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Harry Potter Moment #97

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Hi everyone! The Harry Potter takeover continues here with our regular Harry Potter Moment of the Week :)  I've posted a slew of new topics in case anyone missed it and they can be found here. We've got topics lined up all the way into 2018! I wanted to say thank you again to everyone who pitched in with topic suggestions ♥ You guys are the best! Also, to those also participating in HP Month, don't forget to swing by Faith's House Cup Post and record your HPMotW posts in the comments to claim your points for your respective Houses ;) Ok! Let's get to it then:

If You Could Change One Thing About Book 1, What Would It Be?

Eep, we're talking about changing things from the books. But but but...the books are PERFECTION. HOW am I supposed to want to change any single detail?! I can't.
Ok. Ok.  For the sake of this post, I'll wrack my brain and try to think of a single thing I'd change.  I mean sure, I wish that Harry didn't have to go back to Number 4 Privet after getting all of his magical things. It's like he gets a taste of the wonders to come and then: womp womp. Stuck in this dump again!  I also wish that Snape hadn't started in on Harry right in their first Potions lesson. I mean, the guy never gave the kid a chance!  He just hated him without knowing Harry at all. Sigh. And since Hermione is such a kindred spirit, I do wish she hadn't overheard Ron making fun of her for being a know-it-all.  But as a plot device, it serves for her crying in the bathroom, facing the troll and having the boys help her out so that they can all become friends so I'll keep it as is I guess.  

I think I would change all the stuff about Norbert. He was cute, granted but  Hagrid getting the beast gets him in trouble, it gets the trio in trouble (first years getting detention in the Forbidden Forest, hello!!)
Not to mention the fact that getting Norbert meant that Voldy gets the information he needs to get past Fluffy and closer to the Philosopher's Stone.  That was too close for comfort for me, I don't know about you guys...I know it needed to happen the way that it did but, there you have it.

Did you all struggle as much as I did with this question??


  1. This week was HARD! I've gone with two really minor things (I figured the fact there was two could help balance out how minor they were ;))

    Aww but Norbert was so cute! I agree about Hermione overhearing Ron though, and Snape having a go at Harry from the start - they're both pretty uncomfortable. Mostly I just wish Slytherin wasn't portrayed to be so evil from day one. Talk about not giving a fair chance!

  2. This week was extremely hard for me to decide. I ended up wanting things added to the book rather than taken away, because let's face it those books are near perfection! I do think that Norbert causes quite a bit of conflict and crazy in the book. I'm sure though if he hadn't been there something else would have happened to act as a catalyst for the events in this book.

  3. I had the same kind of trouble thinking up an answer. I didn't just want to say nothing because then you really don't get a good conversation going.I completely agree about Snape. I appreciated his character and the dynamic he brought to the stories, but I never really liked him. Nothing ever justified his actions towards not only Harry but also Neville, especially Neville. I always wished that Neville really stood up for himself and just told Snape what he thought of him.

    B-but Norbert was the cutest little Dragon. The first time I read the scene where they took him away from Hagrid I cried. Although I can understand if someone were to undo that whole thing because not only did they lose 150 points, they also had to go into the forbidden forest. I think If I was ever forced to go into the forbidden forest I would either die a horrible death or be scared for life.

  4. I really thought that it was unfair that Harry and his friends got into trouble because of Norbert and had so many points taken away from them by Mcgonagall of all people. I always think that it wasn't their fault! Harry was treated so badly by everyone after that. Poor thing.

  5. I didn't think it was fair that they got into trouble for helping Hagrid and I felt so bad for Neville who was caught in the middle. But Norbert was kinda fun and he also brings about our first introduction to Charlie Weasley, even if it was only a letter.

  6. I cringed so much over the fallout from Norbert. And then I cringed even more during the detention in the creepy Forbidden Forest! Same here, I get that these were necessary parts of the chain of events, but I was a pretty unhappy camper while reading about them.

  7. omg all the way into 2018!!!! That's brilliant ^_^ And this is a hard topic, but I guess I would say if I could change anything, I wish Harry had been sent to stay with someone who would love him growing up even if that person wasn't family. Couldn't Dumbledore have devised some other way of keeping Harry protected even if he wasn't living with someone who shared his blood?

    1. I'm sure Dumbledore could but, maybe, J.K. Rowling couldn't, because then it wouldn't have such an impact on the reader))

  8. You're absolutely right though. While there may have been things that we'd have like to have gone differently, it would've changed the story overall, and it is in fact perfection. I agree with all the points you made though. Especially the part about Snape going after Harry right off the bat. I actually really like Snape (I know you aren't his biggest fan), but I do dislike the fact that he hated Harry on mere principle and didn't even try to like him as a person. Excellent post :D


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