Thursday, July 16, 2015

Harry Potter Moment #99

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

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If I went to Hogwarts, who would my boyfriend/girlfriend be?

Mmmm, I like this question - I do enjoy shipping myself with fictional characters LOL  When it comes to the Wizarding World, I have quite a few potential romantic prospects.  Of course, I'm always partial to saying Harry Potter himself because he's my hero and I LOVE him ♥  But then I think of how much I loved him and Ginny together (in the books haha!) and my brain gets in the way of my daydreams XD Dean is another cutie who's quite sweet but I've always been partial to Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, especially Sirius though, since I love Lupin with Tonks and well, Sirius is a dreamy loner *swoon* 

And since we need more diverse relationships in fiction in general, I'm even going to pair myself up with a few ladies.  If I had a girlfriend from Hogwarts, it would either be Hermione or Ginny.  I can never decide. They're both fun, smart and powerful in their own way so either one would be great!


  1. OMG I'd be chasing Dean so hard he'd probably report my ass XD
    And yasss, Sirius. *dreamy looks*

  2. Hahaha I love this! Sirius was my instant choice. I'd never have even considered Dean! Loving the diverse approach too :P xx

  3. I couldn't pick anyone who was part of a ship I loved either. Sirius is a great choice :D

  4. I've got a MEGA crush on Sirius, and so does Ally, just in case it wasn't obvious from like the billions of times we've featured him in HPMotW posts, including this week's. XD

  5. LOL I assumed you and Lee would choose Sirius and I wasn't disappointed ;) I think Dean is a good choice as well. Hermione and Ginny are both great girls, but like you said, they fit so well with the guys they end up with. I'd pick Luna for the girl. I'd be giggling it up with her if nothing else.

  6. Ooh! Sirius is a great choice. I imagine dates with Sirius would be crazy and spontaneous and possibly dangerous, definitely ridiculous. He would be an amazing boyfriend! :D

  7. Sirius is just such a great character!! I picked him as well because he's Sirius Black! He is spontaneous, the bad boy, and a little bit crazy, he would just be so much fun to date!
    I like how even though Harry is amazing, no one really picked him because we shipped him so hard with Ginny,lol =D. There are just so many amazing ships in this series, that it is actual hard to have a book boyfriend because you don't want the ships to sink :D

  8. Ah, I was away during this week's MOTW, but it's such a fun topic to read about. I know everyone adores Sirius but I think I'd have to pick Remus over him - Sirius would be great fun, but I also feel like it could get exhausting, because he'd always want to be busy doing things, whereas with Remus, you could just spend some evenings chilling out reading.

    Out of Hermione or Ginny I'd have to pick Hermione because I'm not a Ron/Hermione fan, whereas I'd feel bad disrupting Ginny/Harry. Jaclyn made a good suggestion with Luna too though, also a good choice!


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