoner of Azkaban too! One of the things I thought was really powerful in the book is that Harry wasn't immediately good at the Patronus charm. He had to work really hard for that spell. It's not that Harry didn't have to work for things in the previous books, but for me, this cemented Harry as a human being with weakness and made him way more relatable.
    I love that we get so much of the Marauders' story in this book. Flashback sequences are among my favorite storytelling device and J.K. Rowling nails it in this book. I get giddy every time I read and get to relearn about Harry's parents. It's just so good! :D

    Great post, Micheline!

  3. I love this post because you have said everything that I love about Prisoner of Azkaban! PoA is by far my favorite book and movie in the whole series. I love it because of how dark it is, how mature the characters are getting, Lupin and Sirius, everything about it!
    One of my favorite parts in the book is where Ron and Hermione get into a fight and they don't talk to each other. Ron goes to Harry and Hermione goes to Hagrid to help out with Buckbek (I spelled that wrong, I don't know how to spell his name). I loved this part because it really highlights how kind of selfish Harry and Ron were. They basically forgot about Hagrid and I really liked that because, like you said, it showed their faults a bit more and made them seem so much more human.

    The Marauder's Map!! that was my favorite magical object in the whole series! It is the most vivid thing I remember about watching the movie. I also loved it because it introduced us to the Marauder's story line =D

  4. PoA has always been one of my favorites because of Sirius and Lupin. I just love those characters!
    The last time I read it was during the school year and I could totally relate to Hermione. I never really noticed before just how much she is cracking up because of how much homework she has. I'm so glad that I don't have a time turner because I would be tempted to do the same thing with my classes. Hermione proves that no one should have to put up with that kind of stress even if they really want to. It made me relate to her more than I ever have before <3

  5. This one is my favorite of the seven too! I think part of it is definitely the increasing maturity and darkness. Even though I was still young when I read it, I liked that siriusness (lol). I never even though of it from an objects standpoint. The Map and time turner are clearly the best! Plus, I see it as sort of the last "fun" book before things really get real. Nice post!

    Sarcasm & Lemons

  6. "Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon." LOL ~ I actually went and got a shirt that said that because I loved that part so much in the discussion about Cho and all she was dealing with. I just love this one! I'm with you, it definitely introduced some of the best characters as well as my favorite magical items. We also meet Buckbeak :D I love how Ron always knew Hermione was popping up at random times because he was the one paying the most attention to her. You're right, there was definitely a more mature feel. I was on pins and needles the first time reading about the escaped convict, but that couldn't have ended up any better. Fantastic post!!

  7. PoA is my favorite book (and movie!) for every.single.reason. you mention here! There's so much character development for the trio, and Harry in particular, and I think the PoA film captured that brilliantly. And when the real traitor was revealed, I was absolutely floored! Plus I just had this gut feeling that Sirius couldn't possibly be a villain, hehe. XD I savor every reread of this book because of all the Lupin and Sirius scenes, the introduction of the Marauder's Map and Time Turner, Buckbeak, and Harry and Ron reading each other's tea leaves. Lovely, lovely post, Micheline!

  8. :D:D Yes yes everything you say here is exactly right! Of course I love the first two books as well, but I love the nuanced complexity of the later books and that all starts with PoA. I also adored learning more about the Map's creators and that backstory... too bad they effed that up in the movie.

  9. Don't you mean there's something siriusly ron with you? Hurr hurr hurr.

    Great post, Micheline! I love The Prisoner of Azkaban, too, in fact I think it's quite funny that it's so many people's favourite and it's the one in which Voldemort makes no appearance. But with characters like Sirius and Lupin it's impossible to not love this book; I loved finding out more about Harry's family and, yes, I adored the Marauder's Map. There's so much to love in this book!


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